Women's Wedding Bands

History of Women’s Wedding Bands

Ancient Egypt believes the phrase “vena amoris” or vein of love that when a ring is usually worn on the fourth finger on the right or left hand, the love runs directly from the heart to the hand. This is why wedding rings or bands have been worn to represent a symbol of two people binding together and a sign of uniting pledge between spouses. Many cultures, mostly Western cultures, have adopted the practice of wedding rings. The ancient Egyptians believed that wearing rings was also recognized by many, and Greeks and Romans carried on ancient Egyptians' tradition. But during these eras, the rings were used as betrothal rings. Wedding ring history started a bit further than people expect and believed that it was dated back to 4000 BC. Back then, there were significant differences that can be noticed compared to the modern wedding rings. The rings were made from reeds, leather, bone, or other similar materials rather than rare metals and precious gemstones.

Many years ago, only women's wedding rings were traditionally made. Only brides can wear wedding rings, and these ring styles were the most famous ones during this time. However, the modern exchange of spouses of their wedding rings became customary during the 20th century. As time went by, upgrades to contemporary rings began wherein the materials used varied through the years depending on the buyer's wealth and status and the wearer. Hence, nowadays, these rings are made of gold, silver, or platinum. Wedding bands for women also vary from a simple circle to an intricately adorned band. Some women wear their rings with their engagement rings, making it a good custom in today's jewelry fashion. Whatever new features of the different wedding rings may be, these rings will forever be considered emblems of love and a symbol of devotion.

Types of Women’s Wedding Bands

Women wearing wedding bands show to the world that they are committed to someone. The ring shows everyone how much your married life and spouse means to you. Wedding rings also make the wearer feel that the love they have from their spouses will bring them a glow of togetherness. The different types of women's wedding bands listed below will give you some ideas of choosing.

  1. Simple Plain Gold Women's Wedding Band - when it comes to simplicity and simply following traditions, this type of wedding band is an ideal piece. The simplicity of this plain gold ring will always stay on the wearer's finger without any depreciation.
  2. Wedding Bands in Rose Gold - this type of wedding ring or band is no less than platinum jewelry. The beauty of this ring is marvelous because of its rose gold or pink color.
  3. Simple Diamond Women's Wedding Band - if your other half is after an elegant and gorgeous stunning ring, diamond rings are in the line. Diamond rings are always chosen to win any lady's hearts because of their glittering stones that always spark their eyes.
  4. Cushion-cut Women's Wedding Band - this type of band or ring is usually studded with diamonds or some precious gemstones to make it even more beautiful.
  5. Princess-cut Women's Wedding Band - princess-cut wedding rings are usually embellished with large white diamonds or precious stones crowned in the center and adjoined with fine round cut diamonds or other gemstones, the ring that gives it a fantastic look.
  6. Platinum Women's Wedding Band - this type of ring is more expensive compared to some types. This is known for its bright and shiny-silver look. Most women prefer this as their wedding ring because of its durability.
  7. Halo Women's Wedding Band - this has small accent stones that are typically paved diamonds encircling a larger stone. Halo wedding rings can be the same shape as the center stone or can also be different, such as cushion cut halo around a round diamond.
  8. Solitaire Women's Wedding Band - when talking about jewelry, this type of ring is used to describe one single diamond or gemstone set into a ring. Solitaire rings consist of two parts - a diamond stone and a setting.

With so many designs and styles of different wedding rings, there will be some time that you are getting a bit stuck. Luckily, here in IceCarats, we already have a guide that will help you learn about the different types of wedding rings. With the right information and insights about the different types of women's wedding rings, we can assure you that you can find the perfect wedding ring that fits the taste of your other half. Just browse our website and start exploring the different wedding rings we can offer.

How to Choose Women’s Wedding Bands?

After picking an engagement ring, the next challenge is to pick a wedding ring that can go along with the engagement ring. Before you let your precious woman say the phrase "I do," follow the following tips to pick the perfect wedding ring for her. 

  1. Narrowing down your choice of wedding rings is an essential factor to consider. Do not panic when narrowing down your options. Instead, start by starting with the style, then next is the metal used. After that, everything will give you the exact answers on what type of ring you'd want.
  2. Choosing your wedding ring earlier is another tip to consider. Once you already know what type of ring for your other half, give yourself more time looking for it. This will allow you to save ample time and effort and give you the perfect piece of the wedding ring.
  3. When you are looking for a wedding ring, do not fret about mixing and matching metals. There are no specific rules that say you need to choose the same metal or style of the ring. You could pair or compromise any type of metals that are different but blends well together.
  4. Setting a budget when buying a piece of jewelry is always a factor to consider, especially when choosing a wedding ring. When shopping for a wedding ring, shop with the assumption that you will spend more with your wedding rings' total budget. In this case, it will help you have extra money if you also want embellishments like some gemstones or engraving.
  5. Keeping in mind the lifestyle of the wearer of the wedding ring is also a must. Remember that you and your special someone or the other half will wear your wedding ring every day, so the goal is to correctly choose the ring that seamlessly becomes a part of your everyday lives.
  6. When looking for a wedding ring, the most basic and essential part is to size it right. Make sure that the piece you're picking fits perfectly with the finger of your special someone. A tip to correctly find the perfect wedding ring is to size it when you are calm and the temperature of your body is normal.

When to Wear Women’s Wedding Bands?

Women’s wedding bands are types of jewelry that needs to be worn every day because these became part of your lives by the time you started wearing them. Whatever their styles or designs are, they are versatile and need to be worn to show everyone the symbol of love and commitment to each other.