Pearl Bracelets

History of Pearl Bracelets

Widely known as the "Queen of Gems" and the oldest gem, pearls are one of nature's greatest miracles and have been sought for centuries. There is no recorded history on how man discovered the pearl, but research suggests that discovering this coveted gem happened while searching for food along the seashore.

Several references to this prized gem can be found in the cultures' mythology and religions from the earliest times. Ancient Egyptians prized these flawless pearls so much they had them buried alongside their bodies. On the other hand, the Greeks consider this as the ultimate symbol of social standing and wealth and associate it with marriage and love. During the Dark Ages, fair maidens of nobility cherished delicate pearl necklaces that gallant knights wore into battle. It was also believed that such jewelry could ward off harm. The Renaissance era was when several European countries passed laws forbidding those from the nobility to wear pearls. Royal courts saw that many people owned such lustrous pearls due to their high value.

The discovery of pearls during the European expansion into the New World in Central American waters led to Europe's additional wealth. Such lustrous gems found themselves in shallow waters and rapid depletion occurred due to greed and lust in the 17th century. During the early 1900s, these unblemished sea-grown gems were easily accessible to the rich and famous. French jeweler Jacques Cartier, back in 1916, bought his landmark store located in New York's famous Fifth Avenue by trading two pearl necklaces for this valuable and highly sought property. The development of pearl cultivation and innovation paved the way for these gems' availability and affordability. With this, people can create or purchase their desired jewelry with pearls.

Types of / Categories of Pearl Bracelets

Over the years, the world observed a steady increase of people looking at pearls as an additional ornament to their ensemble. Anyone wanting to add this kind of jewelry to their collection may choose from the below types. Wisely select as it can be an heirloom in the making or a significant investment.

  1. Baby pearl bracelets - Imagine your daughter or yourself wearing this kind of petite pearls. Such dainty gems will look good on whatever attire you are planning to wear. Make your casual look a trending one by adding this kind of accessory.
  2. Leather and pearl bracelets - Who would have thought that leather and pearls would look good together? It is just like hitting two birds with a single stone as you are getting that edgy aura from the leather yet still manage to look sophisticated with pearls.
  3. Children's pearl bracelets - Allowing children to wear pearls is something everyone should consider. With such grandness and elegance of these gems, it adds innocence and purity to the child’s character. Pair this with a simple dress, and they are good to go!
  4. Triple strand pearl bracelets - This kind of accessory is the perfect one for your dinner date. Pair this with your trusty little black dress and steal the spotlight. A simple addition of this to your outfit will surely make heads turn your way effortlessly!
  5. Colored pearl bracelets - Spice up your attire with colored pearls. Going for this new and unconventional look makes the perfect opportunity for starting a new trend. Pearls have always been synonymous with the color white. Now is the time to go against the flow and start wearing these beautiful colored ones!

How to Choose Pearl Bracelets?

Choosing the right kind of pearl can be quite daunting, especially if you don't know what you need to look at. To help you with this dilemma, written below are some things for you to consider.

  1. Pearls with rich lustrous character is a definite must - Always remember that such gems that are brighter and more luminous are always better. Highly lustrous pearls have a thick pearl coating while chalky, dull, or lifeless pearls typically have a thin pearl coating. It may peel or worse chip off, leaving only the shell nuclei which are relatively worthless.
  2. Pearls should have relatively smooth surfaces - Pearls have a thick pearl coating, and those fine-cultured rarely have flawless surfaces. Intense luster pearls have minor surface imperfections that are relatively acceptable. Do avoid such gems that have pits, large blisters, or visible surface cracks.
  3. Pearls should have a pleasing shape - These sea-grown gems are known for their round shape as it is an essential determining factor in cost. The rounder the shape, the rarer, and pricier they usually are. However, if you prefer to own irregularly shaped ones, then the Baroque pearl is for you. This kind is the complete opposite of the traditional pearls, as each one has a different size and shape.
  4. Choose a pearl color that complements your eye color and skin tone - Be sure to select the color that best suits your complexion. Ask if the pearl is artificially colored or not and ensure that it is stated on the receipt upon purchase. For rarer colored pearls, such as gold or black, you may ask a jeweler to obtain a report from respected gem-testing laboratories to verify its natural color.

Always choose the appropriate size - For example, if you have a smaller wrist, try to stick to the regularly shaped ones or smaller pearls. But if you have a bigger wrist, do choose the one having a bigger diameter. Though these are only suggestions and you may still want the size that you prefer.

Occasions / When to Wear Pearl Bracelets?

Wearing pearls only during formal events has evolved into being able to wear them on any occasion. People may opt to make pearl bracelets part of their daily ensemble.

  1. Office Wear - If you are wearing formal clothing in your office, a single strand pearl or a single-pearl bracelet is ideal. It gives you the elegance and subtly that you need to command your office.
  2. Everyday Wear - Who says you can't wear pearl arm candies when you are wearing casual clothes? For this, you may choose to wear a double-strand pearl bracelet.
  3. Formal Events - Wearing pearls for this occasion is a definite must. You may opt to wear double strand, multi-strand, or even pearl cuffs! Stacking up bracelets is another way to highlight this kind of jewelry. Ensure that you wear a black dress to make this arm candy stand out.

Whatever bracelet you choose to wear, it will grab the attention of any passers-by. Have fun, get creative, and enjoy wearing this sophisticated jewelry!


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