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Rope Chains

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History of Rope Chains

Modern-day jewelry and accessories like gold chains have become a part of everyone’s daily wear. It can come in different kinds and styles! Sometimes, the wearer of the different types of chains wore it with pride. Generations have passed down chains to generations dating back at least 2500 BC ago. Did you know who were the first ones to wear chains? Egyptians. Yes! They believed that chains could ward off evil. This has been trending nowadays not only in one specific place but around the world. Even in ancient times, chains are famous for both men and women. One of the famous ornaments worn in the body before is chains. As time passed, many jewelers and manufacturers crafted different chains that both men and women love to wear. It became a part of their daily fashion style. Wearing chains is believed to be bringing glam and elevating everyone’s style nowadays.

One of the many kinds and types of chains popular nowadays is the so-called rope chains. Males widely wear most of the crafted rope gold chains as part of their daily style. Rope chains can be a necklace or a bracelet chain that consists of several small links, which pattern like the shape of a rope. As its name suggests, rope chains look like rope. This type of chain is famous around the world and within the Hip Hop community. Rope chains are popular today because they are durable and strong. This type of chain is said to last more than a lifetime. Rope chains are also a smart and popular choice for pendant necklaces, but you can also wear them alone as the chain itself will be the main attraction. These chains make a prominent fashion statement to both men and women.

Types of Rope Chain Jewelry

Rope chains are unique chains that are suitable for both sexes. Just like any other chain, rope chains come in different types, kinds, and styles. Since rope chains are among the most famous and popular types of chains, you need to know different types of chains so that you’ll choose the perfect one for you. Check out the list below and see the different types of rope chains you can choose from.

Among the many types of rope chains, the different types are sub-leveled as the following:

A. Materials Used

  1. Gold rope chain - this type of rope chain is crafted from gold. The gold rope chain necklace is one example of this type of rope chain. You can buy a 10k gold rope chain, a 14k gold rope chain, or an 18k gold rope chain depending on how many carats you want for your chain.
  2. White Gold Rope Chain - this type of material used in crafting rope chains consists of an alloy of gold and at least one white metal like nickel, silver, or platinum. Like the pure gold chain or yellow gold chain, this material's purity is also based on karats.
  3. Rose Gold Rope Chain - this type of material is also used in making rope chains. This is a pink-tinted metal that is usually made of gold and an added copper alloy. This can make an excellent gift for a special someone because when a rope chain necklace is made of rose gold, it represents love.
  4. Silver Rope Chain - this type of rope chain is made up of 99% pure silver, and the other 1% is trace elements. Unlike other materials with silver as ingredients, there is no added metal in this type of material used in rope chains.
  5. Sterling Silver Rope Chain - this type of material of the rope chain is a combined alloy of silver and another hard metal. 

B. Structure

  1. Solid Rope Chain - this type of rope chain uses traditional jewelry making and uses solid links and soldered construction. This is a heavy type of rope chain and somehow expensive because of its precious metal content. This is also considered a solid rope chain because there are no hollow spaces between the links.
  2. Hollow Rope Chain - this type of rope chain is constructed from hollow links and is manufactured by new manufacturing technology. This is a lightweight type of rope chain and inexpensive rather than solid chains. 

C. Finishing

  1. Diamond-cut Rope Chain - this is a type of finish on the rope chain that makes the chain's outer surface to glisten. This diamond rope chain involves a process called diamond-cutting, where the surface of the chain is sliced and is polished.
  2. Satin Finish Rope Chain - this type of rope chain delivers more shine than a matte finish chain.

Different types of classic and timeless chains have been an ornament of both men and women for many years. Many fashion trends are spreading nowadays, but wearing chains remains cool and has become a trendsetter for any gender and age. Because of this, IceCarats is willingly helpful to give you the quality rope chains that can elevate and embellish your everyday look. From 14k rope chains to men’s rope chains and even silver rope chains for men, IceCarats have it on the table. Just check out and visit our website and avail of the one-of-a-kind rope chain that you truly deserve.

How to Choose a Rope Chain?

Chains are now considered a staple of jewelry in every jewelry box. The different styles and types of the chain a person is wearing can ultimately transform their look and style. But how do you choose the perfect chain for you? If you are looking for a rope chain, the following are what to consider when buying one:

  1. Always consider the length and thickness of the chain. If you want to have a 3mm rope chain or 4mm rope chain thickness, be sure that it will fit your everyday style. The length of the chain varies on your face shape. So, when you are buying one, the chain's length and thickness are some of the things to consider.
  2. The material used in choosing the perfect rope chain for you is also essential. Choose the material which will go along with your other jewelry.
  3. When choosing the right rope chain for you, you need to consider your daily outfit. If the chain you are about to select suits your style and daily wardrobe. It would be best if you chose the rope chain that will complement your everyday wear.
  4. Remember this last tip: a piece of quality jewelry should not bankrupt you! Consider the price of the rope chain you are buying. If it costs too much than what is expected of it, take second thoughts. Put in mind that you can have quality jewelry without breaking your bank. 

Whatever style you are about to pull off with the help of rope chains, always remember to choose the one that will speak off your personality. IceCarats strongly believes that everyone deserves to have the best jewelry in their collection. You can have yours now by visiting their website and choosing the perfect one for you.

When to Wear Rope Chains?

There are some types of jewelry that can be worn every day and only on special occasions. And rope chains belong to the jewelry group wherein there is no such specific time as to when you can wear your rope chain. This type of chain is a piece of everyday jewelry and can be your go-to piece. You can wear this even on casual occasions and also at special events. Another excellent quality of this chain is that you can pair it with any of your wardrobes. Take, for example, the men’s gold rope chain; any man can wear this type of chain with any of their outfits. This chain will also look fantastic even if worn alone or paired with your favorite pendant or charm. Who wouldn’t want this? Have yours now here with us at IceCarats.