Medical Alert Necklaces

History of Medical Alert Necklaces

Medical alert necklaces are fashionable and practical jewelry engraved with the wearer's personal information. If you have an emergency encounter because of medical conditions, these necklaces will make it easier for the emergency responders to start the first aid or treatment. Your emergency contact information, your allergies, your medications, and other data needed for medical purposes are the usual information seen in medical alert necklaces. People with diabetes usually wear medical alert necklaces, which makes diabetes medical alert necklaces the most famous type. But there are also some types of medical alert necklaces for kids and medical alert necklaces for seniors. Medical alert necklaces are not just your everyday necklaces. These necklaces come with emergency information to help you in one way or another in times of emergency.

Types of Medical Alert Necklaces

Medical alert necklaces are essential jewelry pieces that can save a specific person's life during an emergency. The following are some types of medical alert necklaces commonly used nowadays.

  1. Diabetes Medical Alert Necklaces - these necklaces are recommended for people who have diabetes. Diabetic emergencies can happen anywhere and sometimes in an instant, so wearing these will help emergency responders to quickly identify and treat the diabetic emergency, such as the level of blood sugar.
  2. Medical Alert Necklaces for Heart Conditions - these necklaces are ideal for a person with heart conditions or blood thinners. Medical alert necklaces for heart conditions are heart stent alert necklaces and pacemaker necklaces for heart problems or heart patients.
  3. Medical Alert Necklaces for Seizure Disorders - these necklaces are ideal pieces for someone who has a seizure disorder such as epilepsy. Having a seizure disorder might bring a person's life in danger, but this can be avoided by wearing medical alert bracelets. Imprint your medical information on these necklaces to help responders in the event of an emergency.
  4. Allergy Medical Alert Necklaces - these necklaces are ideal pieces for persons with allergies. Allergies can be considered a severe medical condition. Whatever allergies, medical alert necklaces will help emergency responders know your allergies. Whether you need a seafood allergy necklace or a peanut allergy necklace, custom-engraved food, these medical alert allergy necklaces are ideal for you.
  5. Medical Alert Necklaces for Cancer Patients and Survivors - these necklaces are ideal for cancer patients or survivors. Wearing this necklace if you survived cancer or fighting cancer is imperative.
  6. Medical Alert Jewelry for Bleeding or Blood Disorders - these necklaces are significant for people with blood or bleeding disorders. For example, an anemia necklace helps medical respondents know that you need to be monitored in internal bleeding or an emergency.
  7. Medical Necklace for Cognitive Disabilities - these necklaces are for people with cognitive impairments and developmental disabilities. They will help first responders know what to do to a person with some mental illness, mainly if they cannot communicate well.
  8. Medical Alert Necklace for Chronic Conditions - these necklaces are vital for people with chronic medical conditions. A medical alert necklace will help emergency responders to know what treatment you'll be needing. Suppose you have asthma, hearing or vision impairments, cystic fibrosis, and other types of chronic diseases. In that case, you can engrave medical information on your medical necklace to save time in an emergency.

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How to Choose Medical Alert Necklaces?

Choose your medical alert necklaces according to your needs. Style and types of metal used are just second options only. The first thing you need to consider is the one that suits your health or medical condition. After which, you can then choose the style that you want for that specific medical necklace.

When to Wear Medical Alert Necklaces?

Medical alert necklaces are essential pieces of jewelry. They are not merely used because of fashion but because they can help save people’s lives in emergencies. These necklaces are recommended to be worn every day. If you are worrying that wearing medical necklaces might be off with your outfits, trendy medical necklaces that complement any outfits are now available in the market.