June Birthstone Pearl

Pearl is the birthstone of June. It symbolizes purity, honesty, and calmness. These are also “known as the stone of sincerity”. June’s pearl gemstones vary from a creamy-colored opalescent pearl and moonstone to a rare-color changing alexandrite. Their traditional beauty has been loved over the years that’s why these birthstones can perfectly fit in any outfit or even fit your budget. Pearls help calm nervousness and anxious thoughts as well as it is known to project modesty and chastity.

History of June Birthstone Pearl

For centuries, Pearl has been savagely famous in the jewelry industry. Pearl is the birthstone of June. This beautiful birthstone is from the oceans, rivers, and lakes around the world. Chinese believed that the pearls came from the brain of the dragon. Ancient people of the Middle East assumed that pearls are teardrops fallen from heaven. And Christopher Columbus and his fellows believed that pearls are formed from new drops in mollusks. This June Birthstone Pearl is a timeless wardrobe staple.

Types of / Categories of Pearl June Birthstone

Like the other jewelry pieces, the June Birthstone pearl is made of various materials that you can choose from. These are the types June Birthstone for both men and women can choose from:

  1. Natural Pearls- This kind of pearl is usually found in the Persian Gulf. But sadly, most of the natural pearls are already harvested. Because of that, natural pearls are scarce. There are some natural pearls in the market but are expensive.
  2. Cultured Pearls- This kind of pearl is cultured in a pearl farm, the farmers raised Mollusks, and when they are old enough, it will be implanted in a mother-of-pearl bead. After that, it will be returned to the water and wait until the pearls are allowed to form.
  3. Akoya Pearl- This kind of pearl is cultured in Japanese and Chinese waters. Usually, they are around 2mm, but in some cases, it reaches up to 10mm. It is from Pinctada fucata martensii oyster, and these pearls are round and usually white or cream-colored.
  4. South Sea Pearl- This kind of pearl is the largest of all pearls, and its size ranges from 9mm to 20mm. It is produced in the Philippines, Australia, and Indonesia. South sea pearl is harvested from the oyster Pinctada Maxima.
  5. Tahitian Pearl- This kind of pearl is harvested from Pinctada Margaritifera. Its size ranges from 8mm and 16mm and naturally colored in blue, purple, green, and grey. This pearl is commonly known as the black pearl.
  6. Blue Pearls- This kind of pearl is formed in the Paua mollusk. Available in a wide range of blue and so many colors such as gold, pink, green, and violet.
  7. Freshwater Pearls- This kind of pearl is predominantly found in China and grown in rivers, ponds, and lakes. Most of these are white, but they can be produced in different shapes and different pastel colors.
  8. Mabe Pearls- This kind of pearl is considered to be "semi-spherical refined pearls." Mabe Pearls grow inside the shell and not in the body of the Mollusk. Because of this, Mabe pearls produce a flat side and not being fairly spherical, just like the other kind of pearls. It is produced from Australia, Japan, Indonesia, and French Polynesia.
  9. Keshi Pearls- Keshi means "poppy seed" in Japanese. Because this kind of pearl is seed-sized due to its culturing method. This kind of pearl comes in various colors such as rose, white, grey, black, etc.

How to Choose Pearl Birthstone for June

Before purchasing a Birthstone ring, there are some essential factors to consider. Take a look at these recommendations on how to determine the perfect June birthstone ring for you. 

  1. Material- A significant factor in choosing a Birthstone ring is the type of element you prefer. It varies on what type of pearl gemstones or adornments you want for your ring and the type of metal you desire your ring base.
  2. Quality- Looking for a smooth ring is essential. Especially, you will wear this on your fingers. If you purchased a Birthstone ring or any ring, there is a tendency that it would irritate your skin and get rashes from it. You can check this by sliding your fingers on rings' edges. Ensure that there are no bumps or sharp edges.
  3. Design-Every jewelry that you wear will affect your look. Choose a ring that compliments beautifully on your fingers. If you plan to give this to your loved ones in the future, look for a design that everyone would love.
  4. Fit- It is essential to check the fit of the ring you will purchase. See to it that it perfectly fits on your fingers. To avoid slipping of it while wearing it.

Occasions / When to Wear Pearl Birthstone for June?

Here are some guides to follow when choosing where or when to wear a June birthstone pearl accessory to accentuate a stylish fashion.

  1. Are you going on a date with your special someone? Then, you must come up with a simple but striking look. Wear a June pearl birthstone ring made from freshwater pearl and sterling silver. This will complete your look and mesmerize your date with your stunning look.
  2. The beauty of the June Birthstone Pearl necklace is perfect for your office wear. It will accentuate your attire so elegantly.
  3. It can be worn when going to church, matched with a beautiful Sunday dress and stiletto shoes for Women and polo for Men. Or just hanging out with your friends. The kind of look that will not make you look overdressed but still, giving you a striking look
  4. At your wedding, it is a brilliant idea to wear your birthstone ring on your finger. It will mark this essential moment in your life because of its astonishing look. It will give more character to your wedding gown because it is your birthstone.