Sterling Silver Rings

History of Silver Rings

Silver is an element that is harder than gold and softer than copper. A white metallic element is considered one of the noble metals because of its ability to resist oxidation. Historically, silver has played an essential role in the making of different types of jewelry. It is inexpensive nowadays compared to some precious metals like gold and platinum. Throughout history, silver was valued higher than gold. Some people believed that silver used in jewelry sometimes outweighs any other types of metals. It was also used in technologies, and the entire economy depended on the availability of silver deposits. Silver, without a doubt, is one of the most precious and important metals in use by humankind since history until now. Used in jewelry making until today, it is still one of the sought-after metal types used.

Silver rings became a symbol of eternity for many years in many traditions. Silver was mined way back 4000 B.C., and rings were worn as ornaments and symbols of prosperity during that time. Some early pagan priestesses were seen wearing silver rings, either a single or stacked silver rings with some other rings on their fingers. They believe that wearing silver rings will give them protective magic because of their shape; that’s why silver rings have important values for pagans. Ancient people also believed that silver rings are associated with the moon because of their color and quality to reflect moonlight, often seen in still waters. It also varies in types and designs. Some may choose silver bands with gemstones, and others prefer to have a simple silver ring. Sterling silver rings also became popular after gold rings.

Nowadays, silver rings for women and men are worn on every finger, wherein some types are designed to fit the thumb. There are many designs present in different jewelry stores, and it’s genuinely astonishing that silver rings are making a large selection of rings to choose from. Over the years, silver rings have not only found themselves in fashion jewelry but also, have roots in royalty. Silver has been used as the go-to metal for a low-cost ring but still elegant and made in the most creative ways.

Types of Silver Rings

Nowadays, there are many types of silver rings available in the market. As a silver rings buyer, it is important to be familiar with the different kinds of silver rings. Below are some types of silver rings that you can choose from.

  1. Fine Silver Rings - these types of silver rings are the closest to a pure silver ring. Fine silver rings appear duller when compared to a bright polish of sterling rings. This is also soft and will scratch easily, but for some reason, fine silver rings are easy to form and will not tarnish quickly. Fine silver rings are ideal for wearing because they are more prone to rough wear.
  2. Sterling Silver Rings - these rings are the quality standard of silver rings in most jewelry stores. Sterling silver rings are alloy silver mixed with usually copper or other metals such as nickel. These rings are bright, shiny, and harder compared to fine silver rings.
  3. Coin Silver Rings - these rings are rare and sometimes confused about because of their names. Coin silver rings are still on the jewelry market but considered exceptional pieces of jewelry.
  4. Silver Filled Rings - these rings are new layered metal rings introduced during the surge of silver prices. Silver filled rings are thicker compared to silver-plated rings. These rings are less common in the market.
  5. Silver Plated Rings - these rings have a very thin silver plating applied to the base's surface. Silver-plated rings are the affordable and famous types.
  6. Nickel Silver Rings - these rings have a base metal alloy consisting of mostly copper and combined with nickel or zinc. Nickel silver rings are inexpensive and may appear similar to sterling silver rings.
  7. Tibetan/Tribal Silver Rings - these rings also use metal alloys as the base. It can be quite beautiful. That's why people choose to purchase this because of its design's value rather than the metal used. 

Silver rings are pieces of jewelry that have been used by both men and women for a long time. The reason behind this is because they are valuable, timeless, and long-lasting jewelry that you can find in the market since then and now. However, it is also important to note and remember the following types of silver rings so that you can choose the perfect one. IceCarats hopes that the following types given above will help you select the right silver rings. If you are interested in buying from a trusted store, visit our website and discover the top-quality rings we can offer.

How to Choose Silver Rings?

If you like to give a touch of elegance to a piece of jewelry, you can never go wrong when choosing a silver ring. Silver rings are considered one of the most popular types of jewelry on the market. Silver rings are irresistible and durable; that's why they are regarded as sought-after jewelry pieces. If you plan to purchase a silver ring, there are some essential things you need to consider when picking the perfect one. The following are suggestions that will guarantee you the right purchase.

  1. Inspecting the price of the silver ring you are going to purchase is important. One of the perfect ways to make sure that you are picking the right silver ring is to create a simple comparison of the same item's prices from the different stores. Checking the silver ring price you will buy at the current market price will give you a baseline when assessing the ring you want to purchase.
  2. Do not settle for anything less when you are looking for a silver ring. You can look for a silver-grade ring to assure you that you are getting a real silver ring. Keep in mind the different qualities of pure silver to know the difference between a fake one from the real one.
  3. If possible, you can perform some minor physical tests on your chosen silver ring because this is one of the best ways to ensure that you've got the right silver ring. The physical tests you are about to perform won't harm your silver ring, so there is nothing to worry about this factor. This is just a simple way to help you select the best silver ring.
  4. Choosing the right metal base and the type of silver ring depends on the wearer. When buying a silver ring, you sometimes won't need only to consider the kind of ring that would suit your taste. It would be best to regard how the ring's style affects your fashion style and how it would convey your personality.
  5. If you are looking for silver engagement rings, you need to start searching as soon as possible to have plenty of time to compare designs, quality, and the prices of the silver rings. This will also give you more time if you want rings to be customized.
  6. The last but never and not the least factor to consider is to choose the right ring size. Make sure that when you are buying a ring, you know the ring size of the wearer.

Choosing an astonishing ring for your special someone might be difficult, but keeping in mind all the things you need to consider will be a whole lot easier for you. There is nothing better than seeing the smile on your special someone's face upon opening a box and seeing a ring you chose for them. Or if you are buying a silver ring for yourself, it is also a fulfillment to achieve the perfect jewelry piece. Remember that whenever you need a trusted store for your jewelry purchase, IceCarats is willing to help you. As your trusted store, we guarantee that you can find the perfect silver ring for you because we can give you various options from men’s silver rings to rings available for both men and women.

When to Wear Silver Rings?

Ancient and modern people have been wearing silver rings as ornaments ever since to enhance their look and fashion style. If you ever thought about wearing silver rings but not a hundred percent sure how to amplify your outfit, continue reading the following tips given below. These helpful guides will help you decide when to wear your silver ring.

  1. There are some types and designs of silver rings that are perfectly acceptable to be worn every day. A personalized silver ring from your other half is an excellent example of a silver ring you can wear daily. Some versatile pieces can be your everyday go-to piece of jewelry.
  2. A silver ring can be a piece of office jewelry, too. One of the silver rings' qualities is that they are not distracting or noisy, making them ideal to be paired on your office uniform.
  3. When attending formal occasions, dazzling and stunning pieces of jewelry are always on the go. But, wearing silver rings at a formal event is also a time to show off the simple yet elegant side of yours. With a little help from your silver ring, you can already pull off a perfect look for a formal gathering.
  4. When going to a party, silver rings can be your best friend. You can accessorize your party look by wearing a silver ring embellished with some gemstones.