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History of Medical Alert Bracelets

Emergency medical alert bracelets are tags that provide a quick way to communicate important health information to the first responders when an emergency occurs. They were worn as pieces of jewelry since the 1940s and became famous during 1970. Americans wore them during the Korean and Vietnam wars. When a medical emergency is crucial, emergency responders are trained or advised to look for a medical id, may it be a bracelet or a necklace, to save time and even the person's life. A medical alert bracelet is engraved with your name, type of disorder, medications, and emergency contact numbers. There are many vital reasons why wearing a medical alert bracelet is a must. Some of these are because of allergies and diseases, or medical conditions. Wearing these bracelets allow the wearer to communicate with medical professionals at a moment when you are not stable and well. Ensuring that your medical alert bracelet is updated is necessary to ensure that your health status does not change.

Nowadays, medical alert bracelets are not all the same or not uniform. The updated technology added style to it because of the various designs made from different materials and multiple colors. Whatever the type of medical alert bracelet you have, the most crucial part of wearing this is the information engraved. A medical alert bracelet is a great help to immediately know what type of first aid medical responders need to do in a life-threatening emergency. People who decide to wear these bracelets need to remember that they are paramount if they suffer from different medical conditions. Some may be skeptical about wearing a medical ID because they do not publicly disclose their medical condition. But with today’s modern era, everyone is spoiled with different choices in terms of style and design. This way, skeptical people will use this functional yet stylish type of bracelet. While a medical alert bracelet's aesthetic factor is essential, all wearers of this bracelet should also be reminded that they need to include all the important information.

Types of Medical Alert Bracelets

With the various types of medical alert bracelets available in the market, you might get confused trying to choose what would suit your taste. To make your purchase of a medical alert bracelet easier, here are some types that will help you choose the best.

  1. The most common type of medical alert bracelet is the one that provides a logo or inscription indicating the medical condition of the wearer. These bracelets can be made of different metals such as stainless steel, sterling silver, or gold. Some also use leather or strings. Children's medical alert bracelet is a commonly used type belonging to this first classification. With these medical alert bracelets, tags are also available. So you can engrave or customize your medical condition and other information on it.
  2. The second type of medical alert bracelet is the one that indicates membership in a specific medical organization. These bracelets include the member's identification number, a toll-free number, and the URL for the medical emergency personnel who can provide full information of the wearer's medical conditions.
  3. Silicone medical alert bracelets - are usually used by people who have allergies.
  4. A medical alert bracelet can also contain a charm or pendant on the chain with a wireless alert button considered a panic button. These bracelets send a signal to the dialing console that will directly dial a monitoring service or emergency responders when a crucial emergency occurs.
  5. Modern types of medical alert bracelets have become famous nowadays. These are the ones with QR code based on the medical alert stickers. The QR code contains all the emergency responders' information in times of emergency. Emergency personnel or medical responders can use their smartphones to scan the code, and the stored data will appear.

Medical alert bracelets can be worn by anyone with any health or medical condition. Whether it be engraved with personal information or upgraded with modern technology, it's still up to the wearer to pick the type of medical alert bracelet they opt for. Are you looking for a perfect medical alert bracelet? You can now visit our website and purchase the one you are looking for.

How to Choose Medical Alert Bracelets?

A medical alert bracelet is considered one of the essential pieces of jewelry you need to own. Medical bracelets are designed to speak when you can't, most especially in times of emergency. Since they can be worn every day, it is important to choose a medical alert bracelet correctly.

  1. The first thing to consider when choosing a medical alert bracelet is the size. Ensure you select the one that perfectly fits your wrist. The perfect fit is the most critical factor to consider to avoid losing an important jewelry piece.
  2. Choose the right medical alert bracelet style that you are comfortable with. One aspect to consider is to acknowledge your daily activities. Select the type of medical alert bracelet that is best for your everyday life. Always choose the design that you desire.
  3. Consider the durability of your chosen medical alert bracelet. When selecting one, the material will also affect the price, and of course, you need to consider the one worthy of the money you spend. Better choose a rubber-like and heat-resistant material, just like silicone, because this is perfect for an active lifestyle. You can also opt for a scratch-resistant material like stainless steel, but you need to be careful if you have sensitive skin.
  4. Various medical alert bracelets range from standard bracelets that are excellent for casual looks to elegant bracelets that can be worn at formal events. Choose to have a medical alert bracelet that allows you to mix and match it with your attire, depending on your style.
  5. Engraving is another option that you must carefully consider to communicate best or tell others when in an emergency and cannot speak for yourself. Evaluating the information you wish to engrave on your medical alert bracelet is essential.

Helping you choose your medical alert bracelet will be our pleasure because we want to help you have the ideal one for you. Whether you are looking for a medical bracelet for men or women, IceCarats has it in-store. Choose to have a fashion medical alert bracelet from us! Just log in to our website, and you'll undoubtedly have the perfect piece for you.

When to Wear Medical Alert Bracelets?

Medical alert bracelets are jewelry pieces that do not follow the rules on when to be worn because they can be worn daily. Because medical bracelets contain essential information and data of the wearer’s medical or health condition, these are worn regardless of the attire or the occasion. If you wish to wear them every day but hesitant because they might be off with your fashion statement, we suggest you buy bracelets in sets you can use in casual or formal events.

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