Tennis Bracelets

History of the Tennis Bracelet

As Tennis bracelets are made of gemstones, like diamonds set together closely and thoroughly enclosing the wearer's wrist, they were initially called eternity or diamond line bracelets. Nowadays, tennis bracelets are considered sleek jewelry that adds sparkle and sophistication to your everyday look. But why are diamond bracelets called tennis bracelets when they have nothing to do with tennis? Tennis bracelets weren't specifically designed or made for tennis players, but tennis helped rename this accessory. Here's how a tennis bracelet got its name.

The tennis bracelet style dated back around for decades before the game, but Chris Evert took the bracelet's popularity to the next level. Chris Evert, a famous player of tennis, was known for her style on the court. She is also considered one of the game champions, and at the height of her game, she was tagged as the number one player in the whole wide world. It was during the US Championships back in 1987 that it gave the tennis bracelet its name. On that day of Chris Evert's game, she was wearing a diamond eternity bracelet. Unfortunately, during the game, her bracelet's clasp broke, and it just flew off her hand. This was the start of the tennis bracelet getting its new name. Chris Evert requested a time out and asked for the match to be suspended because she wanted to look for her bracelet. This incident drew attention to the public, and since then, diamond line bracelets have been named tennis bracelets.

According to some critics and debaters, the bracelet got its name simply because Chris began to wear diamond bracelets during her game, and it was very unheard of. Also, considering how famous Chris Evert was in tennis, the name for the bracelet stuck. Be as it may, the fact continued to remain that Chris lost her diamond bracelet during a tennis game. That helped perpetuate the tennis bracelet's name that up until now is being used by recent generations. However, the person who coined the term tennis bracelet is still unknown and lost to history. Nowadays, diamond tennis bracelets are among the most popular and adorned jewelry pieces that are more wearable, more comfortable, and less intrusive than the other bracelets. This bracelet also makes a perfect choice for an athletic woman and active and busy lifestyles. 

Types of Tennis Bracelets

There are many types and designs of tennis bracelets that come in today. They are often limited to a string of round cut diamonds, but you can also find different shapes, styles, and tennis bracelets' designs. According to various factors, below are just some of the modern tennis bracelets available in the market.

According to Design

  1. Cubic Zirconia Tennis Bracelet - this is the closest in resemblance to Chris Evert tennis bracelet. This is a single wave style of tennis bracelet that features a slip-in clasp lock or a box-tongue clasp. This type of tennis bracelet will remain on your wrist until you remove it yourself.
  2. Sapphire Tennis Bracelet - this type of tennis bracelet is considered the second most popular choice of the tennis bracelet. This type of tennis bracelet is designed and embellished with sapphire stones.
  3. Diamond Accent Tennis Bracelet - this type of tennis bracelet features little sections of diamond stones. A simpler and lightweight kind of tennis bracelet compared to others.
  4. Bangle Tennis Bracelet- this bangle tennis bracelet is considered one of the newest tennis bracelet styles wherein it comes with a slip-on bangle instead of a tennis chain bracelet.
  5. Emerald Tennis Bracelet - same with the sapphire tennis bracelet, this is another type that is designed or embellished with emerald stones.
  6. Black Diamond Tennis Bracelet is just like any other type of diamond tennis bracelet, but it comes with black-colored diamonds.

According to Materials Used

  1. Gold Tennis Bracelet - this type of tennis bracelet is made up of pure gold. Other tennis bracelets are made up of gold in different shades, like the rose gold and the white gold tennis bracelet. This type of tennis bracelet is embellished with diamonds. It is sometimes called a gold diamond tennis bracelet or rose gold and white gold diamond tennis bracelet depending on the gold material's color.
  2. Silver Tennis Bracelet - this is the most used and famous type of tennis bracelet. One of the common types of this bracelet is the Swarovski tennis bracelet.
  3. Platinum Tennis Bracelet is the least worn type of tennis bracelet, but this is truly a beautiful and unique design. Men wore most of this type of tennis bracelet, so it is somehow considered men’s tennis bracelets.

According to Setting

  1. Prong - this type of tennis bracelet usually comes in three or four prongs per diamond. The metal prongs are the ones that allow light to pass through the diamonds.
  2. Channel - this is designed with two rows of thin metal that holds the stone on either side, and the diamonds on this type of tennis bracelet fit closely together.
  3. Bezel or Half Bezel - similar to a watch head, the metal in this type of tennis bracelet surrounds the stone. In a half bezel setting, the metals are connected to only two sides of the stone.

Tennis bracelets are an iconic fashion that can accessorize any of your styles, may it be from casual to formal. A gorgeous piece of tennis bracelet worn has incredible brilliance that will bring your fashion statement to the next level. Now that you have all the ideas about the different styles and types of tennis bracelets, it’s time to visit the website of IceCarats and check out the best tennis bracelet that you can pick. We offer various tennis bracelets from men's to women’s diamond tennis bracelets to the different designs that will match your style and taste.

How to Choose the Perfect Tennis Bracelet?

There are some things to remember or take note of when you are buying a tennis bracelet. An essential thing to consider is making sure that the bracelet is secure. The following things may be helpful when you want to purchase a tennis bracelet.

  1. Remember that the first thing you need to consider when buying a bracelet is to make sure that you already know the size of the bracelet you are going to pick. Remember to measure your wrist before purchasing a bracelet to avoid wasting time, and make sure that you can find a tennis bracelet that will perfectly fit on your wrist.
  2. Double-check the safety latch of the tennis bracelet that you are choosing. None of us wants the same thing that happened to Chris Evert's tennis bracelet, so you need to make sure that the safety latch really snaps over the clasp to secure your bracelet.
  3. Choose a tennis bracelet with sturdy links. The links in your tennis bracelet are the ones that keep the diamonds in place and also the bracelet from breaking apart. So make sure to choose a tennis bracelet with sturdier links.
  4. Consider the question, "how does the bracelet move when you are wearing it?" when you pick a tennis bracelet. It only means that you need to test the flexibility of the bracelet. If the way the bracelet moves makes you feel comfortable, then consider the bracelet to be flexible. Flexibility means it won't easily break. A good test is to move your wrist around, or maybe you can throw your hands in the air or dance with your hands when you try the bracelet to make sure of its flexibility.
  5. Choosing your diamond tennis bracelet's color grade must be the last thing to consider because of some other factors. When you choose your bracelet's color grade, make sure to pair it with the metal or materials used. For example, when choosing a yellow gold metal for your tennis bracelet, make sure to drop down the diamonds' color scale. Instead, pick warm stones to complement the bracelet's metal color.
  6. After choosing the size, the style, the materials used, and other necessary things to consider when selecting a tennis bracelet, the last but not the least thing to consider is your budget. Tennis bracelets are quite expensive, so make sure to choose the one that suits your budget.

Knowing the mentioned things above to consider when buying a tennis bracelet helps you achieve the piece you want. If you're wondering where to buy a quality tennis bracelet, don't go any further than IceCarats. With us, you can choose a vast selection of tennis bracelets. Visit our website and be surprised by our tennis bracelet collections!

When to Wear Tennis Bracelets?

Tennis bracelets are considered versatile pieces of jewelry. Meaning, you can choose to wear them as everyday pieces or your daily to-go ornament, may it be a casual outfit or a special night out with some friends. Chris Evert comfortably wears it during a tennis tournament, so it definitely means one thing, tennis bracelets can be worn on any special occasion or any ordinary day. May it be at weddings, going on dates on Valentine's day, job interviews, or by simply pairing it with your everyday office wear! There are many special occasions like Christmas and other holidays, too! Remember that it's okay to wear a tennis bracelet every day but do not wear it when you are sleeping or you are in a shower because it can make it prone to looking scratchy and worn. But if you like to wear it often, you can choose to have a platinum tennis bracelet since platinum is scratch proof.