Men's Jewelry Chains

History of Men’s Jewelry Chains

Jewelry for men has been in some twists and turns since then and now. However, whether the purpose of wearing their jewelry is impractical embellishment or just simple adornment, men's jewelry, especially chains, has become a significant part of men's jewelry history. To know more about men's jewelry chains' history, a timeline of how they became popular is made below.

Year 1910-1920: During this time, the primary staple of men's fashion was wearing suits. Though there are different styles of suits created these years, the adornment that men commonly used remained the same, and this is the use of sturdy pocket watches with chains attached on their fobs and tie bars. These classic pieces of men's jewelry chains can be seen in most Edwardian men. The chain's width, length, and colors used were the same, either cable or flat link chains.
Year 1930-1940: During these years, men took a more conservative style to use less fabric in their suits and save money. However, in the late 30s, men's fashion moved from a moderate dress and more jewelry items such as keychains. Keychains during this time were worn initially on tailcoats. Chain tie holders also became famous during this time, allowing men to showcase their suits and personality. In the year 1940, long chains were made famous by young men, and along with these types of chains came chunky chains that are usually seen with ID bracelets.
Year 1950-1960: History indeed repeats itself because, during this time, long chains paired with full cardigans have become the most popular fashion style. The early 50s was declared as the end of the pocket watches' popularity with chains, and it was replaced by long, layered chains and medallions beginning during this time.
Year 1970-1980: The 1970s era was a remarkable time because men's jewelry went extravagant. Jewelry pieces were large and always considered attention-grabbing. This was when yellow gold men's jewelry chains, chunky bracelets, and medallions became very popular because of some known celebrities. Thick and large chains also became famous during this time because of hip-hop culture. Pieces of chains like herringbone chains were suddenly everywhere and can be seen worn by men and women.
Year 1990-the 2000s: These years were considered the year of chains as not only iconic items but a piece of jewelry for hip hop fashion. Chains have taken their place as essential jewelry items, whether worn alone or adorned and designed with diamond pendants, crosses, and skulls. The trend of chains during these years was carried throughout history and up until today. The rebirth of keychains and chain wallets was also noted during these years.

The simplicity and versatility of chains make them a must-have in today's fashion style of men. Whether you want layering necklaces or a simple chain adorned with a pendant, or men's jewelry gold chains or men's jewelry silver chains, your fashion statement is always considered on-trend.

Types of Men’s Jewelry Chains

The different types of men's jewelry chains available in the market today can somehow give you a difficult time when choosing the right one. Before purchasing a jewelry chain, you need to back yourself up with the selections of style or class you desire. Take a look at the glossary of men's jewelry chains that we prepared for you!

  1. Men's Cable Chain is the most common type made with simple round or oval links. Cable chains often make men's jewelry chain necklaces because of their small link chains.
  2. Men's Rope Chain - this is also one of the most popular types that men choose. Rope chains for men are made of tiny twisted links that create a spiral-like pattern that looks like a rope. This type is one of the strongest varieties of chains that can carry even a heavy pendant because it does not break easily.
  3. Men's Curb Chain is another classic type of men's jewelry chain adored by most men. They are the most basic design that they go for, which is made of identical links that lay flat even though they are interlocked. This chain is often worn alone or without a pendant.
  4. Men's Figaro Chain - this men's chain is somehow similar to the curb chain but is longer and has an oval-shaped link that appears every after three links. Figaro chains for men are simple yet classic and an excellent choice for men's everyday chains.
  5. Men's Box Chain - this chain is made of tiny square links but is considered very strong. Box chains are sturdy and elegant alternatives to ball chains. Their durable and unique design makes them stand out from the crowd.
  6. Men's Wheat Chain is ideal if you want a type of chain that will look great with or without a pendant. Wheat chains for men are created with links that resemble a wheat stalk; that is why they are called wheat chains. Although these chains are popular among men, they are not the most traditional chains. Hence, they are still considered a superb option.
  7. Men's Rolo Chain is a delicate type of men's chain and all thin chains' standard. Rolo chains for men are designed to be paired with a charm or a pendant. If you are looking for a dainty type of chain, a Rolo chain is an excellent choice.
  8. Men's Thick Chain - this type of chain is what you choose when you want to pull off a look with a flashy vibe that catches anyone's attention. Men's thick chains are ideal to be worn alone or without a pendant.

The listed types of men's jewelry chains above are only a few among the variety of styles of men's chains. If you want to learn more types of men's jewelry chains, you can visit our website. Here in IceCarats, you will be able to learn more about your desired jewelry. Just log in to, and you'll be satisfied with what we can offer for you.

How to Choose Men’s Jewelry Chains?

Choosing the type of men’s jewelry chain doesn’t have to be a hassle. Noted below are some simple tips to help you quicken your experience when selecting men’s jewelry chains.

  1. When choosing a men’s jewelry chain, you should always start with the chain style you desire. Having the idea of the chain style you want will help narrow down your choices. For men, when choosing a chain, they should keep in mind that most inclines towards wider widths of chains. Styles or chains like Figaro chains and curb chains are the most trendy favorites and sought-after chains.
  2. After deciding what style of chain you want, choosing the metal type is the next thing. Whether you’d like yellow gold or sterling silver, ensure that the one you choose will not give you any allergic reactions. You can also base your choice of metal on your mostly worn outfits, and you can select the best one that compliments your daily attire.
  3. Determining the chain link is also essential. If you are buying men’s necklaces or bracelets chains, you should make sure that you choose the length well. The most common length for a necklace chain for men is 20 inches to 24 inches. For bracelets, it can vary sometimes depending on the wrist size of the wearer. Just make sure the length of the chain is not too tight or too loose for you.
  4. Clasps are versatile for any chain for men and women. However, choosing the right clasp for your selected chain is a must. The right clasp will prevent it from getting lost. Choose a sturdy type that could protect your chain properly.
  5. If you are after a chain that will work well with a pendant, the thing you need to do next is to choose the pendant nicely. There are various types of men’s chains that are suitable to be paired with a charm or a pendant, but make sure that the pendant you are going to use would also suit the chain style and speak not only your aura but also projects your character.

Having these pointers in your mind when choosing a men’s jewelry chain will help you confidently select the perfect chain for you. Whether deciding for yourself or a special man in your life, the tips above will help you achieve the chain you desire. Are you looking for a place where you can purchase good quality men’s chains? You are in the right place! It’s time now to visit our website by logging in to, and we guarantee you that purchasing with us will save more of your time, effort, and money as well.

When to Wear Men’s Jewelry Chains?

Having a hard time procrastinating when to wear your chains properly? Worry not! Listed below are some reminders you can use to guide you in choosing a proper chain in a particular outfit and a specific event or occasion you are attending.

  1. Eye-catching chains that give elegance and a sophisticated appearance, such as Figaro chains, are ideal for your business attire. Other types of men’s chains that are made of silver are also excellent pieces to complete your business attire.
  2. Simple chains made with smaller and daintier links are ideal pieces to mesmerize your date when having lunch or dinner. These chains will give you flair and character on your entire look.
  3. Match your chain with your favorite sports attire. If you already own a wheat chain, then you can watch your favorite sport now without worrying what jewelry would level up your sporty look.
  4. The elegance of chains paired with pendants and charms, especially when made of precious gems, is a perfect match for wearing formal attire. Any corporal events, Gala nights, or dinner dates will indeed make you stand out.

Men’s jewelry chains have been famous for many decades now. Most men used them because they add style, glamour, and elegance to any outfit. Although most men’s chains are versatile, it is always essential to wear the type of chain in a specific outfit or event to help you avoid overdoing them or wearing them on irrelevant occasions and improper outfits.