Wedding Jewelry

History of Wedding Jewelry

The primary purpose of a wedding or getting married was to bind women and men together. Wedding ceremonies are associated with rituals wherein the couple who get married vow to spend their lives together. Wedding ceremonies are celebrations of partnership and love. Getting married or marriage was first seen in 1250-1300 CE in Middle English. Wedding ceremonies before were held because two families wanted to unite each other, not only because the couple loved each other. Throughout history and until now, some families still arrange marriages for couples. But of course, the majority of couples marry nowadays because of being in love with each other. In today’s modern era, there are various ways to celebrate wedding ceremonies. Some follow the traditional celebrations, while others have different ways to celebrate them. Whatever your way is, the most important thing about wedding ceremonies is that it binds two people together to spend forever for the rest of their lives.

Nowadays, wedding ceremonies are celebrated extraordinarily. Married couples want to look best during this perfect moment. Gorgeous wedding dresses and suits are always part of looking best during a wedding ceremony. Wedding jewelry as well was never out of the picture during weddings, most especially for the bride. This jewelry includes wedding rings and other jewelry worn during the wedding day. They are used to accentuate and accessorize one’s look. Different types of wedding jewelry are sought-after pieces that most married couples look forward to. Who doesn't want to look their best during this special occasion? This is a once-in-a-lifetime event! So, make sure to sparkle and glam!

Types of Wedding Jewelry

For modern couples, the idea of purchasing wedding jewelry is quite overwhelming. With the myriad of available options in the market, choosing the perfect wedding jewelry can get even more complicated or confusing. However, knowing its different types will help narrow down your choices. Below is a comprehensive list of varying wedding jewelry you can choose from.

  1. Wedding Necklaces - when choosing wedding necklaces, you need to consider the necklines of your dress. The neckline should be your guide on how to select a wedding necklace. Choose the best necklace that would fill in your shown skin gaps because of your dress's neckline.
  2. Wedding Chokers - this is a necklace usually worn closely around the neck. Wedding chokers are ideal for wearing if your wedding gown has a round-shaped neckline.
  3. Chandelier Earrings for Wedding - these are the most common types of earrings usually worn by the bride during wedding ceremonies. Chandelier earrings are typically embedded with precious stones, most commonly by diamonds.
  4. Diamond Earrings - brides who prefer not to wear chandelier earrings opt for stud diamond earrings. These are also sought-after pieces of wedding jewelry because they are classy, versatile, and elegant. Their simplicity and sophistication are always of fleek!
  5. Wedding Rings - the most important item during wedding ceremonies are wedding rings. These are the symbol of the married couple's vows and their everlasting love for each other. Wedding rings can be made out of different materials, and the choice depends on the preference of both husband and wife.
  6. Diamond Wedding Bracelets - these are excellent gifts to the bride. Diamond bracelets add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the bride's entire look.

How to Choose Wedding Jewelry?

Wedding jewelry is one of the essential parts of completing a bridal look. Choosing the right kind of jewelry is very important. It can surely be quite overwhelming. Remember, your goal is to find the perfect wedding jewelry that will complete your look and add elegance to your beauty. So, achieve it by following the pointers below.

  1. When choosing your wedding jewelry, always remember that less is more, and do not risk overdoing your jewelry items. Your wedding jewelry should not outshine your wedding dress but would complement or blend with it. In other words, choose simple jewelry that would add a dramatic touch to you. Also, be careful in choosing wedding jewelry sets because some might not match your attire's fabric.
  2. Choose your wedding jewelry based on the kind of fabric used on your dress. If you are not sure about choosing white gold, yellow gold, or platinum pieces of wedding jewelry, base the metal choice on the color of the fabric of your wedding dress. Your wedding dress's fabric and embellishments can indeed be a big help!
  3. Remember that when choosing a piece of wedding jewelry, you need to consider your dress's neckline. Your wedding dress's neckline is the deciding factor when deciding what kind of wedding necklace you can wear.
  4. You need to choose pieces of wedding jewelry that will be highlighted by the wedding dress you are wearing. When selecting the metal for your wedding jewelry, avoid the ones that will give you a messy look. Choosing single pieces of jewelry is ideal.
  5. When choosing a piece of wedding jewelry, avoid too many colors. Opting for various colors of jewelry is a big no when it comes to weddings. Look for wedding jewelry that has only a single or bi-color to complement well with your wedding attire.

The written tips above are some of the few pointers you can keep in mind when choosing the right wedding jewelry. If you are still having trouble selecting the ideal jewelry, consulting a jewelry expert can be an excellent idea. IceCarats is the shop for all your wedding jewelry needs if you are looking for cheap wedding jewelry. We offer top-quality wedding jewelry pieces from wedding rings to wedding earrings and wedding necklaces to wedding bracelets. Just log in to our website,, and look for the wedding jewelry that you desire.

When to Wear Wedding Jewelry?

When choosing wedding jewelry, the usual look should be a very formal one. Big and dazzling stones always embellish wedding jewelry pieces, making them ideal for special and formal occasions. Attending a formal party wearing a long dress gown can be paired with your wedding jewelry. These are some special events when you can use your wedding jewelry again after your big day.