October Birthstone Opal

The month of October is has a birthstone which is Opal. This diffracts light to showcase a play of multiple colors. These gemstones symbolize faithfulness and confidence. During ancient times, Opals were believed to protect from evil. Opal signifies inspiration, helps control temper, and calms nerves. It represents faithfulness and confidence as well as has associated meanings like innocence, creativity, and hope. This stone provides healing property and protects eyesight.

History of Birthstone for October

The 10th month of the Roman calendar is called October, which was originally the eighth month of the Roman calendar. However, it became the tenth month when January and February were added. October got its name from the word "octo," which means eight. The Saxons called it "October Winterfylleth" because it had the winter season's first full moon. This month has 31 days and is considered the second month of Autumn. It also has two birthstones, namely Opal and tourmaline. Let's learn more about these birthstones.

Opal is the first Birthstone for October. This symbolizes love and hope, and because of this, extraordinary opals during ancient times were excellent gifts. Opal got its name from the Roman word "opalus," which means a precious stone. Being considered the Birthstone for October, most people believe that it's unlucky to wear any opal jewelry if you are not born in that same month. But this superstition was forgotten, and most believe that Opal is the luckiest and most magical gem among all gems because it shows all colors. Opal was discovered at the Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, in the 1880s and first dug in 1901 to 1902. This October birthstone is also considered as an emotional stone that can reflect the mood of the wearer. It is believed that it intensifies the emotions of anyone who wears this. One of the amazing legends about how opals were created is that there was once a deity that descended to the Earth riding on a rainbow. When this deity touched the ground, the stones began to shine in every imaginable color. Opals were also believed to help blonde women maintain their hair color. Nowadays, opals have become a part of the jewelry industry worn by men and women, even if not born in October.

The second Birthstone for October is the so-called tourmaline. This Birthstone for October comes in a staggering variety of colors and has one of the widest color ranges of all gems. Tourmaline stones were first discovered by the Dutch traders on the West Coast of Italy during the 1600s but not later than the 1700s. They assumed that tourmalines were emeralds because of their green colors not until some scientists realized that these birthstones have their own species of mineral. Tourmaline got its unique name from the Sinhalese word "turmali," which means multi-colored. They were believed to be stones of reconciliation that fosters compassion and cool-headedness. They also symbolize friendship and are used to attract the energy of healing and money. For centuries, many cultures have different beliefs about what a tourmaline can bring to the wearer. It also has many positive attributes when it comes to the spiritual aspect. Whatever the beliefs they have for tourmaline stones, it only means one thing, tourmaline has been a highly regarded birthstone since and then.

Types of October Birthstone

Because October has two known birthstones, we’ll get to know the different types of Opal and Tourmaline birthstones.

A. Opal Birthstones are not just a symbol of love and hope but also faithfulness and confidence. What makes an Opal's jewelry so precious and unique among others? It's because it symbolizes a more profound meaning when given. Explore and discover more about Opal birthstones by knowing their different types. There are many types of Opal birthstones, and these are the following:

  1. Black Opal Birthstone - this type of Opal birthstone is considered the most valued Opal. This stone is high-quality and very rare. Black opal stones are not entirely black but merely have a dark tone compared to white Opal, so their body tone or body color distinguishes black opal birthstone.
  2. White Opal Birthstone - this type of Opal birthstone has a color tone ranging from colorless to medium grey. White Opal is sometimes called light Opal and is common because of its body tone.
  3. Boulder Opal Birthstone - this is a variety of Opal birthstone that often has a very thin vein of the precious opal stone. Boulder Opal birthstone usually occurs in Western Queensland. The color of boulder opal birthstone usually ranges from black or light depending on the stone's appearance when viewed on the surface.
  4. Fire-Opal Birthstone - this variety of Opal birthstone is a transparent to translucent Opal with colors ranging from yellow to orange to red. Fire Opal is a term that is usually used in Queretaro, Mexico. A fire-Opal birthstone is usually referred to as jelly opal.
  5. Hyalite or Muller Opal Birthstone - this is a colorless type of Opal birthstone that gives a glass's appearance. Hyalite birthstones display a faint color of blue, green, or yellow. It is also known as water opal.
  6. Girasol Opal Birthstone - this is a type of Opal stone that shows a bluish glow that follows the light source present around.
  7. Peruvian Opal Birthstone - this variety of Opal birthstone is also called blue Opal because of its semi-opaque to opaque blue-green color. Peruvian Opal birthstone or this blue Opal is found in Peru.
  8. Honey Opal Birthstone - this stone is a variety of Opal birthstone that ranges from honey-yellow color to translucent clear and resinous glassy color. Sometimes this gem may have a play-of-color, but sometimes, it doesn’t.

B. Tourmaline Birthstones are the newer considered October birthstone. Aside from the beautiful symbolism Tourmaline has, it is believed to be good for the wearer’s digestive system. According to some jewelers and historians, wearing jewelry with tourmalines are good for strengthening teeth and bones. These are also worn to promote sympathy for others, and it comes in a variety of exciting colors. Explore the different types of Tourmaline listed below.

  1. Rubellite Tourmaline Birthstone - this type of tourmaline birthstone is a name for pink, red, purplish-red, or orangey-red tourmaline.
  2. Indicolite Tourmaline Birthstone - the color of this variety of tourmaline stone ranges from dark violetish blue to greenish-blue tourmaline.
  3. Paraiba Tourmaline Birthstone - this type is an intense type of violetish blue and greenish-blue to blue tourmaline that usually comes from the state of Paraiba, Brazil.
  4. Chrome Tourmaline Birthstone - this is an intense type of green tourmaline. In spite of its name, the composition of this gem is mostly composed of vanadium.
  5. Parti-colored Tourmaline Birthstone - this type of tourmaline stone displays more than one color, but the most combination of colors it often shows is green and pink combinations.
  6. Watermelon Tourmaline Birthstone - this type of tourmaline gem is pink in the center and green around the outside; that’s why it’s called watermelon. The crystals of watermelon tourmaline stones are typically cut in slices to display a special arrangement. 

Whatever your choice of October Birthstone, may it be Opal or Tourmaline, you can still slay your everyday look. Buying for yourself or a special someone in your life? Any of the two October birthstones can be an excellent choice. If you are on a hunt for a shop where you can buy a piece of top-quality and gorgeous jewelry embellished with beautiful October birthstones, visit our website, IceCarats, and you can have the perfect jewelry.

How to Choose October Birthstone Jewelry?

The two birthstones of October are very different, not just in colors but also in other properties. By nature, Opal is in a class by itself and usually opaque, while tourmaline is clear and comes in many colors. Here’s how to choose jewelry made from October birthstones:

  1. When you choose a piece of jewelry embellished with Opal stones, you always need to consider the gem’s base color, the brilliance, the pattern, and the shape and size. The brilliant color of opals make them lovely stones, and it will even be more fascinating when you remember the different factors to consider when shopping for Opal birthstones.
  2. Tourmaline is a versatile semi-precious stone that comes in every color under the sun. Buying jewelry designed with tourmaline stones can be challenging, but the things you need to consider when buying are the color, clarity, style, and price. 

No two gemstones are exactly alike, which makes it a one-of-a-kind gift for any special someone, not just celebrating an October birthday. With a wide variety of colors, qualities, and sources available in the market, there's an opal or tourmaline jewelry that will suit your desired style and range of budget. If you are looking for a perfect October birthstone jewelry, visit our website and explore our vast array of Opal and Tourmaline jewelry. Log in to our website and satisfy your choice of fashion.

When to Wear October Birthstones?

October birthstones are versatile. Both can be worn every day with every kind of outfit. Opal birthstones are complex yet a neutral piece that will work with other types of gems too. It can also mix with colorful gemstones and outfits. Tourmaline, on the other hand, is also a fashionable gemstone that anyone can benefit from wearing. So whatever look you want to convey, October birthstones will help you achieve your everyday style. IceCarats is here to accessorize you with your desired look with the help of our stunning and dazzling pieces of jewelry.