Mens Gemstone Jewelry

History of Men’s Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstones have been a part of humankind ever since. People treasure gemstones throughout history, and they used different gemstones for various purposes. Some used them as decorative ornaments, medicinal purposes, and others used them as religious symbols, amulets, and charms. As technology is updating, different gemstones were also upgraded, most especially in the jewelry world. Gemstones used in jewelry-making became a symbol of wealth, status, and social status classification. The first civilizations to use gemstone jewelry were the Egyptians. They used different gemstones made from various precious metals as symbols of their pride. The colorful gemstones become famous embellishments in making jewelry.

Gemstone jewelry knows no gender. While most people might be culturally oriented that these are only for women, the right combination of gems for gentlemen can also be powerful. These days, a man who desires to wear gemstone jewelry can flaunt it whenever they want to. Men’s gemstone jewelry is usually made of precious metals and gemstones that are natural in color. Gone are the days when men chose to wear simple jewelry made of metals only because most of them preferred to be accentuated with gemstone jewelry. From cufflinks to medallions or necklaces, gemstone jewelry for men is now increasingly becoming famous.

Types of Men’s Gemstone Jewelry

During the 20th century, most men changed their fashion styles according to what was famous or trending. Nowadays, men do not need to go with the flow of trending or not because they are lax in wearing whatever they like, including colored gemstone jewelry. When choosing gemstone jewelry for men, it is always a matter of style and taste. Here’s a list of the various men’s gemstone jewelry we have come up with for you to choose from.

  1. Blue Sapphire Men’s Gemstone Jewelry - the most famous type of gemstone jewelry for men. These gemstones are considered number one gemstone jewelry for men and women. Sapphires are available in all colors except red, and classic deep blue sapphires are the highly recommended sapphires.
  2. Ruby Men’s Gemstone Jewelry - the second among sought-after gemstone use in making jewelry for men. Ruby gemstones are considered ideal gemstones because, during history, they are believed to be worn by rulers who are powerful and who fought in wars.
  3. Black Tourmaline Men’s Gemstone Jewelry - men are allowed to wear any color of gemstone jewelry, but the darker the color of the gem is, the more popular the jewelry for men is. Black tourmalines are men’s favorite because, aside from their color, this gem's durability and affordability make them famous.
  4. Turquoise Men’s Gemstone Jewelry - gemstone jewelry for men made from turquoise became famous not only today but also since history. Ancient Egyptians used to wear the jewelry crafted from gemstone. Turquoise is considered a lucky stone and depicts images of mountains, desserts, and outdoor living.
  5. Tiger’s Eye Men’s Gemstone Jewelry - this gemstone for men’s jewelry is considered a classic gem rich in russet brown and golden orange color. The color of the tiger’s eye gemstone expresses an outdoor manliness and rustic charm to the person wearing them.
  6. Tsavorite Garnet Men’s Gemstone Jewelry - a man who is after green-colored gemstone jewelry may choose this gem as emerald can be so feminine. Tsavorite green gemstones may be rated lower in the hardness scale than emerald gemstones but are not more likely to break.
  7. Amethyst Men’s Gemstone Jewelry - big round rings of kings in history were made of amethyst stones, and this is why up until now, this gemstone is ideal in crafting jewelry for men. Amethyst gemstone is considered one of the most expensive gemstones, which symbolizes power, ambition, and luxury.

How to Choose Men’s Gemstone Jewelry?

Having ideas about different things related to men's gemstone jewelry, such as color, types, and grades is a must when purchasing one. Whether buying a precious or semi-precious kind of gemstone jewelry for men, you must have in mind the following tips given below on how to choose wisely.

  1. Setting a budget when buying gemstone jewelry for men is an important thing to do. Maximize your budget to choose a piece that will suit your taste and meet your budget expectations.
  2. Know the type of gemstone jewelry you want to purchase before going to the store. This will help narrow down your choices or options when buying the correct one. If unsure of the type of gemstone jewelry to buy, consider choosing your birthstone.
  3. Choosing the metal for your man's gemstone jewelry is also essential. Choose the versatile kind that complements well with the gemstone. You can also select the metal that will not cause skin allergies.
  4. Gemstones are also graded according to a carat, meaning that when choosing gemstone jewelry for men, you need to consider the weight or the carat that will impact the gem.
  5. Clarity is one factor that you need to bear in mind when choosing any gemstone jewelry. The clarity of the colored gemstone you are choosing will contribute to the entire beauty of your jewelry.

Choosing the perfect men's gemstone jewelry will always start with understanding the gemstone's attributes. Buying gemstone jewelry may be an unusual thing to do, but having some quick pointers will help you be ready and confident anytime. Get your piece of men's gemstone jewelry now here in IceCarats. If you want to check out our wide array of gemstone jewelry collections for men, you can log in to

When to Wear Men’s Gemstone Jewelry?

Selecting and purchasing men’s gemstone jewelry can be exhausting and sometimes confusing because of the many options available. Every gemstone used in making men’s gemstone jewelry has unique characteristics that accentuate the wearer’s look, and wearing them does not have limitations! A man can undoubtedly wear gemstone jewelry anywhere and anytime, regardless of the outfit they are wearing. But, there are some times that when wearing gemstone jewelry, you need to consider the color of the outfit you are wearing because you might overdo your entire look, and you might be off from the color scheme. If you are not a master of mixing and matching metals and colors, you can still choose to wear your gemstone anytime you want; after all, it is your confidence that will bring the best out of you.