Pearl Rings

History of Pearl Rings

The history of rings probably went from Babylonians and Persians to Greek. Rings are subject to numerous superstitions and beliefs back then. Although rings have served their purpose as decorative jewelry styles, others have their meanings on why they are wearing them. In ancient times, rings were worn as a symbol of wealth, power, and love. It is given back then as a special gift to a person marking another stage of their life. Finger rings are considered to have existed since early humankind. The earliest known examples are from the civilizations of Sumerian and Mesopotamia. These are believed to be the oldest form of finger rings, from the swivel hoops to signet rings. These types of rings before served as a guarantee of ownership or authenticity. These are also used for trading for legal transactions. As late as the 2000s, the oldest forms of rings never changed. Another ring was developed in the Middle Kingdom of Ancient Egypt, and it dominated the Egyptian finger rings for many centuries. As time passed, the rings' hoops and settings became more stylish and elaborate in design. The use of different metals is also known during this time. Gemstones were also used during this time, and they became an essential part or element of a ring.

Pearls have been coveted for centuries and have been known as the "Queen of Gems." As the official world's oldest gem, pearls have been written in history for a long time. Pearls are believed to be discovered by some people searching for food. Now, it is worn as a form of adornment and fashion style for millennia. During 2300 B.C, pearls were presented as gifts to the Chinese Royalty. At this time, pearl jewelry was considered the ultimate status symbol. Being so precious in this time, Julius Caesar passed a law stating that wearing pearls were only allowed to the ruling classes. A legend in Arab cultures says that pearls are dewdrops swallowed by oysters when they fall into the ocean. The Persian Gulf was considered the center of the pearl trade before eleven, the advent of cultured pearls. Pearls have become shrouded in myth and legend with such a long and ancient history.

Pearls have been an important trade of Roman commodity times, and because of that, the 15th and 16th centuries were considered the Pearl Age. Unlike gemstones, a living organism called an oyster produces pearls. Pearls are basically formed when an irritant becomes accidentally lodged in the oyster's inner body. Until the start of the 20th century, divers risked their lives to collect pearls. Today, natural pearls are considered one of the rarest gems, and in terms of their jewelry history, pearls had a bumpy journey. During this 20th century, pearl necklaces were discovered and reflected in a fashion statement. After this discovery, many pearls were cultured and colored to make a new piece of jewelry. One of the known pieces of jewelry made of pearls is finger rings. Pearl rings are believed to be associated with the moon and also a source of power. These types are viewed as symbols of purity and innocence. Only certain people who belonged in social rank during medieval times could wear rings with pearls because of their value. Some pearl rings were also used as pearl engagement rings, and pearl wedding rings until the 19th century in Europe and America.

Many girls wear pearl jewelry to embellish their look, Some wear pearls on their wedding day, and others use it on a casual day look. There are also pearl rings for men that are famous in this modern time. The symbolism of pearl rings from history evolved into a symbol of enduring love. Some pearl rings were embellished with another stone like a pearl diamond ring. With such a long journey in history, it is no wonder that jewelry made of pearls is still making names in the fashion industry even from the present-day.

Types of Pearl Ring Settings

Pearl Rings can be a symbol of harmony, perfection, and, lastly, purity. For thousands of years, it has also been a classic symbol of grace and luxury. Pearl rings come in various styles or types, and the following are some options to consider.

  1. Solitaire Pearl Ring - this classic pearl ring style uses only a single pearl as the ring's centerpiece. This is set in any metals, from a silver pearl ring to a white gold pearl ring. The Tahitian Pearl Ring is an elegant example of a simple yet sleek pearl ring that is lustrous and stunning. This classic style of pearl ring uses only a single pearl as the centerpiece of the ring. 
  2. Accented Pearl Ring - is also known as pearl and diamond rings, where its ring style involves a pearl on each side's center and diamonds. The Freshwater Pearl and diamond ring is a perfect example of this design.
  3. Halo Pearl Ring - a center pearl is the star of this ring, and a circle of diamonds or other stones surrounds the center and accent the stone. A black pearl engagement ring is a perfect example of this type of pearl ring.
  4. Cluster Pearl Ring - this type of pearl ring uses small pearls to create the center instead of a single pearl.
  5. Eternity Pearl Ring - small pearls are set into a band that will wrap the entire finger. An excellent example of this type is the Mother of Pearl Ring. 

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How to Choose Pearl Band Rings?

Like diamonds and other gems, pearls also have many factors contributing to their beauty and value. To learn how to choose the right and perfect pearl ring, you need to consider the following factors:

  1. The quality of pearl rings is paramount in their luster. The ring you are about to choose and buy should show brilliance and glow. The brighter your pearl ring is, the more it is beautiful and valuable. There are various types of pearls, and each has different luster standards, but always remember not to buy a pearl that appears to be chalky or dull.
  2. Consider the shape of the pearl ring you are purchasing. You can have a pearl ring with an irregular shape, but the most valuable pearl shapes are round.
  3. The surface is closely related to shape; it means the smoothness and cleanness of the pearl. An ideal pearl ring should have no dimples, scratches, or any irregularities.
  4. Consider the pearl size you are buying as the pearl price increases exponentially with size.
  5. Although most of the pearls are primarily associated with the color white, they can also occur in various colors like black, gold, pink, lavender, peach, and silver. Choosing a pearl color is a matter of your personal choice or preference. Pearls can also have overtones, and it plays a vital role in the value of pearls.

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When to Wear a Pearl Ring?

Astrologers believed that the best time to wear pearl rings is between 10 am to 11 am. Traditionally, they believed that you should wear it after washing it with the Ganges' sacred water before wearing pearl rings. But in modern times, pearl rings have been a jewelry staple and have become an adornment piece. The following are your guide on when to wear a pearl ring properly.

  1. A pearl ring can be a gentle touch on your office look.
  2. Pearl rings can also embellish your look when you are wearing a date nightdress.
  3. Complete your adventurous travel outfit by wearing a pearl ring.
  4. When you are having a coffee date with your friend, a pearl ring is a nice finishing touch on your look.
  5. Elevate your preppy look with a pearl ring that will add some sparkle to your style. 

Some of you might save your pearl jewelry for special occasions, but little did you know that pearl jewelry, including pearl rings, can be worn every day, even with an outfit as plain as a simple t-shirt. Own your pearl ring now by visiting IceCarats’ website and be ready to slay your look!