Men's Wedding Bands

History of Men’s Wedding Bands

According to the tradition, dating back to the Ancient Egyptians, it is only the brides who wear wedding rings throughout history. Men didn't usually wear any until the mid of the 20th century. But during the 16th and 17th centuries, men were seen wearing rings, which they called Gimmel rings. These rings consist of two interlocking circles, which were later called men's wedding rings. Men wore Gimmel rings until they got married because they let this be worn on their bride's finger during the wedding ceremony. As time went by, rings for men became modern, and they start to publicize their devotion through wedding rings during World War II when American soldiers began sporting rings. Wedding rings for men are as important as for women, not just during the wedding ceremony but also in life.

Nowadays, grooms are spoilt for options with many unique men's wedding bands they can choose from. Although generally, they are into more subtle and subdued designs, some husbands want innumerable options and combinations of materials and designs. Today, most men tend to be in awe with some men's wedding rings' gemstones and intricate designs instead of a plain and simple solid one. One thing that has remained constant and the old favorite of most men in choosing wedding rings is the gold ring. Nowadays, the newest and latest metals used in making men's wedding rings have captured some men's hearts like the platinum, titanium, palladium, and even tungsten rings. Although there are many changes and trends regarding wedding rings for men, its simplicity has become a steady feature since then. Regardless of the designs and metal used; still, the most important thing is the message conveyed when a person is wearing a wedding band.

Types of Men’s Wedding Bands

Men also deserve the luxury of finding a unique ring on their wedding day. Even if they are satisfied with a simple or classic wedding band, it is still important to look for the best ring among many available options, which will match their taste and complement their style. Way back in history, there wasn't much to choose from the available men's wedding bands, but as time went by, many changes were made, and there came some impressive selections to choose from. Choose a unique ring for your groom that genuinely suits his personality among the following:

According to Style:
  1. Classic Men's Wedding Band - is a timeless piece that is crafted with previous generations and has an imperishable design. Men who prefer not to wear many kinds of jewelry and have little time shopping will never go wrong with this wedding band. A classic men's wedding ring is a simple yet elegant piece that usually comes in a half-round shape and is crafted from yellow gold metal. A traditional groom can bet on this type of men's wedding band.
  2. Carved Men's Wedding Band - is like the classic wedding ring but comes with a modern twist. It features a beveled design with etched edges and a relatively smooth curved shape compared to the classic band. Many men find this style of wedding ring more catching and masculine.
  3. Diamond Men's Wedding Band - this type of men's wedding ring is sure to give the hand of the groom a subtle sparkle. Diamond wedding rings are always a popular choice for both men and women because of their dazzling and stunning effect. This is available in different forms, such as a single diamond or a row of several other diamond designs.
  4. Alternative Men's Wedding Band - this ring is made of metals like titanium, cobalt, chrome, etc. Alternative men's wedding bands usually have rounded or beveled edges, and most of the time, this type is appreciated by men who love to wear rings and have a lot of jewelry already.
  5. Silicone Men's Wedding Band - this is made of medical-grade silicone for active lifestyles. Silicone wedding bands fit securely on the finger and will never get caught by loose objects or clothing. This is also an ideal type of wedding band for those who have to wear gloves on their hands, who work as food service workers, firefighters, and police officers because this ring can stay without any worries. 

According to Metal Used:

  1. Men's Rose Gold Wedding Band - yellow gold wedding bands may be considered famous types according to the material used. However, rose gold is also a growing trend. Although this wedding ring is a slightly less popular choice for men, this is now increasingly used by couples. The pale pink tone of this wedding band for men can also combine well with diamonds.
  2. Men's White Gold Wedding Band - white gold has many advantages that make this type of wedding band the most resistant and the hardest variety of all gold alloys. Simple wedding bands for men made of white gold are also a favorite choice for men who are after a classic and intricate wedding ring.
  3. Men's Platinum Wedding Band - just like any other types of metals such as silver and gold, platinum is also a precious metal. Wedding rings made of platinum are reliable, hard, and ductile. Although platinum wedding bands are difficult to find, having this type of ring is a premium choice. 

Since most rings for men are crafted to last a lifetime, it is always a good idea to take the time to choose the perfect wedding band. Wedding rings for men also need as much time and attention. If you are looking for an ideal place to look for men's wedding rings, visit our website and discover the different types of wedding rings we can offer. Here in IceCarats, we guarantee you that you will always pick the perfect kind of jewelry you are looking for.

How to Choose Men’s Wedding Bands?

If you are wondering how to choose your husband's best wedding ring, here's everything you need to know before you pick the perfect wedding ring.

  1. Sizing is the first thing you need to consider when choosing a wedding ring. Remember, if the ring slides comfortably on your ring finger, it does not mean it is the proper size. You need to find the perfect fit.
  2. The width of the wedding band you are choosing is also an essential aspect of a wedding ring. Generally speaking, a wideband is considered more masculine but don't buy this concept because beauty will still depend on the wedding band's style. Choosing the wedding ring's width can sometimes be challenging, and there are no fast rules on this aspect. So, consider selecting the wedding band's width, which will look best for the wearer.
  3. Choosing the shape of the ring is also an essential factor to consider. The shape also refers to the profile of the ring. It is not the inside shape of the ring that you need to consider but the outside.
  4. When choosing a wedding ring band, the choice of metal is always a thing to consider. There are many types of metals used in making wedding rings for men, and you can choose the one that suits the wearer's personality and taste.
  5. Wearing a ring that will reflect your personality will be achieved if you consider having a custom-designed wedding band. You can ask some jewelry experts about this factor and suggest some styles and effects on your wedding band that will express your unique style and personality.
  6. Detailing is also a thing to consider in today's modern times. Not so long ago, the choices of men's wedding rings were very few, but these days you can have a unique wedding ring that you can add some details to. Adding some style to your wedding rings, like a diamond or other gemstone accents, will add sparkling details to the wedding ring.

Shopping for men's wedding rings can be considered an excellent time for shopping if you already know how to choose the perfect wedding ring. More options for men's wedding band rings will reflect the wearer's unique personality and taste. If you want to shop for the different types of wedding rings for men, check our website. IceCarats is happy to guide and help you through the process of picking your perfect ring.

When to Wear Men’s Wedding Rings?

Men’s wedding rings are considered ornaments that can be worn every day regardless of occasion and outfit. They are the types of jewelry with no restrictions when to wear it because it already became a part of the daily lives of any men wearing them.