Link Necklaces

History of Link Necklaces

Do you know what necklaces really are? Well, necklaces are unique jewelry pieces worn around the neck and are considered the earliest form of jewelry worn by humans. Some necklaces have different purposes like ceremonial, religious, magical, and sometimes a symbol of wealth and status. Its main feature is the chain or the cord that wraps around the wearer's neck. Necklaces also have additional attachments like pendants, lockets, crosses, and some other semi-precious stones. As with other jewelry pieces, necklace chains have been an essential part of the body decoration for sexes up until the present day. Necklaces have taken some twists and turn over the past few years. However, one of the most versatile and long-lasting jewelry pieces which are still popular until now is the link necklaces.

Link necklaces are connected to flexible series of links that are typically made of different metals. These are sets of links that are often of precious metal and sometimes with pendants attached and worn as ornaments. Link necklaces are believed to date back around the 8th century and were developed to a connected strand and lie side-by-side and create a fabric-like band. Link necklaces nowadays are famous and popular for both men and women of any age. Men's link chain necklaces have also become a daily to-go piece of jewelry for men. The most common type of link necklace is the Cuban link necklace. Cuban link necklaces are available in different materials like gold Cuban link necklace, the Cuban link necklace silver material, and the white gold Cuban link necklace. Although this is the most popular type of link necklace, there are various types of link necklaces that you can choose from.

Types of Link Necklace Jewelry

A glossary of all types of link necklaces is listed below. This guide will give you a handy overview to make the right choice in selecting a link necklace.

  1. Cable Link Necklace - this type of link necklace is the most classic link necklace. It has simple oval, round links that connect horizontally and vertically.
  2. Round Link Necklace - this is a type of link necklace with a chain connecting soldered round links.
  3. Flat Link Necklace - this type of link necklace is a round basic link necklace connecting soldered round links.
  4. Twisted Curb-Link Necklace - this type of link necklace is a curb link necklace with twisted gourmet links.
  5. A figure of Eight/Infinity Link Necklace - has eight links and has flat oval links combined with a smaller size infinity or eight-figure shaped links.
  6. Rolo/Belcher Link Necklace - this type of link necklace consists of oval or round links. The links on this type of necklace are usually flat on the inside and smaller and thicker than common links, and this is why the rolo or belcher link necklace has a heavy or sturdy appearance. This type of link necklace is often used with charms or pendants but can also be worn alone.
  7. Box/Square Link Necklace - this type of link necklace is a prevalent one because of its simplicity and classic appearance. This link necklace is made up of flat-rolled plates that are formed into square or cube links.
  8. Cuban Link Necklace - this type of link necklace is also called the Gourmette link necklace. This variation of the basic link necklace has round or oval links twisted and usually with diamond cut. This necklace's links overflow with each other and have the largest variations in widths, varying from millimeters to a few centimeters. Men's Cuban link necklace is the most popular for men's jewelry. There are also available women's Cuban link necklaces. The most commonly used by women is the Cuban link choker necklace.
  9. Figaro Link Necklace - this type of link necklace has the same links as the Gourmette link, but there is a longer connecting link between every one to five gourmet links. This originated in Italy and was named after the famous Italian opera - The Marriage of Figaro.
  10. Foxtail Link Necklace - this type of link necklace uses a loop link chain consisting of two rows of oblique oval links. A series of flat rings connect the necklace's links in the middle of the chain. Each row is opposite to each other at a 45-degree angle. This link has a woven braided effect that gives the hair's appearance on the fox’s tail.
  11. Saturn/Satellite Link Necklace - this type of necklace consists of a row of round links interspersed with beads. This link necklace is often used for rosary necklaces.
  12. Wheat/Espiga Link Necklace - this type of link necklace is composed of V-shaped links that creates a woven rope look or effect. This is a very sturdy and flexible type of link necklace.
  13. Rope Link Necklace - this type of link necklace consists of small links that are intertwined and braided into strands around each other.
  14. Singapore Link Necklace - this type of link necklace consists of a series of flat diamond-cut and diamond-shaped links twisted and flattened to form a chain.
  15. Franco Link Necklace - this type of link necklace is extremely popular and unique because of its flexibility, sturdiness, and resilient design. This type of link necklace is trendy in hip hop culture, especially with rap music artists. 

The types of link necklaces are just some of the many available styles out in the market nowadays. From chunky to delicate types of link necklaces, these are the link necklaces that you can choose from. Here in IceCarats, we will help you select the perfect link necklace that matches not only your style and taste but also your personality. Just visit our website and discover and learn more about the different types of link necklaces.

How to Choose a Link Necklace?

Choosing a piece of jewelry is sometimes a daunting task. But IceCarats is here to help you achieve the perfect link necklace. Here are some of the few things or factors you can use to remember when purchasing a link necklace.

  1. What is the style of the link that you want? This is the first question you need to answer when you are going to purchase a link necklace. This is an essential thing to consider when buying a link necklace to determine what kind of link necklace suits your style and taste.
  2. Consider if your chain is plated or made of solid material that is not plated. If you want to use your link necklace every day, you should bear in mind that if it is plated, eventually it will wear off and will expose the lower layer, which will have a different color.
  3. The clasp of the link necklace you are purchasing is also an important feature of a link necklace that you should consider. A popular clasp called lobster clasp is an ideal clasp for any link necklace because it is longer and more solid, sturdier, and less prone to damage.
  4. It will also help if you have already answered the question of whether you will be wearing a pendant on your chosen link necklace or not. If you answer "yes," you will be wearing a pendant and selecting a link necklace whose thickness can hold a pendant well. The link necklace you are going to choose should not be too thin but at the same time not also too thick. An excellent example of a link necklace that is good for holding a pendant is wheat link necklaces and box necklaces. But if you want to wear a link necklace alone, the gold Cuban link necklace is a perfect choice.
  5. Besides being cheaper, hollow link necklaces have the advantage of being lighter than solid chains, but the problem with this type of link necklaces is that they can get damaged more easily. Hollow link necklaces are quick to show signs of wear, so you should somehow consider such jewelry only if you intend to wear it occasionally.
  6. The thickness of the link necklace you choose is also worth considering because super-thin link necklaces may get tangled and twisted easily. And to avoid this kind of problem, do not go for the thinnest style of link necklaces; pick or select a reasonably thick one.
  7. Before buying the link necklace, be sure that it would not snag on your clothes. Your chosen link necklace needs to have a polished surface to avoid some snagging problem and cause irritation on your skin if the chain is not smooth. 

Now that you have all the information needed to choose the perfect link necklace, decide directly on the link necklace you will purchase. These factors are your guides before buying a chain that you will cherish for the rest of the years to come. Are you wondering where to get the perfect piece? Visit the website of IceCarats and be embellished with our collection of quality link necklaces that will surely match your wants in a link necklace.

When to Wear Link Necklaces?

The following are some helpful guides to give you chic tips on when to wear your link necklaces.

  1. It can be a subtle choice for everyday wear if you own a versatile small link necklace chain like a gold link necklace. It can also be a statement piece when you layer it with other link necklaces.
  2. Medium-sized link necklaces can be an excellent way to add some edgy look to your casual outfit.
  3. Bold jewelry is a great way to pull off and make your most pared-back outfits liven up. Oversized link necklaces are the perfect pair for your minimalist outfit. A chunky chain link necklace will add a touch of luxe to your minimalist style.
  4. If you are wearing a more demure outfit, you can choose to elevate your look by wearing a choker link. Wearing this type of iconic jewelry is sure to make a statement.
  5. Diamond link necklaces are elegant pieces that you can also wear when you want to pull off a formal look or office attire. Diamond Cuban link necklace is one example of a sleek and wearable link necklace that will complete your desired look.
  6. For a genuinely toned-down option for your everyday wear, you can also choose to pair a silver chain link necklace. It can be a smart and perfect choice for your daily attire rotation because of its discreet and delicate style.
  7. Toughen your skirt suit with a chunky gold chain link necklace. You can also wear this on your casual look with a unique hairstyle.
  8. Your top paired with baggy jeans can be elevated to the next level by finishing it with a silver link necklace. 

You are now ready to flaunt your fashion style by wearing different link chain necklaces on your everyday look. If planning to own a piece of link necklace, try visiting the website of IceCarats and discover the wide range of our link necklaces collection!