Mens Necklace

Mens Necklace

History of Men’s Necklaces

Necklaces became a part of daily ornaments worn by men throughout history. The first men’s necklaces were believed to be made or produced by the Celts. They were the people who ruled Ireland, known to be masters of metal crafts. When metals became a popular jewelry fashion, Celts created men’s necklaces out of gold and silver. They finely crafted different men’s jewelry necklaces. Among the various types of men’s necklaces made by them, one particular necklace-type became very famous during their time, and it was called torc. This type is made from a semi-circle metal worn around the neck wherein the open area is facing forward. It was also considered the first men’s necklace. As time passed by, many men’s necklaces embellished the jewelry world in different eras. During middle age, the trend for necklaces was in favor of men. During this time, other jewelry types, such as crowns, scepters, brooches, and necklaces for men, were used by people mostly to show off their wealth and power. From the era of middle age, men’s necklaces became even more stylized. Different gemstones were embedded in their necklaces, and intricate designs were also used. From then on, the exploration of the various structures of men’s necklaces by designers and jewelry makers became a trend that continues up until today.

The acceptability of wearing men’s necklaces varies depending on the culture. They are very famous nowadays not because they are trendy, but they are effortless to wear and are timeless jewelry pieces. Men’s necklaces are considered a must-have ornament in today’s generation to pull off a stylish man’s wardrobe. The surge of gorgeous men’s necklaces nowadays is beyond exciting because the looks are so compelling. These necklaces can add a touch of class to any man’s outfit.

Types of Men’s Necklaces

If you are looking for the most popular men's necklaces, IceCarats got your back. To help you find the perfect style of men's necklaces, here's a guide that you can choose from.

  1. Dog Tag Necklaces became famous during the American Civil War and are mostly worn to identify death or casualty. But nowadays, they are already reaching their popularity because they are worn as part of men's daily ornaments. They also became a staple jewelry collection of any male jewelry enthusiast.
  2. Men's Chain Necklaces - many types of men's necklaces fall into this type. These necklaces are made of strands of strings, discs, or beads that are interlocked together. Men's chain necklaces may sound so simple, but there are various types of these necklaces you can choose from. Men's gold necklaces are usually made of any kind of chain. The following are some famous types of men's chain necklaces:

A. Cable Chains
B. Curb Chains
C. Anchor Chains
D. Figaro Chains
E. Rope Chains
F. Wheat Chains
G. Ball Chains
H. Herringbone Chains
I. Box Chains
J. Snake Chains

3. Men's Pendant Necklaces - these necklaces are considered catch fall for with something hanging off the necklaces called a pendant. Different pendants for men's necklaces also have different meanings. Silver pendants are the common types of metal used in men's necklaces. The following are some popular pendants and their symbols.

A. Men's Feather necklace - symbolizes freedom
B. Men's Anchor necklace - symbolizes safety, stability, and hope
C. Men's Hamsa necklace - this necklace is famous in the Middle East because this represents the hand of their God.
D. Men's Ankh necklace - this is a famous necklace among Egyptians representing the breath of life.
E. Men's Cross necklace - symbolizes faith, Christianity, and spirituality.
F. Men's Coin necklace - believed to bring fortune and luck to the wearer.
G. Men's Claw necklace - this necklace is believed to give protection and power.

4. Men's Beaded necklace - women often wear this. However, there are beaded necklaces for men becoming famous today. These necklaces are created from different beads made from stone, wood, plastic, or metal. They always draw attention and tell a story.

5. Men's Leather necklace - From the name itself, this necklace is made of leather and is designed to hold pendants or keys. Unlike the others, a men's leather necklace is not ideal for wearing when taking a shower but can be your go-to piece of jewelry.

Whatever type of men's necklace you are after, remember to choose the necklace to tell a story and mirror your personality. When selecting a necklace, bear in mind that this does more than just look good because it may symbolize many things. Whether you are looking for a simple men's necklace chain or a unique type, choose the one that speaks your style and personality at the same time. Get your desired men's necklace nowhere in IceCarats, and we guarantee you that you will have quality necklaces for men that are affordable and made of different types of high-quality and durable materials.

How to Choose Men’s Necklaces?

When choosing a necklace for men, sometimes there is a bit of a barrier because selecting any jewelry for them, especially necklaces, are considered one of the hardest things to do. But if you have cues on how to choose a men's necklace correctly, you can perfectly pick the one that will look great on the wearer. It just takes a little know-how when selecting the right one, so here's a list of tips that you can follow.

  1. When choosing a men's necklace, remember that the necklace's length affects the wearer's overall style. Choose the chain length depending on the look you want to pull off. If you want a necklace that hangs above your shirt or hides underneath it, choosing the right necklace length is necessary.
  2. The width of a necklace can vary from 1 mm to 8mm wide. So when looking or purchasing a necklace, consider the width because this will also affect your looks. Choose the width that will suit the look you want to portray.
  3. The choice of metal used for a men's necklace is also a factor to consider. Most men prefer to have a gold or silver necklace, which makes these necklaces popular. Remember, when choosing the metal for your necklace, choose the one that will not give your skin any allergic reactions.
  4. Men's necklaces are usually chunky and substantial, so you also need to consider the type of clasp. Ensure that it is sturdy enough to prevent you from losing or breaking your necklace.
  5. Selecting a style of men's necklace that you want is also a must. Choose the one that will gravitate toward your look and will give you a trendy style. Picking your necklace-type can also be done by using your preference.
  6. If you want to have a pendant necklace, picking the right pendant to be paired with your necklace is another factor to consider. Adding a style or upgrading a simple necklace is a great idea, but you also need to consider the pendant to suit your necklace or chain.

Necklaces for men also add an element of personality and style to a man's daily look. That's why choosing the right type is also a vital thing. If you are not confident to choose a men's necklace alone, you can always use the guide given above when selecting one. Learn more about men's necklaces here in IceCarats! Just log in to our website by typing, and enjoy the vast array of men's necklaces we are offering.

When to Wear Men’s Necklaces?

Necklaces for men are supposed to complement their outfits and not overwhelm or overdo them. Simplicity is the key when it comes to wearing a men’s necklace. Men usually do not remove their necklaces regardless of their outfits or activities, unlike women who change necklaces depending on the occasion. But there are certain things that men need to know when wearing a necklace. Here’s a quick guide on when they can wear their necklace.

  1. Suits are known as one of the most sophisticated and formal clothing styles for men in professional attire. Some types of necklaces complement the kind of suits a man is wearing.
  2. When wearing a polo shirt on a casual day or occasion, wearing a men’s necklace is an excellent way to level up your look. But make sure to unbutton the polo shirt you are wearing so that your necklace can be seen.
  3. Most necklaces for men are versatile, so it means that you can wear them every day. Just make sure that when wearing one, do not overdo it with your attire. Pendant necklaces for men and men’s chain necklaces are the ideal pieces that can be a daily ornament.
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