Stackable Rings

History of Stackable Rings

The history of stackable rings started when the earliest type of these rings was created as one of the bridal jewelry worn by women traditionally. Stackable rings are believed to have originated from the tradition of Ancient Rome and were used as stackable rings before as engagement or wedding rings. During the 16th and 17th centuries, some jewelers were inspired to create gold stackable rings. These rings were interconnected and featured two or three hoops made to fit together and form one complete ring. It also became a sentimental symbol representing a couple locked in love, which was also used as wedding bands a long time ago. During the 18th and 19th centuries, stackable rings were called “guard” or “keeper” rings, which were often crafted in gold or silver hoops. It was during the Gregorian times when narrow old roses with mine-cut stackable rings were created. Unlike some worn as bridal jewelry, these rings were worn as mere ornaments or a more decorative way of securing a middle ring.

The stacking of rings has become a trend for generations. Nowadays, it’s still a staple in every jewelry fashion. This also has become a trend and considered a mix between tradition and style. Plus, it became an extension of the modern approach of wearing wedding rings. The purpose of stacking rings in today’s generation is to express or show significant life events. That’s why many women choose to continue stacking rings on the same finger. Most of them decide to wear stackable diamond rings to share some of their life events and bring their fashion style to another level.

Types of Stackable Rings

Some believed that when it comes to stacking rings, less is more. With the different types of rings listed below, you can now feel free to play around with your rings and experiment with some other combinations of rings.

  1. Thin and Delicate Stackable Rings - this is the most common type of stackable rings. If you have collections of 14k gold rings with thin width, you can have many stacking options because they can perfectly be paired with other larger and more ornate rings. Thin and delicate stackable rings can also have gems or stones around them.
  2. Solitaire Stackable Ring - A timeless band or a ring with a single stone can be a good pair to this stackable ring. For example, a stunning opal ring with a solitaire style is a perfect stacking ring for yellow gold rings. Stackable birthstone rings often belong because there are some types that the whole band is embellished with birthstones.
  3. Open Stackable Ring - this is a type of stackable ring that is not in a complete circle but has only an opening on the top side. Open stackable rings are unique and trendy, and they are considered great for stacking.
  4. Moderate Stackable Ring - this type of stackable ring falls between a thin and bold stackable ring. This can be worn alone but can work great when stacked with other rings, especially on delicate rings. A diamond braided ring with a baguette twist is an excellent example of this type.
  5. Bold Stackable Ring - this is an ornate and bolder stacker that can be worn alone or stacked with one or two delicate pieces or multiple rings on the same hand. Bold stackable rings are larger and more intricate. 

The different stackable rings may provide you with a wide option for choosing the perfect ring to be stacked with your other ring collections. Being updated with the jewelry trend, like having stackable rings, is not just going with the flow, but somehow, you can also express your personality and style through following this trend. Some types of stackable rings may be worn alone or paired with other rings, and whatever way you want to wear them, it’s always you who has the final say. For as long as you carry yourself confidently in a crowd, no one would bother how you wear your stackers. If you are ready to be in trend with stackable rings, visit our website and experience the best stackable rings we can offer. IceCarats guarantee every customer that we provide the top-quality and beautifully crafted pieces of jewelry, including stackable rings that you are looking for.

How to Choose Stackable Rings?

Layering or stacking different accessories types, most especially rings, is becoming trendier with each year that passes by. Stackable rings are one of those trends that are not going away anytime soon. With many types and options available today, it is a daunting task to look for the perfect one. Below are some tips and encouragement on choosing the ideal stackable ring to achieve the mixing and matching game with your other rings in your collection.

  1. When choosing a stackable ring, remember to select the metal that will mix and match your other rings. All yellow or white gold stack is an easy way to play safe, and it is always classy and chic. You can choose the same metal if you are not sure how to mix them on your rings. But trying to mix and match, one tip to remember is that you need to stick with only two types of metals. You can pick a dominant color of the metal and then incorporate it with two to three pieces of your choice for your stacking game.
  2. Choose as many stackable rings as you want but remember to pick those that are just enough and not too much. You can leave one of your fingers bare to avoid overboard. This way, it will create a more balanced and gorgeous look for you.
  3. Stackable rings vary in shape and size; make sure you choose the right one that will balance your other rings in terms of weights and shapes. Incorporating your stackable ring with the rest of your rings will be a surefire when mixing different kinds of weights and sizes.
  4. When you want to add a pop of color to your plain rings, you can incorporate different gemstone stackable rings with your other rings. Using a gemstone or two in your stacking game will add color and energy to your look.
  5. Creative floodgates will always open when it comes to stacking rings. So when you want to purchase a stackable ring, you can start with a statement ring on your finger and later on choose small rings with dazzling and sparkling stones to create a perfect stack.
  6. A great way to start and get an extra-cohesive look is to choose the same stackable ring as your other rings. It will surely take your stacking game to the next level. Stackable rings with different metals but with the same design will look beautiful and chic when stacked together.

Stacking rings is more than just wearing various sparkling and dazzling rings. It is also a symbol of your personality and individuality. Whether you choose to stack rings to show the different milestones in your life or you just want to make a shining fashion statement, no one can stop you. Stackable rings are foolproof gifts to spoil yourself or a special someone. Choose your type of stackable rings here with us in IceCarats, and be ready to participate in a modern world of stacking rings.

When to Wear Stackable Rings?

If you want to know when you can wear and play with your stackable rings, the following tips might help you.

  1. When you are having a nice time at the beach, and you want to wave your hands in the air or get them dirty on the sand, stackable rings will help you pull off your beach attire.
  2. Attending a garden picnic or backyard dinner is also an ideal occasion to show off your stackable rings while wearing your favorite casual outfit.
  3. Wearing your monochromatic outfits will also level up when paired with stackable rings. Most significantly, wearing gemstone stackable rings can add a pop of colors to your look.
  4. Pulling off a minimalist look when you are out for a coffee date with your friend will be achieved with the help of stacking thin and plain rings.

Dresses or gowns for any formal occasion, especially on formal evening events, can also be accessorized with stunning and dazzling stackable rings