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Silver Anklets

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History of Silver Anklets

Anklets are also known as ankle bracelets, ankle chains, or ankle strings worn on the ankles. In history, anklets were usually worn by women in South East Asia and believed to start with the Egyptians. They considered anklets as part of women's daily accessories. Anklets during prehistoric times were typically made of materials found in the surroundings and crafted into different forms and shapes. As civilizations progressed, some anklets already contained expensive and precious metals such as gold and silver, and iron. Gold anklets became famous first compared to any type because they are usually worn by women who belonged to wealthy families or classes. In contrast, inexpensive materials such as silver were made into silver anklets and worn by ordinary people who belonged to the lower classes. Dancers also wore silver anklets embedded with different designs such as charms, gemstones, and beads in history. Thus, Egyptian women avoided wearing anklets in public places due to their Islamic practice. Different anklets became famous in Egypt and various parts of the world, such as India, America, and other Eastern countries.

Nowadays, anklets can be made out of different materials, and silver is the famous metal used in making anklets. Because of the jewelry industry changes, silver anklets can be classified into different types and styles now. These anklets are highly fashionable not only in history but up to now. People may wear various anklets depending on their beliefs and the meaning of the anklets they are wearing. In today's fashion trend, silver anklets are commonly used to elevate and accentuate men's and women's entire look. People in modern days often opt to wear silver anklets because of the trendy name these ensembles brought into the jewelry and fashion world.

Types of Silver Anklets

Regardless of the wearer's age and background, silver anklets are considered favorite jewelry, especially for women. The sweet jingle a silver anklet can bring can surely melt anyone's heart, and this is why most people opt to purchase them. Silver anklets for women serve as a symbol of grace and femininity. With the progression of technology and time, they have transformed to cater modern desires of the latest generation. Here are some available trendy types of silver anklets you can choose from.

  1. Silver Charm Anklets - are preferred by women who love to dress up in a sleek and stylish outfit. Silver charm anklet comes embedded or attached with several gorgeous charms. The wearer has an option to choose what charms they want to go with their anklets. Silver charm anklets are versatile and can be designed in different ways.
  2. Silver Birthstone Anklets - a person who believes in the power their birthstone can bring must have this type of silver anklet. Silver birthstone anklets are typically made of silver metals embedded with birthstones. These are pieces ideal for people who love to wear their lucky stones. Silver birthstone anklets are not just worn to attract the power your birthstone can bring but also a colorful and elegant accessory to flaunt your ankle. These are also ideal silver anklets for babies.
  3. Silver Bridal Anklets - are ideal for weddings or the bride on her special day. Silver bridal anklets are made with precious stones, usually diamonds. The stones used in silver bridal anklets are typically customized to match the wedding gown. These anklets are considered one of the best silver anklet designs for a fairytale event.
  4. Silver Artisan Anklets - are commonly used when going out for small parties or garden picnics. Its design symbolizes sensuality, patience, and also love. These are also ideal gifts for your special someone to increase your intimate relationship and the depth of your love or strong bond.
  5. Layered Silver Anklets - if you are after a bold and stunning look, these silver anklets are ideal. They are usually made of three different silver chains attached and will look like layered anklets on the ankle. These best suits in a casual event or can also be worn during evening parties. Silver layered anklets give a bold and stunning look on high heels.
  6. Silver and Crystal Stone Anklets - for a striking and chic look for girls, these anklets are highly in demand. Silver and crystal stone anklets are a combination of multi-colored stones studded in a silver medal. They come in a variety of colored stones that match most outfits.
  7. Sterling Silver Anklets - ending the different types of anklets are the sophisticated and elegant sterling silver anklets. These anklets are not pure silver anklets but are considered elegant and classic. Sterling silver anklet design allows it to complement or suit various fashion styles, including dresses or jeans.

The next time you are on a hunt for anklets, remember these trendy and cool designs you can choose from. Your feet or ankle's beauty reflects your personality, so take one step ahead when selecting the perfect silver anklet that will suit your look, style, and personality. Stand proudly on your beautiful anklet by choosing it here with us. Visit and check out our website,, and select the type that speaks for yourself.

How to Choose Silver Anklets?

As with any jewelry, anklets vary dramatically depending on the materials and styles. These remained as one of the most loved jewelry nowadays and have become an essential part of a fashion style. To help you choose the right and perfect silver anklet, consider the following tips on how to select silver anklets.

  1. When choosing a silver anklet, the first thing to consider is to make sure that you know your ankle's proper size. Selecting tight or loose anklets are not ideal, so better to choose the one that fits your ankle perfectly.
  2. Check the quality of the silver metal used in your anklet. To avoid getting a less quality silver metal, purchase your anklet at a trusted store.
  3. Purchase the type of silver anklet that complements your everyday look or most of your daily outfits.
  4. When deciding to purchase a silver anklet for an office look, make sure to choose the one with smaller designs and will not be destruction or noise. Tiny or small designs are ideal for your office look.
  5. Your most worn footwear is also a thing to consider. Your anklet must be seen, so better choose the footwear that will showcase your silver anklet.

Choose a type of silver anklet that can be cleaned easily.

When to Wear Silver Anklets?

Some pieces of silver anklets are best worn during summer and also for everyday pieces. However, when purchasing a piece of silver anklet, bear in mind the type of anklet you can wear on a specific occasion. Remember to choose the perfect silver anklet that will match your outfits. Most styles are versatile, so there’s nothing to worry about when to wear them. Just make sure that you consider what type of footwear you don.


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