Sterling Silver Chains

History of Sterling Silver Chains

Sterling silver chains were believed to date back around 225 B.C, but they were not used in making jewelry; instead, they were designed to be used in the draw buckets of the wells. But even before sterling silver chains were discovered in this way, they were made from different simple materials. The Egyptians were the first who wore different types of chains, including gold and sterling silver chains. During the mid 18th century, making chains was done by the hand of craftsmen. They made chains by hammering the metal into small circles. The making of sterling silver chains in France was invented in 1750. After so many years, a machine was discovered to create sterling silver chains easily. Sterling silver chains and other chains such as gold and platinum were rolled out into different countries, including England, France, Italy, Germany, and more. Many exciting developments of sterling silver chains have fascinated the world of jewelry since then.

Nowadays, sterling silver chains come in a huge range of styles and designs. They are sought-after pieces that are considered gorgeous, durable, and versatile. They became famous because they do not cost a fortune and are hypoallergenic, which means they are ideal for being worn, especially for sensitive skin people, and prone to allergies. Among the many sterling silver chains, men’s sterling silver chains are the most popular, even though various sterling silver chains exist for women. It just means that men in today’s generation have fallen in love with sterling silver chains more than women do. Whatever preference a person has when it comes to these chains, these will always remain classy and timeless to embellish the world of jewelry because of the qualities they possess.

Types of Sterling Silver Chains

Sterling silver chains are always known as the heart of the jewelry industry because of their popularity. They are types of chains that are beautiful and made to last. For the past years, they have been known from different parts of the world and are still making names. Below are some types that can either be used for bracelets, anklets, and necklaces. These chains can work well for men and women.

  1. Sterling Silver Curb Chains - these are the most popular types of sterling silver chains on the market. The simplicity and classic style of curb chains are what makes them unique, among others. These chains are identical links in an oval shape and made by interlocking and twisted to lay flat on the wearer’s neck. The chunkier and large styles are popular among men, and the daintier and smaller are ideal for women.
  2. Sterling Silver Figaro Chains - these chains are named after Figaro by Mozart. Sterling silver Figaro chains are also among the most popular types made with alternating elongated links. They originally came from Italy and are famous for men and women, too.
  3. Sterling Silver Rope Chains - these chains are made of oval links intertwined and twisted to create a pattern that looks like a rope. They are classic, delicate, and ideal for pendants.
  4. Sterling Silver Rolo Chains - these chains come in a range of widths that feature round, interlocking, and alternating links. They are also ideal pieces of chains for men and women.
  5. The wheat husk's top look inspires Sterling Silver Wheat Chains - Wheat chains are also called Spiga chains in Italian. These are versatile pieces perfect when alone or with a pendant.
  6. Sterling Silver Box Chains - these chains feature square links rather than round ones; that’s why they are called box chains. Sterling silver box chains, also known as Venetian box chains, are perfect when worn alone or paired with pendants.

Whatever style you opt for a chain, you can find it from the vast array of sterling silver chains. If you want to own affordable sterling silver chains yet good quality ones, visit our website by logging in to We guarantee you that here with us, you can confidently show everybody your sterling silver chain.

How to Choose Sterling Silver Chains?

Sterling silver chains are trendy because of their versatility, durability, and durability. Choosing any jewelry can be an exhausting thing to do, so it also applies in sterling silver chains. When selecting a sterling silver chain, you should know how to choose the perfect one. Check out and follow the following tips to know the ideal sterling silver chain.

  1. When purchasing a sterling silver chain, start with choosing the chain style that you want. There are various chains that you can choose from. When choosing for a man, remember to select the chunkier chain that looks masculine when worn. On the other hand, choose a daintier one for women to project a feminine look.
  2. Determining the length that you want for a sterling silver chain is also an important thing to consider. Choose the length that suits your style. The ideal size for a woman is about 16 and 18 inches, while men are suitable for wearing 20 inches and 24 inches chains if they are opting for a necklace. With sterling silver bracelet chains, choose the length that perfectly fits your wrist.
  3. If you already have the ideal length you want for your sterling silver chain, choosing your preferred sterling silver chain's width is the next thing to do. If you own a heavy pendant that you want to pair with your chain, choose the chain's width to support your charm. Selecting a wider sterling silver chain might make you feel uncomfortable and may look awkward, but it is ideal for heavy pendants.
  4. Clasps are essential for chains, so when choosing a sterling silver chain, pick a clasp suitable for the kind of chain you want. If you prefer to have a substantial sterling silver chain, select the clasp to support your sterling silver chain to avoid losing it.
  5. Checking the quality of your sterling silver chain metal is also an ideal suggestion. Remember, there are many types of sterling silver chains. So, get to know more about them and pick the perfect one you think will best suit your personality and style.
  6. When you want to hang your favorite pendant on a sterling silver chain, choose the one that will look best with it. Pair your charm with a unique style of a sterling silver chain.
  7. Setting up a budget when buying sterling silver chains is also a must. Although these chains are inexpensive compared to other chains, still, you'll need to set a budget for you not to spend too much on a single chain. You can narrow down your options when buying a sterling silver chain if you have an allotted budget. Always consider the quality of the chain you are going to purchase.

If you want to keep your style classic and trendy, choosing the perfect sterling silver chain is an ideal ensemble to keep up your fashion style. If you can follow the tips or suggestions given above, you can already purchase a sterling silver chain without doubts and hesitations. IceCarats is willing to help you have the perfect sterling silver chain. Just log in to our website and discover more!

When to Wear Sterling Silver Chains?

Like any other type of metal, sterling silver is also versatile. Jewelry made from these metals is always considered timeless and classic pieces. Wearing sterling silver chains every day with any of your outfits is definitely okay. They can be regarded as your go-to pieces of jewelry that you can just wear anytime, anywhere! But there are some ways to wear sterling silver chains that you can follow, and here are the following:

  1. Chunkier chains are ideal for wearing during evening events, especially if you pair them with dazzling and sparkling charms or pendants. Wider chains are suitable for pulling off a funky look.
  2. Daintier sterling silver chains are ideal for wearing for casual and formal occasions.
  3. If you are in a conservative office setting, wearing sterling silver chains with a small pendant is also an ideal piece that can pull off your look.