Men's Chains

History of Men’s Chains

Who would've thought that men's jewelry undergone some twists and turns over the past years? From functional kinds of jewelry to pure fashion. Pocket watches, Chic tie clips, flashy gold medallions, and badge rings became so popular and had their time to shine. But one of the most versatile and long-lasting kinds of jewelry are the chains.

In the early 1900s, suits were the men's must-have. Even though the attire varies on the time of the day and occasion, the accessory that is matched with it is still the same- pocket watches attached to chains and tie bars connected with chains. The chain's length, width, and color may vary, but the basic cable chain or flat link chain is the most popular. The wearing of items like keychains on the tailcoat was introduced to the people in this period. Wearing Chain Tie holders had been popular in allowing men to add more character and attraction to their suits.

During the 1930s, Men attempted to use less fabric and save money that led them to dress in a more conservative style. But in the late 30s, the economy began to rise again, shifting the men's fashion from traditional clothing to brighter colors, larger cuts, and wearing more jewelry. The 1940s promoted this even further with the zoot suit. This wide-cut suit, usually partnered with a long chain is popularized by young men in metropolitan areas like Chicago, Detroit, and Harlem. The conservative clothing brings back a trend in the 1950s. The colorful zoot suits and long chains of the 1930s and 19840s have been overtaken by full cardigans, slacks, and class rings, also known as the ivy league period. It was in the 1950s when the popularity of pocket watches and three-piece suits had officially ended.

In the 1960s, individualistic fashion was introduced wherein long layered chains and medallions were popularized. In the following decade (1970), men's fashion and jewelry went extravagant wherein large jewelry pieces were a total eye-catcher. Also, celebrities like Burt Reynolds, John Travolta, and Tom Selleck were popularized by wearing gold chains, chunky bracelets, and medallions.

The rise of the famous rap and hip hop groups like Run DMC and the Beastie Boys led the trend for large chains and made the chains a staple jewelry piece. Both men and women used jewelry pieces like herringbone chains and oversized pendants. The 1990s set the chain as not only a piece of jewelry but a hip hop fashion must-have. Chains had taken their place to be an essential jewelry item, whether worn plain or accentuated with diamond-studded skulls, brands or crosses. Within the late 90s and 2000s, this stayed on-trend. Keychains and chain wallets were reborn in this period. The simplicity and ability to customize the chain make it a staple jewelry piece in today's fashion. Whether you’re layering chains just like the 60s or showing off your interest in sports through a customized pendant, a chain never goes out of trend.

Types / Categories of Men's Jewelry Chains

The wide selection for men’s chains allows you to choose whatever style you want to match your daily outfit. There are so many types of chains because this is the kind of jewelry that is very much popular worldwide. The variation of types of Men's Chain are the following: Round link chain, Flat link chain, Twisted curb chain, Figure of eight chain/Infinity, Rolo/belcher chain, Venetian link/Box chain, Briolette chain, Gourmette chain/Cuban link, Pelline chain, Saturn/ Satellite chain, Cardano/ Boston link chain, Wheat chain, Franco chain, Bamboo chain, Herringbone Cobra,Gucci/Marine/Anchor chain, Figarucci, Trace chain, Double link chain/parallel chain, Elongated link, Nugget/tinsel chain/twisted serpentine chain, Prince of Wales, San Marco, Omega, Popcorn/Coreana, Cascade, Rope, Serpentine Snake chain/star weave chain/Hexagon chain/ Brazilian chain/round maille chain, Milano chain, Byzantine/Idiot’s delight chain/birdcage chain/king’s braid chain, Book chain, Bar chain/ link and bar chain, Railroad chain, Mesh, Heart link chain, Dragon link chain, Bike chain, Cup chain/tennis bracelet, Bismarck, Ladder chain/hook chain, Marquis chain, Phanter, Ring and connector chain, and Peanut/tinsel/crinkle chain.

Men’s Chain Necklaces also vary on what material or element they are made from. There are many variations of materials that a men's chain can be crafted on to. If it is a gold chain necklace, silver chain necklace, white gold chain, diamond chain necklaces, black diamond chain, rose gold chain, or stainless steel chain. Men's chains also vary in their length and width. Depending on what you prefer and what look you want to achieve.

With IceCarats willing to help you, it offers variations of Men's chain necklaces that you can choose and take from. Herewith us, we provide a stunning and striking collection of Men's Chains made of various quality materials that will suit your style and preference.

How to Choose Men’s Chains?

Before purchasing any men's chain, there are some essential factors to consider. Here are some guidelines on how to filter your choices in choosing the perfect chain necklace for you:

  1. Material - A significant factor when it comes to choosing your necklace chain is the type of material you prefer, whether it is made of gold, silver, diamond, etc. You must also think about the color you want and how it costs.
  2. Length - This immediately affects the whole style of your look. Firstly, you must think of what look you want to achieve because it may help you decide on how to get the right length you purchase.
  3. Clasp - It is essential to check the clasp of the men's chain necklace you will buy. Do your research and test out the type of clasp you prefer. Look for the clasp that is easy to use but still provides security just like a Lobster Clasp. Lobster Clasps are opened and closed by holding a small lever.
  4. Quality- Looking for a smooth chain is essential. Some people do not mind the texture of the jewelry they are wearing but can irritate if it's not smooth. You must check if the chain you will be purchasing is smooth and comfortable to wear. Because if not, your skin would be irritated and get rashes from it. You can check this by sliding your fingers along the chain to feel the texture and sharp edges or bumps.

Occasions / When to Wear Men’s Chains?

Here are some guides for men to follow when choosing where or when to wear a Chain necklace to accentuate their style.

  1. The eye-catching and elegant appearance of the 24-inch gold Figaro chain makes them a good fit for business wear. Surely this intricate Figaro necklace partnered with a silver wristwatch for men will complete your style.
  2. If you want a glistening smart look, this diamond chain necklace is the chain necklace you need! This will surely give character and flair to your overall look. Ideal for spending a date with your special someone. A look that your date will mesmerize with.
  3. When watching your favorite soccer team, this stunning men's wheat chain necklace is best for you. You can match it with your favorite sports pendant to make it even more personalized and attractive.
  4. The elegance of the black diamond chain is a perfect match for your formal attire. This look is ideal if you attend Gala nights, prom awards night, or any formal corporate events or parties. this striking black diamond chain will surely make you stand out and be more prominently eye-catching! 

Chains have been well-known for decades because of providing a quick way to add style and glamour to any outfit. Although these stunning men's chains are astonishingly versatile, it is essential to wear the right type of chain to avoid jewelry that conflicts with clothing or is irrelevant for the occasion.