Sterling Silver Bracelets

History of Sterling Silver Bracelets

Sterling silver has been recognized for many decades because of its glossy finish and versatile applications. It is known as the whitest among all other precious metals. Sterling silver is harder than gold but is considered one of the flexible and malleable metal types. Its malleability makes it easy to be molded and hammered into various shapes and forms, including jewelry. Sterling silver has been referred to different naming conventions way back to the time of the primitives. Its name came from the word “easterlings” that later became an English currency and abbreviated to “sterling,” which is considered the highest grade or type of a silver medal. Sterling silver contains 92.5% of pure silver, and the rest can be any metal alloy, like copper. Sterling silver began to accelerate worldwide and became very popular in fine dining objects and the jewelry industry.

Sterling silver jewelry became very popular as time passed by. Various types come in a wide range of styles and designs, primarily sterling silver bracelets. Sterling silver bracelets come in different styles and types, and others were considered religious ornaments and symbols. Its popularity has been the same since then. It was recorded that ancient Egyptians were the first to use these bracelets. They believed that wearing different pieces of sterling silver jewelry, including bracelets will protect them from evil forces and prevent them from having bad luck. Nowadays, a lot of types of sterling silver bracelets are embellishing the jewelry world. Many people opt for them because one of their major drawbacks is that they do not tarnish quickly. These bracelets can be a go-to piece that can accentuate any look, making them very famous nowadays.

Types of Sterling Silver Bracelets

Dressing your wrists with different types of bracelets can be a lot of fun. Sterling silver bracelets are easy-to-wear accessories that are versatile and timeless. They can add a subtle touch to your overall look. Knowing about the types of sterling silver bracelets can make it easier to navigate or narrow options when purchasing one. You can also have an idea of how to style them once you know each one of them. Below is a list of the different sterling silver bracelets you can choose from.

  1. Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets - are rigid bracelets that have no opening or no clasps. These bracelets usually fit loosely on the wearer’s wrist and can vary in width. You wear bangles by sliding the bracelet over your hand going to your wrist. Sterling silver bangles are trendy in Asian countries, and they are typically seen as part of a person’s outfit.
  2. Sterling Silver Chain Bracelets - are typically made of sterling silver metal hoops linked together, creating a chain. They are considered the most famous type because of their versatility. Although chain bracelets are made out of any metal, sterling silver can help you express various styles you want to pull off. Chain bracelets often have clasps that make them easier to put on and take off. You can also create sterling silver charm bracelets out of these bracelets by attaching different charms to them.
  3. Sterling Silver Tennis Bracelets - these bracelets are one of the most sophisticated and classic types. These bracelets' metal base is made of sterling silver and is embedded in diamond or other precious gemstones. Whether you are wearing sterling silver tennis bracelets on a casual occasion or a red carpet event, they look good with any outfit.
  4. Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelets - cuff bracelets are types of inflexible bangles, but the only difference is that cuffs have an opening. These come in various styles and sizes that make them suitable for any event. Some sterling silver cuffs are also unisex in a manner that can look great for men and women.
  5. Sterling Silver Slider Bracelets - these bracelets work by just sliding the slider along the chain. This slider bracelet style makes it easy and comfortable to wear because you need not get the clasp on using one hand. They usually come in various styles and designs that you can choose from.
  6. Personalized Sterling Silver Bracelets - can also mean affirmation bracelets that hold a message for the wearer. Personalized sterling silver bracelets are often engraved with words, quotes, initials, important dates, or even messages for the wearer. These are ideal and excellent gifts for showing how special a person is in your life.

So you now have the different types of bracelets that you can choose from. Browse your perfect sterling silver bracelets by logging in to our website, We offer a large selection at affordable prices

How to Choose Sterling Silver Bracelets?

Sterling silver bracelets are timeless and valuable pieces of jewelry. A piece of the sterling silver bracelet can finish your look by adding a touch of sophistication and class. Because of the large number of styles and designs available, it would be best to have some valuable ideas on correctly choosing a sterling silver bracelet.

  1. Sterling silver bracelets vary in different styles, and it is important to know the quality of the bracelet you are buying. It would be best if you have the idea that sterling bracelets are made with 92.5% of pure silver, and the rest are mixed alloy, which is far different from buying only a silver-plated bracelet. It is essential to check the quality to ensure that you get the most for your budget.
  2. Before going to a jewelry store or purchasing a sterling silver bracelet online, remember that sterling silver bracelets are available in many types and designs. Choose the type of sterling bracelet that suits your taste, personality and blends with your daily look.
  3. Take note that sterling silver bracelets do not only vary in styles but also in length. Choosing the size is different from choosing its length. When selecting a necklace length, it depends on how you want it to look, either long or short. But for bracelets, you should choose the perfect fit on your wrist. Ensure that it is not too tight or too loose on your wrist.
  4. Purchase from a reputable store, most especially if you are following a strict budget. This will help you pick the sterling silver bracelet that suits your budget.

Follow your preference when it comes to choosing any jewelry. The listed guidelines above are just tips you can follow when selecting a sterling silver bracelet. Want to know more about sterling silver bracelets? Log in to our website,, and we will be delighted to help you pick the perfect bracelet you are looking for.

When to Wear Sterling Silver Bracelets?

There are sterling silver bracelets made for one-time events only, but most can be used for everyday use. Sterling silver bracelets are sought-after jewelry pieces because they are considered daily go-to ensembles. With the vast array of sterling silver bracelets available nowadays, you might have difficulty deciding when to wear them. Most sterling silver bracelets are versatile; however, there are some times when you can properly wear them. Here’s a list of suggestions on when to look good with your sterling silver bracelet.

  1. Wearing neutral outfits can be accentuated with a sterling silver bracelet.
  2. Sterling silver bracelets are ideal to be paired with your formal attire, especially during an evening event. Sterling silver bracelets embedded with dazzling stones are the perfect pieces for pulling off this kind of look.
  3. Office workers, both men, and women can add a finishing touch to their outfits by wearing a simple sterling silver bracelet.
  4. Mixing your other jewelry with sterling silver bracelets in a smart casual look is a fabulous fashion.

Whatever outfit you wear on any event or occasion, sterling silver bracelets can be your best friend. These bracelets are designed to help you pull off a look that you desire to express. If you know how to master the art of mixing and matching jewelry, sterling silver bracelets can be of great help. Nevertheless, wearing your sterling silver bracelet will always depend on your confidence. It is how you bring yourself and your entire look to the next level. Visit our website,, for more details and essential information about sterling silver necklaces. We are happy to help you pick the best and top-quality sterling silver bracelets you are searching for.