Men's Jewelry

History of Men’s Jewelry

Throughout history, men have worn jewelry to show social position, wealth, power, or status. The first form of men's jewelry dated back 75,000 years ago was made from pieces of eggshells. When men's jewelry prospered six thousand years ago, items cast from silver, copper, and gold were made to show social, political, and religious significance. The first jewelry for men was found in Egypt, and male Egyptians consider jewelry a huge part of their lives. Some of them would often bury their jewelry with them when they die, and this was practiced by most of the Pharaohs in Egypt. Men Egyptians considered gold jewelry before as a symbol of power and social rank. That is why the larger the gold size in a man's jewelry, the higher their society's rank. In Mesopotamia and Rome, men's jewelry was also discovered and known for a long period of time. Men in Mesopotamia wore heavy kinds of jewelry such as heavy necklaces, ankle bracelets, and even rings embellished or designed by different gemstones believing that this would ward off evils and protect them from wars.

In modern times, men's jewelry has become popular during the year 1980 because of hip-hop and rap culture. Large and fashionable gold chains for men, especially necklaces, were considered the first modern men's jewelry. A lot of new types have risen after the popularity of the first jewelry for men. Today, many men are embracing different kinds of jewelry. Jewelry pieces such as silver chains, cufflinks, luxury watches, and earrings became popular among men regardless of their life status. They can be seen worn for some aesthetic purposes.

Types of Jewelry for Men

Gone were the days that only women can own different types of jewelry. After all, we are living in a time wherein everything is modern and cool. Jewelry is considered a form of self-expression, and even men can use jewelry to express their individuality. Here are some of the common men's jewelry that they can consider adding to their collection.

  1. Necklace - a classic chain necklace is an excellent example of a necklace that a man can have. Some men prefer chunky necklaces, but some choose the dainty ones. But the ideal men's jewelry necklaces are those midweight chains because this will add interest to the outfit of the man wearing this type of necklace. Gold necklaces for men are the most famous types of necklaces that can be seen worn by most men.
  2. Ring - even though this type of jewelry for men is widely associated with marriage, rings of different types and styles can be staples in a man's jewelry collection. Signet rings are excellent examples of men's jewelry rings that any man can opt for. A timeless and simple ring will always be a man's choice because they are sure that it will never go out of style. But note, there are also available men's diamond rings in the market that accentuate a man's everyday look.
  3. Bracelet - adding a bracelet to a man's everyday look is a new fashion statement and style popular nowadays. A minimalist cuff or a bracelet chain worn on a man's hand is always a smart add-on to a look of a stylish gent.
  4. Cufflinks - these types of jewelry are a must for any formal occasion. If a man is not really into jewelry pieces, cufflinks are an accent to their outfits. These can amp their looks but still depending on the cufflinks' style and how it can take a man's suit to the next level.
  5. Tie Clip -  is a type of jewelry typically reserved for men who work in the corporate or business world. The primary purpose of a men's tie clip is always to keep your tie in place. A tie bar or the well-known tie clip is an excellent gift for any men who are not into necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other jewelry types.
  6. Watch - this is the type of jewelry for men that all of them need. Watches will always look great and timeless for any man wearing this. A classic watch worn by any man will always amp their looks and level up their fashion statement.
  7. Earrings - earrings are not only for women because nowadays there are also trendy earrings for men. Men can wear any earrings like stud earrings, hoop earrings, or the most popular type of earrings for men, giving them a more extreme look, such as tunnels, tapers, and barbell earrings. 

Nowadays, wedding rings aren't the only ones considered as jewelry for men. They can choose from items like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches, and many more. A fashionable look for a man also means the right jewelry to wear. With the rising number of jewelry stores known today, men always have various options to choose what jewelry they want to have. If you are on a hunt for a store that will give you the top quality jewelry and give you a style that won't break your bank, you can visit our website and be surprised by our greatest offer of jewelry for men. We assure you that we can give you the most trendy and fashionable pieces of men's jewelry.

How to Choose Men’s Jewelry?

Men, in reality, aren't that comfortable when choosing jewelry to buy in a jewelry store. That's the reason why the majority of guys let their other half or other person buy jewelry for them. Now is the time to feel comfortable when purchasing jewelry for yourself or a special someone. Below are some quick tips you need to remember to help you make your next jewelry hunting a painless one and less exhausting.

  1. Before going to a jewelry shop, make sure that you already know what you want. Do not dive into a jewelry store without any idea about what to get because some salesperson might usher you to the most expensive jewelry pieces. So, always keep that in mind when buying men's jewelry.
  2. The jewelry color and the metal of the jewelry are also important factors to consider. You need to choose the color and metal type you want and, aside from that, express your style, taste, and personality. You should also choose a metal for your selected jewelry that would help your outfit feature its tone one at a time.
  3. Men always choose to keep everything simple. A simple necklace, for example, can already do a lot of tricks to the wearer's look and style. Often the saying "less is more" is applicable when it comes to men choosing their jewelry.
  4. When buying jewelry, you also need to understand its meaning and symbolism. Yes, jewelry has meaning, and you can't get away with it. Every jewelry can have significant meanings to people. It only signifies that you’ll need to be cautious enough to choose the right jewelry suitable for you, especially when it's out of the norm. You can avoid choosing jewelry that has an ostentatious style and choose meaningful jewelry instead.
  5. Select a versatile piece of jewelry when you are buying jewelry because this will add attraction to your everyday look. A versatile piece plus timeless jewelry is an excellent choice because you can have it for years to come.
  6.  Jewelry for men and their dress codes also go hand in hand together, so when choosing a piece of men's jewelry, make sure that you pick the one that will go along and complement all his daily wardrobe. 

Let's get one thing straight: jewelry is not just for women because nowadays, and even in history, men's jewelry has played a big part in a man's everyday look. Men took jewelry as ornamentation and sometimes as a symbol of wealth, status, and power. Here in IceCarats, we can offer a wide range of men's jewelry that you can buy for yourself or will give to a special man in your life. We guarantee the best and top-quality jewelry pieces for men to make a huge change in the wearer's everyday look and style. Just visit our website, and you can discover the best jewelry for men you are looking for.

When to Wear Men’s Jewelry?

A question that many gentlemen nowadays have found themselves pondering is, “When can I wear jewelry?”. They always bother if they look stylish and sophisticated with jewelry or add another charm to their fashion statement and everyday look. Here’s a little help from IceCarats that every man can follow to ensure that they will look best when they wear their jewelry.

  1. When wearing a necklace with a midweight chain or a small pendant, you can pair it with your casual attire. This will add interest to your daily casual outfits and will create a talking point on your style.
  2. Rings are not only worn when you are married, but rings have also become a staple in a man’s jewelry. Signet rings can be worn when you want to pull off a bold look with your cool attire. Some types of rings can be an everyday piece of jewelry, and others can also be an excellent add-on to your business or professional attire.
  3. Opting for a minimal look with a minimalist attire can be achieved when you wear a bracelet or a minimal cuff on your strong hand. A t-shirt and jeans combined with a bracelet is an excellent way to pull off a good fashion style.
  4. Watches are everyday essentials for every man in the world. As a stylish gent, you can always wear a watch regardless of what attire you are wearing.
  5. Formal attire on formal occasions is where cufflinks do belong. A nice suit with an elegant black-tie can be a little fun with your cufflinks. Cufflinks may be a minimal part of your formal look unnoticed by most people, but cufflinks will always add a bit of interest to your formal attire. 

They say that jewelry for men is very flashy, but jewelry is considered essential for their daily look in today's generation. Jewelry for men can provide subtle touches that will pull off an outfit together. It always matters what jewelry is suitable for a man and what is not; that’s why IceCarats is still ready to help. Visiting our website can ease any man’s agony in finding the perfect jewelry piece that will suit their taste, style, and personality.