September Birthstone Sapphire

The birthstone for the month of September is Sapphire. It comes in every color except red which is classified as Rubies instead. This gemstone represents loyalty, wisdom, faith, and nobility. Blue sapphires are also thought to reduce stress and ease the pain. Traditionally, this stone was the favorite of the priests and kings and it was also used to guard off evil and poisoning. The focus of these sapphire stones mainly is on the mind, it encourages self-discipline and channel higher powers. 

History of Birthstone for September

The 9th month of the Roman calendar is called September. But in history, it used to be the 7th month of the year. This is the reason why September got its name, which means seventh. But when January and February were added to the Roman calendar, it became the 9th month of the year. September has 30 days and is also considered as the Autumn month. In 1752, the British changed the calendar into the Gregorian calendar, leading the days to be adjusted so that seasons will be correctly assigned to each month. Eleven days were taken from September, jumping directly into the 3rd to the month's 14th day. September had Aster as its symbolism in flower, its zodiac signs are Virgo and Libra, and the September birthstone is sapphire.

The birthstone for September is a kind of gem that is treasured and cherished for thousands of years. Although September birthstones or sapphire refers to the blue variety of corundum, its color comes in a rainbow of other colors. Being it the gem used by famous royalty to embellish their jewelry, Sapphire has been labeled an elite gem. It is also said to symbolize romance and fidelity. Sapphire is a word that came from the Greek word sappheiros, which stands for a blue colored gem. Some ancient Greece and Rome elites believed that blue sapphires protect them from harm and envy that whoever wears it will be protected because of it being associated with heaven, and of course, because of its color. Medieval Europeans also believed that sapphire has healing powers that can heal boils and some diseases of the eye. The sapphire birthstone is also believed to be an antidote to poison. Historically, you can only find these stones in Kashmir, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka, but nowadays, it is also found in Australia. The September birthstone is relatively hard, and it has excellent toughness and no cleavage, which makes it ideal for making different jewelry pieces.

Types of September Birthstones

Sapphire is considered one of the world’s most elite birthstones. Since it was discovered, many have already been loving it because of its luxurious aura and gorgeous hues. Nowadays, its striking appeal makes it one of the most sought-after gemstones in different jewelry. Despite the popularity of this birthstone, some types of sapphire are not much known. Here are some:

  1. Blue Sapphire September Birthstone - this September birthstone is the most popular type of sapphire birthstone and is usually found in hues ranging from pale baby blue. This type of sapphire birthstone is well-liked for having a beautiful blue color as a cornflower.
  2. Pink Sapphire September Birthstone - this September birthstone color ranges from light baby pink to extreme magenta. The feminine and elegant look of this sapphire gem makes it the second most widely known variety of sapphire. This is usually compared to lighter rubies as pink sapphire has the same trace elements on rubies but in lesser quantities.
  3. Yellow Sapphire September Birthstone - the vivid hue of this September birthstone came from the trace of element iron in its chemical composition. Yellow sapphires exist in colors that range from greenish-yellow to orange-yellow, but jewelry collectors most love their bright canary yellow color.
  4. Orange Sapphire September Birthstone - this type of September birthstone blazes like the fiery hot sun because of its color. This type of September birthstone is rare and has no substitute, and that’s why it is unique among others.
  5. Teal Montana Sapphire September Birthstone - this type of sapphire birthstone was named after its origin, Montana, USA. Teal Montana is found in color hues that range from medium blue to green.
  6. Green Sapphire September Birthstone - in history, sapphire became popular because of its green shade and rarity. Because green sapphire birthstone is an expensive gemstone type, most buyers prefer this as their engagement ring.
  7. Purple Sapphire September Birthstone - this type of sapphire gets its color from vanadium in its chemical composition. The color hue of this gemstone ranges from medium-dark reddish-purple to violetish purple. Purple sapphire, unlike any other gems, the dominant color is always purple. This sapphire type is also known for its ability to give peace, calm, and even spiritual awakening.
  8. White Sapphire September Birthstone - this type of birthstone is not white, and they are colorless and transparent. This is the rarest type of sapphire birthstone, becoming a popular choice for engagement rings as diamond alternatives.
  9. Padparadscha Sapphire September Birthstone - this is one the rarest type of sapphire gem. Padparadscha sapphire got its name from a Sinhalese word that means aquatic lotus. The color of this sapphire gemstone is a blend of either pink and orange.
  10. Star Sapphire September Birthstone - this type of sapphire birthstone is considered unique because of its remarkable features: the asterism that leads to a mystical beauty. Star sapphire is available in all colors, even though yellow, green, and orange sapphire are unpopular. 

When talking about sapphires, they are undoubtedly breathtaking and deserve all the adoration and appreciation because of their beauty. Suppose you are intrigued by the beauty of the different sapphire birthstones and want to explore more. In that case, you can visit the website of IceCarats and discover the elegant jewelry embellished with sapphire gems. If you wish to buy for yourself or give it to a special person, especially those born in September, you’ll surely love what IceCarats can offer.

How to Choose September Birthstone Jewelry?

Many people, especially women, are starting to turn sapphire gemstone as their choice of stone for their jewelry. Blue sapphire can give any jewelry a unique look, which will give you both elegance and beauty. There are always many things that go into selecting or picking out the perfect jewelry, and sometimes it can get confusing. Here is some information about sapphire birthstone that will help you pick the ideal sapphire jewelry.

  1. Choosing your sapphire jewelry color is the first step to consider when opting to buy jewelry. When you look at your sapphire gemstone color, the three things, namely saturation, tone, and hue, should be considered. Saturation is known as the amount of color present in your gem. On the other hand, Tone refers to the lightness and darkness of a stone, and Hue refers to the stone's color. Blue sapphire is the most common and popular type of sapphire, but there are also some desirable colors in the sapphire family you can choose from.
  2. Evaluate the clarity of the sapphire on your jewelry. Sapphires usually come with some visible inclusions called needles, and this is normal. Sapphire with visible inclusions is very rare and very expensive to buy. With choosing some gemstone, inclusions are thought to be negative, but you need to check the gemstone's clarity with your naked eye only with sapphire. You evaluate the clarity of sapphire jewelry eye-clean.
  3. The cut you desired for your sapphire jewelry is also a thing or a factor to consider. The cut of the stone you have chosen will help you pour out its brilliance and beauty, and it is important to choose wisely the cut you desire.
  4. Sapphires belonged to the group of heaviest stones, which means that the larger the sapphire, the greater the number of carats and, of course, the greater the cost. So it is up to you and your budget when you choose how big you want your stone carat to be. 

Now that you are armed with all the needed information for buying sapphire jewelry, you can now confidently purchase any piece that you love. Start your search and hunt for sapphire jewelry here with us in IceCarats by logging in to our website. We can offer you a variety of sapphire jewelry for you to get the best out of your purchased piece.

When to Wear September Birthstones?

Sapphire jewelry or September birthstone is an accessory that matches when paired with bright colors. You can celebrate vibrancy and elegance anytime and anywhere when you are wearing a piece of sapphire jewelry. Jewelry designed or embellished with sapphire gemstones is versatile. You can wear it every day with any of your outfits.