November Birthstone Citrine

Citrine is the birthstone associated with the month of November. This symbolizes love and affection. It was also thought to balance emotions and calm anger. Ancient Greek believed that wearing a Citrine stone could make you invisible. The stone Citrine was believed to have healing powers that improve vision and reduces fevers. It brings wisdom and honor that are known to help the mind and protect whoever wears this from negative people. It is believed that it increases strength and intellect.

History of November Birthstone 

Birthstones are precious and semi-precious gemstones associated and accompanied by a specific birth month, which signifies a unique meaning and historical significance. November is the penultimate and eleventh month of Julian's year, same with the Gregorian calendars. In the original Roman calendar, November is the 9th month of the year, but when January and February were added, it became the 11th month of the year. November was derived from the Latin word "novem," which means nine. November has been noted as the month of somber because it is the start of the winter.

November has the birthstone Topaz, but initially, it was associated with two. Topaz and Citrine are said to be gifts from the sun because of their bright colors. The November birthstones are also believed to have healing powers. Topaz is the famous November birthstone and is most desired because of its rich orangey color. But aside from its bright color, it is also available in blue, pink, and yellow. Because there are two birthstones for November, we will get to know each one of them.

The topaz birthstone is a silicate mineral made of aluminum and fluorine, and its name came from the Sanskrit word tapas, which means "fire." This is considered the common one used in making November birthstone jewelry. This November birthstone color ranges from golden brown to yellow. This is considered the common one used in making November birthstone jewelry. This November birthstone color ranges from golden brown to yellow. Topaz symbolizes both love and affection, and it is believed to give the wearer intellect and increase their strength. It was used as a name before for all the colored yellow gem but later given as a permanent name to a stone made of aluminum and silicate. Ancient Greeks believed that Topaz could make any wearer invisible. One famous folklore about Topaz is that it can also help you solve the problem you are struggling with when reaming about it. This gem also symbolizes honor and strength and is also believed to calm anger and balance the wearer's emotions. Nowadays, Topaz is widely used to design and embellish jewelry to help the wearer achieve a stunning and glamorous look.

Citrine, another birthstone for November, is a gem that the color ranges from pale yellow to dark amber quartz, and its yellow tones are coming from its iron content. Citrines are rare, especially the natural ones. Still, it has the same qualities that a topaz gem can offer, including the ability to calm the wearer's mood, heal, and encourage prosperity. They are also believed to heal and protect the wearer against snake venom. The name Citrine is derived from the French word citron, which stands for lemon. Jewelry made of Citrine is also a symbol or a gift that can symbolize a 13th wedding anniversary. Today, most Citrines in the jewelry stores are affordable because they were just a product resulting from the gemstone amethyst's heat treatment. Nevertheless, they can still make stunning and dazzling pieces of jewelry.

Types of November Birthstone

Since there are two kinds of November birthstone, let's explore Topaz and Citrine gemstones' different types.

The following are the different types of Topaz November Birthstones:

  1. Imperial Topaz November Birthstone - this type of birthstone is the most precious and expensive one among Topaz gems. It's basically golden yellow, but sometimes it is visible in two shades - orange-pink in the daytime while pinkish-red in the lamplight. This is believed to be a symbol of love, protection, healing, and wealth.
  2. Precious Topaz November Birthstone - this type of Topaz birthstone is highly available in Brazil and is widely used in jewelry making. The color of precious Topaz is usually yellow, which makes it more attractive and valuable than many topaz gems. It is believed to symbolize spirituality, nobility, strength, and generosity.
  3. Natural Blue Topaz November Birthstone - this type of Topaz birthstone is not a real gemstone because natural blue Topaz gems are just derived after a chemical process in which they get their amazing color. However, this gemstone is still considered as one of the many types of Topaz birthstones. This stone's color is available in sky blue, Sierra blue, electric blue, light blue, and London blue. This stone symbolizes peace, relaxation, and harmony.
  4. White Topaz November Birthstone - this type of November birthstone is also called glacier Topaz and sometimes can be confused with diamonds. This stone is the only purest stone available in Yekaterinburg, and when jewelry is made with this gem, it can give a product of unique and stunning ornaments. White Topaz November birthstone symbolizes purity, truth, and spirituality.
  5. Smoky Topaz November Birthstone - this type of November birthstone is colored with orange and yellow and is sometimes called smoky quartz. Most people highly wear smoky Topaz jewelry because it is believed that this gem can help the wearer avoid or remove negative energy. This stone is also believed to bring good luck, wealth, prosperity.
  6. Mystic Topaz November Birthstone - this type of the Topaz gem is similar to pure Topaz. It is believed to heal a disease when worn near the skin. It also symbolizes kindness, empathy, and compassion. Mystic Topaz is an excellent stone to be given to a loved one who wants to achieve something passionately even if not born in November.
  7. Azotic Topaz November Birthstone - this type of November Topaz birthstone is a colorful one and has been used many years ago. Azotic Topaz gem is available in various patterns and designs and sometimes confused with mystic Topaz stone because they are quite similar. This stone symbolizes happiness, chastity, and hope.
  8. Topaz Purple November Birthstone - this type of Topaz birthstone is a commonly found Topaz gem available worldwide. When you give this stone to a special someone, it is believed that it will bring good luck, wealth, and energy to the wearer. It also symbolizes protection and stops the attraction of negative energy.

The following are the different types of Citrine November Birthstones:

  1. Golden Citrine November Birthstone - this type of November birthstone is a citrine with a golden yellow color. The most common type of citrine gem.
  2. Lemon Citrine November Birthstone - this type of citrine has a color that ranges from light to dark yellow. Lemon Citrine already experienced and gained popularity in the jewelry market.
  3. Madeira Citrine November Birthstone - this type of citrine stone has a color that ranges from brownish-red to orange-red. This stone is also called the “gemstone of merchants.” It is also believed to clear off negative energy when worn.
  4. Palmeira Citrine November Birthstone - this type of Citrine gem possesses a bright orange color.
  5. Yellow Citrine November Birthstone - this type of Citrine stone can sometimes be confused with Lemon citrine because of its yellow lemon color. This stone is believed to bring success, happiness, and power.

How to Choose November Birthstone?

If you are on a hunt for a November birthstone jewelry piece, the following tips might help you accomplish what you are looking for.

Here are some ways and things you can use as a guide when choosing a Topaz birthstone jewelry:

  1. When choosing a piece of jewelry embellished with topaz stones, select or look for even vivid colors. Topaz comes in various colors, so whatever color you choose, remember to pick topaz stones that do not show dull or blotchy colors.
  2. A topaz in a piece of jewelry should always look translucent, so when picking one, remember always to choose a clear gem. This factor is always true, especially in white and blue topaz gems.
  3. Choosing the shape of your topaz stone is also an important thing to consider. You can find many creative shapes of topaz stone. Remember to pick the one that will suit your style and taste.
  4. Be prepared to spend a little more when you want a bigger topaz stone. It is always the size versus prize when it comes to choosing jewelry with topaz gems.
  5. Before buying a piece of jewelry with topaz gem, you need to always check the terms and conditions before purchasing. This factor is a guarantee that you can buy a real topaz gem. 

Here are some ways and things you can use as a guide when choosing a Citrine birthstone jewelry:

  1. Citrine is a product of modifications of some stones like Amethyst. When buying one, you need to check and ensure the heating and enhancements done to the jewelry.
  2. There are common cuts in Citrine stones, and you need to choose the one you think will suit and match your style and other jewelry.
  3. Like any other precious and semi-precious stones, when choosing a piece of jewelry made of citrine, you also need to consider the stone's carat.
  4. The source where the citrine stone came from when buying one is also one thing you can consider. Citrine can be found around the world, but some places are rich in citrine, and it will help you identify if the citrine stone is real or not.
  5. The grading system used in some other types of precious stones can also be applied when picking a piece of jewelry made of citrine stones. 

When to Wear November Birthstone?

November birthstones are stunning and dazzling choices of stones that can embellish your jewelry. Most people wore these precious stones during ancient times, not just those born in November. Topaz and Citrine gemstones, just like any other gems, are versatile types of stones. It means that, when used in jewelry, they can make perfect pieces that are suitable to wear on any occasion. Regardless of your outfit or what event you are attending, wearing pieces of jewelry with Topaz or Citrine stones can pull off any look you want.