July Birthstone Ruby

Ruby, considered the “king of gems”. This birthstone color may range from a deep blood red to a paler rose red. Like the red Garnet, Ruby signifies the courage and strength of whoever wears it. It was believed that this gemstone protects the wearer from evil. One of the characteristics of these birthstones is that it includes supporting the emotional state of the wearer and it also brings good luck. Its deep red color symbolizes energy and success, as well as, passion and love.

History of July Birthstone Ruby

July is a month called Quintilis - a Roman word for fifth considered the fifth month of the Roman year. Later on, it was changed to the name "July," which was named after Julius Caesar, the Roman ruler. July has a birthstone named Ruby, and it's considered one of the most coveted gems. Ruby, July birthstone, was derived from the Latin word "ruber," which means red - the color of love and passion. The fine color for July's birthstone - Ruby, is a deep red with a hint of purple and is called "pigeon blood." In India, Ruby was called the king's precious stone because of its rarity, beauty, and hardness, which is considered next to diamonds. It was also perceived as a symbol of power and youthful energy. This July birthstone is believed to predict danger or misfortune.

On the other hand, Europeans believed that ruby stoned bestowed wisdom, health, and, most significantly, success in love. Ruby is also given every 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. Rubies are found initially in Myanmar, but during the 20th century, it was discovered that Vietnam also has a rich source for the July birthstone. Whether you are born in July or not, owning a beautiful Ruby is a rare and precious thing. If you love gems in general, it's time to own a Ruby gem.

Types of Ruby July Birthstone Jewelry

July birthstone or Ruby is a precious and valuable gem. Ruby birthstones also have different types according to their location, and these are the following:

  1. Burmese Ruby Birthstone - Burmese ruby is one of the most quality types of ruby stones and undoubtedly an excellent type. Its deep red color characterizes this due to the presence of high chromium on it. This type of Ruby birthstone is highly found in Myanmar. This is the most popular July birthstone Ruby used in necklaces.
  2. African Ruby Birthstone - this type of Ruby stone is usually purplish to dark red and comes in various sizes and qualities.
  3. Thai Ruby Birthstone - this type of Ruby gem comes from the Southeast part of Bangkok, and this type also occupies the second position after the Burmese Ruby.
  4. Tanzania Ruby Birthstone - this type of Ruby birthstone is mined from the Songea Region. Tanzania Ruby stone is considered quite similar to hessonite stone due to its color. This type of Ruby stone is less expensive than Burmese and Thai rubies. When the size of Tanzanian Ruby is smaller, the more valuable it is. As the size of this Ruby stone increases, the color of the stone starts to fade.
  5. Madagascar Ruby Birthstone - this type of Ruby stone is also on the top of the list for Ruby gemstones. Madagascar Ruby stones have red, orange, and natural red colors.
  6. Afghanistan Ruby Birthstone - this type of Ruby stone was the first to be mined during the early century. Afghanistan produces ruby stones that range from a faint to deep red color. 

The following are the types of Ruby birthstones according to type:

  1. Star - a star ruby is a rare kind of ruby that conveys asterism, a six-rayed star that shines and shimmers over the surface of the gem when it’s moved.
  2. Faceted - this type of ruby refers to the flat surfaces below cut into ruby stones.
  3. Cabochon - a rounded and polished smooth ruby kind of stone with no facets.
  4. Trapiche - has a 6-pointed radial pattern like a ray expanding out from the center.

How to Choose July Birthstone Ruby?

Rubies are striking and beautiful gemstones, and like diamonds, they are cut in different shapes and facets. If you want to have the perfect Ruby birthstone or any jewelry with Ruby gems, the following guides are helpful for you:

  1. Evaluate the color of the Ruby gemstone you are buying. Color is one of the most important factors to consider when determining the quality of the Ruby you are buying. The hue of the stone should be red. The tone should be characterized by how dark the Ruby is, and the saturation of the Ruby you are going to purchase must be intense.
  2. The clarity of the Ruby stone is also another thing to consider. It is already expected that a Ruby stone will have some inclusions inside but make sure that they are as few as possible. You cannot expect a flawless ruby stone but remember that the highest quality of Ruby stone will be eye-clean, meaning flaws were not supposed to be seen by the naked eyes.
  3. Gemstone cut is an important consideration because of some reasons. First, the cut will determine how pleasing and beautiful the stone will look like. The cut of the gemstone will also affect how it reflects light to create sparkle and brilliance. So when you are buying a Ruby gemstone, always consider and evaluate the cut of your Ruby.
  4. You should also check for enhancements as most of the market rubies today have some form of treatments done to them.
  5. Pick the right carat size that will satisfy you. Rubies are often found in lesser carats, sometimes one or two, and if you are looking for larger rubies, consider looking for synthetic ones.
  6. Choose the shape of the Ruby that will suit your style and taste. You can choose from round, cushion, oval, pear, radiant, and marquise shapes. 

After knowing the different ideas on how to choose the perfect Ruby gemstone correctly, you can surely pick the right Ruby birthstone. Are you on a hunt for a place to purchase jewelry with Ruby gemstones? IceCarats is the perfect place to visit. Check our website and explore the different types of their Ruby collection jewelry.

When to Wear July Birthstone Ruby?

Some cultures believed that wearing any jewelry with Ruby stones every Sunday morning between 5 and 6 will give the wearer good luck and ward off evil spirits. Nowadays, if you own any jewelry piece with Ruby gems, you can absolutely wear it regardless of your outfit or any occasion. Even though you are not born in July, as Ruby is the birthstone for July, you can also wear any Ruby jewelry. A pair of stud Ruby earrings or a Ruby pendant on a necklace will complete your daily look no matter what the occasion is. Ruby is a versatile and flexible stone that can match and suit whatever your fashion style is.