Pearl Jewelry

History of Pearl Jewelry

Among other types of gemstones, pearls are considered unique because they are not from the depths of earth but instead from the bottom of the sea. Pearls do not require a special cutting or any polishing to maximize their beauty. Pearls have been used and treasured since ancient times, and jewelry made of pearls stays in style until today. Pearls were used as embellishments for jewelry as far back as ancient Greece until the 20th century. Pearls have been valuable gems in many cultures since then. During the Byzantine empire, it was mandated that only the emperor was allowed to wear jewelry made up of pearls. Pearls and pearl jewelry became more accessible during the 19th century, and some people in Asia discovered a way to culture pearls. They carefully place a small nucleus into a live oyster, and then a pearl is formed around the nucleus, and this is the start of culturing pearls in oyster farms. In many cultures and societies worldwide, pearls are considered a symbol of the moon and were imbued with some magical properties. They believed that wearing pearl jewelry would protect a person from fire and dragons in ancient Chinese civilizations. Pearls also became famous as mourning jewelry in Victorian England because it also symbolizes tears.

People have always admired pearls since ancient times, and while gemstones are considered luxury nowadays, pearls have also become much more popular and accessible than they were once in history. Nowadays, natural pearls are extremely rare and valuable because they are quite challenging to obtain. That’s why jewelry made of real and natural pearls are pricey, and also most of the pearl jewelry found in the market are now cultured. While most of the types of gemstones come in and out of style, pearls were the only ones that remained in demand for more than a hundred years. Pearl jewelry today is regarded as both classic and contemporary jewelry pieces that will never go out of style. Coming in different fashionable types like pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets, and pearl earrings, the wearer will always have a fashion moment with their everyday look.

Types of Pearl Jewelry Set

Some people may say that the best-loved gems are pearls regardless of whether they are natural or cultured. Having beautiful pearl jewelry will never go out of style and also the best jewelry investments. But with all the various types of pearl jewelry available in the market nowadays, choosing the right and the perfect piece for you can be daunting or difficult. Here's a comprehensive list of the different types of pearl jewelry that you can find on the market, and you can choose from.

There are two main types of pearl jewelry - natural and cultured pearl jewelry.

  1. Natural Pearl Jewelry - this type of pearl jewelry uses pearls produced from the oysters or mollusks naturally. Meaning, no artificial process was done to let an oyster produce pearls. This is often called "oyster pearl jewelry" because the pearls used in making or designing the jewelry are naturally produced by oysters.
  2. Cultured Pearl Necklace - this type of pearl jewelry uses pearls made or acquired through farming or harvesting of pearls. Culturing pearls involved raising oysters into oyster farms that are similar to their natural habitat or nature. The process of producing cultured pearls includes placing a nucleus into a living oyster and leaving it until it makes pearls.

All pearl jewelry can be identified or categorized as freshwater pearl jewelry and saltwater pearl jewelry.

A. Saltwater pearl jewelry - are pearl jewelry that uses pearls formed in oysters in oceans. They take longer to develop, have a better luster, and are of higher quality than freshwater pearl necklaces. Saltwater pearl jewelry has the following variations of pearls:

  1. Akoya Pearl Jewelry - if you decide to have a piece of pearl jewelry set with classic white pearls, Akoya pearls are perfect for that jewelry. This type of pearl jewelry is well-known because of its beauty, luster, and affordability. You can also choose a variety of colors with this pearl jewelry.
  2. South Sea Pearl Jewelry - south sea pearl is considered the most prestigious of all types of pearls used in jewelry making. Available in two colors - white and gold. Wearing south sea pearl jewelry will give you a modern look with a unique and elegant style.
  3. Tahitian Pearl Jewelry - this type of pearl jewelry has the only pearl that has naturally dark colors. Tahitian pearl jewelry is famous among lovers for the reason that it can be an excellent gift than any other type of jewelry because it stands out more. You can often find Tahitian pearl jewelry in dark gray, charcoal green, and sometimes green with overtones.

B. Freshwater pearl jewelry, on the other hand, is a type of pearl jewelry that uses pearls grown in fresh bodies of water like lakes and rivers. The following are the list of the different types of pearl necklace from a unique category:

  1. Mother of Pearl Jewelry - this type of pearl jewelry uses materials from the inner layer of some mollusks' shells. Mother of pearl is believed and labeled to bring gentle healing power to the sea and can be a stress-relieving gem to the wearer.
  2. Keshi Pearl Jewelry - this type of pearl jewelry can either be made from freshwater or saltwater pearl. Keshi pearls have no standard when it comes to their shape and is sometimes called poppy seed pearls. This type of pearl jewelry cannot be considered real pearl jewelry because Kashi pearls are produced accidentally during a pearl farming process.
  3. Mabe Pearl Jewelry - this type of pearl jewelry uses pearls that are grown differently from other pearls. Mabe pearls are also called blister pearl or half-pearl because it looks normal in the front part, but the side view shows that it's flat at the back, making it a half-pearl.

How to Choose Pearl Jewelry?

Like any other types of gemstones and jewelry, pearls also have various factors contributing to their value and beauty. Choosing the right and perfect pearl jewelry is another daunting task, especially when you are new to collecting this type of jewelry. To learn more about the things you need to consider when choosing pearl jewelry.

  1. Choosing the pearl's right size for your jewelry is the first step to consider when buying a piece of pearl jewelry. Pearls are measured in millimeters, it may be insignificant, but when you think about this, you think in terms of volume.
  2. When you are choosing a pearl necklace or pearl bracelet, remember to choose the right length. This is an important thing to consider when you are buying these types of pearl jewelry. The length of the pearl's necklace can be your personal preference, but it is important to choose the perfect fit for your hand when choosing your bracelet's length.
  3. The pearl type you want is also another thing to keep in mind. Decide on what kind of pearls you want to have in your pearl jewelry. Keeping in mind the type of pearl you want to have in your jewelry will help you save time and effort. This factor can be a personal preference, and you can choose the type of pearl that will match and suit your taste and style.
  4. Setting your budget for your pearl jewelry is very important. When you buy any type of jewelry, you need to spend your money wisely on the right and authentic types of jewelry. Expensive pearl jewelry doesn't mean they are the best and quality, and you need to double-check the quality of the pearls after setting your budget up.
  5. When buying pearl jewelry, understanding the pearl value factors is also essential. Looking for pearl jewelry can be difficult because you need to be sure of its quality and value factors. Having the idea of the pearl's luster, surface quality, shape, and color of the pearl also the origin of the pearls will help you have the perfect pearl jewelry anyone could ever have. Understanding different things related to pearl jewelry will also help you determine if the pearls used in your jewelry are fake or real.

The pearls' value will vary dramatically depending on different factors such as color, shape, surface quality, and many more. Timeless elegance will define your collection of pearl jewelry if you decide to start collecting pearl jewelry. No need to worry about achieving the perfect pearl jewelry that you want to have because IceCarats is always ready to help. We specialize in providing affordable and high-quality, classic, and stylish pearl jewelry that will help you pull off any look you want to convey. Just visit our website and explore our different collection of pearl jewelry, including pearls for men and women of any age.

When to Wear Pearl Jewelry?

With all the fashion trends rising nowadays, there are many ways to pull off a contemporary twist on your pearl jewelry. Here’s a list of when to wear some pieces of your pearl jewelry that will help you stay in modern fashion style and trendy at the same time.

  1. Wearing pearl jewelry on your office wear is an excellent way to pull off a gorgeous look. A formal attire worn when you are at your office paired with a single pearl necklace or a pair of attractive and elegant pearl earrings is a smart choice.
  2. Pearl jewelry can also be a piece of everyday jewelry. Wearing jewelry pearls while running errands, going shopping, or just having a coffee date will not stop you from being stylish. Pearl jewelry can add glamour to your everyday look.
  3. Attending formal events and wearing pearl jewelry is always an ideal way to pull an elegant look. Wearing a multi-strand pearl necklace or pearl bracelet on a formal occasion can level up your look.
  4. Pearl jewelry is always labeled to be as girls’ jewelry, so it’s still a smart choice when you wear pearl jewelry if you want to pull off a feminine look.

Wearing pearl jewelry does not mean that you have to look trendy or updated. You can still embellish any look wearing pearl jewelry without losing your sense of modern or classic style. Pearls are always considered elegant and sophisticated pieces of jewelry that will always add glamour to your look and level up your style. Have your pearl jewelry now by visiting the website of IceCarats, and be ready to rock your everyday look!