Locket Necklaces

History of Locket Necklaces

A locket necklace is defined as a pendant that opens and reveals a space used for storing a photograph. While we consider other jewelry as personal, lockets are perhaps the most private among all. A gold locket necklace, sterling silver locket necklace, and photo locket necklace can mean more than the sum of their parts. Lockets indicate more than compared to other jewelry or keepsake because lockets tell stories. Way back in history, locket necklaces are jewelry that contains a portrait, a lock of hair, or a tiny love letter. This jewelry has become a classic accessory. Over history, locket necklaces have been worn by both men and women. Although locket women's necklaces have been famous, many men’s locket necklaces have been designed. Lockets, in general, have evolved in many forms and different views in history. We now think about a silver locket necklace, a charm locket necklace, a picture locket necklace, or a kids' locket necklace; these collectibles have evolved to meet a gorgeous piece of jewelry.

Locket necklaces increased in number during the 19th Century but already dated back earlier. They have become a symbol and representation of love and marriage, too. Like for example, a heart locket necklace symbolizes love and union. Some lockets like locket necklace for ashes have been symbols for mourning, preserving the dead's memory. In history, the symbolism of the locket necklace is reflected in many facets. Though locket necklaces increased in number in the 19th Century, they made names during the 16th Century. European were believed to wear lockets as their way to ward off evil spirits and embrace good luck. Over the 19th Century, the most famous locket necklace was the heart locket necklace. While in the 20th Century, the most popular locket necklace was a photo locket.

In the modern-day, lockets and charms are back in fashion. In a digital age, locket necklace reproduction has become almost too easy. Filling a locket necklace with a photo offers a unique keepsake for locket necklaces nowadays. A long time ago, lockets were typically worn as necklaces, but now, they can be worn on rings and locket brochettes. The purpose of the lockets has changed throughout history. Nowadays, wearing locket necklaces may have a personal meaning to the wearer, but it has been a part of everyone's fashion style. As the history of locket necklaces evolved and the pieces became more fashionable, the jewelry's purpose may change slightly. Still, one thing that won't change about wearing locket necklaces is the locket's significance on the person wearing it.

Types of Charm Locket Necklace Jewelry

When you are buying a locket necklace, you have plenty of options to consider. From the style and the materials being used to the kind of pendant or locket you want your necklace to embellish, you will have a lot of decision-making. Two essential things in considering when you are exploring the different locket necklaces are the locket's shape and frame style. The different kinds of locket charms available in shape for locket necklaces are Ovals, hearts, circles, teardrops, squares, and boxes. In contrast, the following list was the styles and types of locker necklaces with different frames.

  1. One frame- a type of locket with an open-detail front and only one frame inside that is perfect for photos of your other half or loved one.
  2. Expanding locket necklace - if you have even more photos of your loved ones, this is the perfect type. This type of locket necklace folds out several frames.
  3. Clear locket necklace - also called a floating locket necklace. It allows you to see what's inside because of the transparent construction. It is also considered a much more modern design and isn't ideal for privacy since you can see what is inside it.
  4. Aromatherapy locket necklace - this type features a diffuser to add essential oils into the jewelry.
  5. Matching locket necklace- this type of locket necklace is perfect for lovers or friends. It consists of a matching pair and, when put together, creates a complete whole. A gold heart locket necklace is a perfect example of this type.
  6. Personalized locket necklace- you can take the customization game up a notch with this type of locket necklace. 

All these different locket necklaces mean you can find a large locket necklace that suits your style and any of your purposes. With a lot to choose from, you can surely choose a piece that will leave an unforgettable meaning. Visit IceCarats to meet the choice of locket necklace you've been looking for.

How to Choose a Locket Necklace?

All different types of locket necklaces make a perfect gift for many occasions. Buying a locket necklace will allow you to hold to keep something close to your heart. When you have difficulty choosing the perfect locket necklace, take time to look at the following guidelines that might help you.

  1. When someone close to you or a family member passes away, you can buy a locket to let them feel that wherever they are, you are always thinking about them. You can put a photo of the loved one you lost inside the locket to honor their memory.
  2. Choosing a locket necklace for your anniversary is also a smart choice. You can select the appropriate metal or gem to symbolize the years that both of you were together. A 14k gold heart locket necklace is a perfect piece to choose when celebrating anniversaries, especially the 50th anniversary.
  3. You can also choose a locket necklace when you want to give someone or gift yourself a gift for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or other special occasions.
  4. Choose the best material for your locket necklace that will suit your style and look. You can choose from gold, silver, platinum, or enamel locket necklace.
  5. When choosing a locket necklace, make sure it stands out. Your locket necklace will probably be the best-featured jewelry of your outfit. 

When to Wear Locket Necklaces?

If you already have a locket necklace on your collection, know when to wear it to show it off properly. You can style different types of locket necklace for various occasions and purposes like the following.

  1. Everyday Casual - many types and styles of locket necklace can suit an everyday or casual look. A piece of locket necklace like a 14k rose gold locket necklace can make your everyday look an eye-catching statement and keep your outfit for daily activities.
  2. Formal Look. Save your favorite locket necklace with fine metals and some gemstones for formal occasions. A locket necklace can be a perfect piece for parties and some other formal celebrations.
  3. You can wear your locket alone in your daily business look. Wear a locket necklace alone on your business attire, and you’ll surely capture everyone’s attention.
  4. When you want to layer a locket necklace with some other jewelry, you can embellish a subtle look. Mix and match pieces of jewelry for a modern look and keep everything classic in your style.

As you can see from the different ways to wear a locket necklace, you now have limitless opinions. With the following guidelines for wearing a locket necklace, you can now give your style another unique look. Here in IceCarats, you can find the perfect locket necklace that will make you fall in love. Visit our website and own a gorgeous locket necklace you can have.