Mens Diamond Jewelry

History of Men’s Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are believed to have originated in India. These precious stones were not very much appreciated before, but their beauty and durability were discovered as time passed. This was when diamonds became sought-after pieces of stones. Diamonds are used as decorations and talismans. Others believed that these have medicinal properties. These stones became very valuable to everybody during the Middle Ages and began to be associated with most jewelry types. The first diamond jewelry was found on a Hungarian queen crown that was made during the year 1074. Diamond jewelry became rare during this time, and only well-formed diamonds were used. The evolution of jewelry making embedded with diamonds was a long process. Different techniques of cutting diamonds were discovered and developed before due to the high demand for diamond jewelry. Due to these changes in the shapes and forms of diamonds, various diamond jewelry has become famous.

When talking about diamond jewelry, women’s diamond jewelry is what most often comes to our mind. Some men might even question if there is such a thing as men’s diamond jewelry. Although this jewelry is less known and advertised, diamond accessories for men exist. One fascinating fact about men’s diamond jewelry is that they are more expensive than women’s diamond jewelry. But nowadays, times have changed, and men’s diamond jewelry became an accessory of the same price as women's. Men may have different ways of showing off their diamond accessories, but it does not mean that they don’t want to wear them. Diamond jewelry for men is valued and appreciated because of the beauty, sturdiness, and spark that it gives to a man’s entire look.

Types of Men’s Diamond Jewelry

Men nowadays are catching up to women when it comes to fashion and jewelry. They are becoming more mindful of their fashion statement, and in today’s modern era, they are also conscious of the different jewelry they are wearing. The rising trend in men’s diamond jewelry is very remarkable today. Here are some types of diamond jewelry they can choose from.

  1. Men’s Diamond Earrings - men started to wear earrings a very long time ago, and some of them opt to wear a single diamond stud earring on one ear. Nowadays, many men have piercings on both ears and some parts of their body and still use diamond stud earrings to wear. Men can choose to wear dangly diamond earrings such as hoops embedded with small diamonds or drop earrings that can be considered elegant and masculine.
  2. Men’s Diamond Necklaces - many men nowadays choose to wear diamond pendants on their necklace chains. Some are cross pendants adorned with diamonds, the initial letter of their name, or any meaningful symbol. Men’s diamond necklaces may also include dog tags that are updated and feature diamond stones as well.
  3. Men’s Diamond Rings - are the type of diamond jewelry for men with many choices. Men opt for diamond rings that are classic and can be passed down to generations. Diamond rings and simplicity can go hand in hand. That’s why most men choose to wear them to accessorize their look. Rings for men do not necessarily mean wedding rings, and they can wear any ring they want to.
  4. Men’s Diamond Bracelets - most men wear leather bracelets to accentuate their looks, but nowadays, they amp their entire look by wearing stylish diamond bracelets. Diamond bracelets for men reflect their sophisticated side and give them a refined look. Men’s black diamond jewelry, like tennis bracelets, are also great options.
  5. Men’s Diamond Watches - most men wear simple watches as accessories, but some choose to wear elegant and quite expensive watches like those studded with diamonds. More conservative men may stick in wearing classic watches, but diamond watches for men are also excellent choices.
  6. Men’s Diamond Cufflinks - cufflinks are reserved for special occasions and important formal events. There are many beautiful types of cufflinks, but the all-time favorite is diamond cufflinks.
  7. Men’s Diamond Tie Pins - tie pins are used in attaching the tie to your shirt to ensure that the tie stays in place. Just like diamond cufflinks, diamond tie pins for men are also used in formal attire. Most men used to dress up wearing tie pins to level up their look when wearing suits.

How to Choose Men’s Diamond Jewelry?

Diamonds are pretty expensive, and men are somehow not sure when buying any jewelry. This is why they need to have some ideas on how to choose diamond jewelry correctly. Below is a guide to help you pick or select the perfect men’s diamond jewelry.

  1. All types of diamond jewelry for men are embedded with diamond stones. Because of this, you need to choose the shape of the diamond well. The diamond shape on your jewelry may be your or your partner’s preference but make sure that you pick the one suited for your style.
  2. The Carat weight of the diamond stones is the one that has an impact on the diamond jewelry. Choose the one you can afford because as the carat of the diamond stone increases, so does the price.
  3. The color grade of the diamond is also a thing to consider when buying men’s diamond jewelry. This factor will help you choose a balanced diamond appearance, shape, and price.
  4. Clarity is also an important thing to consider when buying men’s diamond jewelry. When choosing diamond jewelry, look for the one that’s eye-clean. This means that you need to select the one you can’t see any inclusions or blemishes with your naked eye.
  5. Comparing the diamond jewelry you have chosen will also help you pick the perfect and quality one. Once you know what type of men’s diamond jewelry to buy, it will also help narrow down your preferences to compare similar diamond jewelry to other similar pieces. This will determine if you chose authentic diamond jewelry for men or lab-created diamond jewelry for men only.

Not used to wearing diamond jewelry? Surely, you will find it hard to decide on the perfect piece that suits you. This is why the tips given above will help you choose the ideal jewelry for men. If you have questions like where they should start looking for men’s diamond jewelry, well, the answer is here! IceCarats is inviting you to visit our website! We offer pieces of men’s diamond jewelry for sale! What an exciting treat for anyone who opts to own a piece of diamond jewelry.

When to Wear Men’s Diamond Jewelry?

Diamond jewelry is a part of a man’s fashion style, whatever the type of attire they are wearing. If you already own a piece of men’s diamond jewelry, here are some ways on when you can wear them.

  1. Jewelry with small diamond stones can match all your outfits. Small pieces of diamonds in jewelry can make a big statement.
  2. Diamond necklaces are ideal for wearing during evening occasions. Wearing a semi-formal or formal suit in an evening event paired with a diamond necklace is a perfect fashion.
  3. Level up your casual and formal attire by wearing a piece of a diamond bracelet. This is an ideal piece to wear because they are constantly visible on the hand. It can express the elegant and sophisticated side of the man wearing it.
  4. Most diamond jewelry pieces are versatile, and you can undoubtedly wear them whenever you want. Remember, diamond jewelry is an excellent add-on to one’s look, so you don’t need to have second thoughts on wearing your diamond jewelry.