Initial Necklaces

History of Initial Necklaces

Jewelry pieces are one of the most precious gifts that a person can give to anyone. They served as reminders of love and how someone is. It is usually given as gifts during special occasions and can become more meaningful when personalized. Customized jewelry like initial necklaces or engraved jewelry is always treasured presents. And gifting these jewelry items have already been a practice since ancient times. The exact origin of initial necklaces and some types of monogram jewelry is, believe it or not, unknown. It is believed that most people began to practice engraving and using initials in jewelry around the 14th or 15th century. The popularity of initial necklaces was uncertain, but one thing is sure, these necklaces have always been considered unique gifts because they are customized and made only for the recipient.

Initial necklaces always have a stronghold on their popularity for such a long time. Looking back at its history, King Henry VIII wore an initial necklace in the court during his time. Anne Boleyn, a famous personality, was also seen wearing her famous initial necklace in her every portrait. Knowing about these things will give you an idea of how far back initial necklaces can go. Although the history of initial necklaces is unknown, their appeal that adorned the jewelry industry cannot be denied. Most people believed that these necklaces were only obtainable to people who belonged to the royal family. But nowadays, anyone could wear them. Initial necklaces are considered timeless trends because their popularity has remained ever since. Giving an initial necklace to your special someone is also an excellent way to make them feel special and loved. These necklaces have been and will always be a perfect choice.

Types of Initial Necklaces

When choosing an initial necklace for yourself or someone else, choose the piece based on its color, design, and material that suits you or the recipient. But before considering different factors, knowing first the initial necklaces' different types help narrow down your choices. Below are some styles that you can choose from.

  1. Custom-shaped Initial Necklace - this necklace can be made entirely of sterling silver or gold, depending on your material choice. You can choose to customize this initial necklace's length however you like and select whatever initial you want to be embossed on the material.
  2. Initial Bar Necklace - this is a simple yet elegant type. It is usually made of a two-sided vertical bar with one initial engraved or located at the bar's bottom. Initial bar necklaces may be available in different materials such as gold or silver. A 14k gold initial necklace or bar necklace will give you a fancy look, as well as this can serve as a perfect gift for a special someone.
  3. Monogram Initial Necklace - this necklace is made by combining multiple letters. Monogram initial necklaces, usually hanging from a dazzling and shimmering chain, are also available in different materials.
  4. Initial Necklace with Infinity Symbol - this necklace is associated with the concept of eternity or everlasting love because of its infinity symbol. The initials on this necklace are usually engraved on the infinity symbol. This is undoubtedly a perfect gift to someone special whom you'd want to express your eternal love and devotion.
  5. Initial Necklace with Birthstone - this necklace is embedded with unique gems related to the wearer's birth month. An initial necklace with a birthstone makes it adorable and perfect to wear for a child.
  6. Large Initial Pendant Necklace - this necklace displays a larger pendant compared to the regular size. They add a unique and personal touch to your outfit, which flaunts a simple yet elegant fashion style.
  7. Small Sideways Initial Pendant Necklace - this necklace is a subtle yet stunning piece. Unlike other initial necklaces that show the initial letter at the center, this piece has the initials laying or is found at the necklace chain side. This is available in different materials, such as an initial silver necklace with a polished finish or an initial necklace in white gold.
  8. Colorful Initial Necklace - this necklace has a feminine design and an ideal girl's initial necklace because of its colorful floral accents and printed decorative pattern. They are usually made in a vertical bar designed with vivid flowers, and the initial letter is found at the bottom of the bar.
  9. Dangling Letter Initial Necklace - this necklace can hold up many letters on the chain, being ten as the maximum. The letters usually dangle, making this necklace a great choice to match every outfit on your wardrobe.
  10. Cross Initial Necklace - this necklace uses a cross symbol to express faith. It is available in different metals, wherein the initial is engraved on the cross symbol. Plus, you can opt to choose your preferred chain style and clasp with this ensemble.
  11. Diamond Initial Necklace - this is similar to the initial birthstone necklace, but diamonds are used instead of gemstones or birthstones. There are various ways to custom an initial diamond necklace. You can choose to put diamonds entirely on the letter or embed them only on the base. This necklace is the perfect piece to add a splash of elegance to every attire.

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How to Choose Initial Necklaces?

Choosing an initial necklace is more of your preference. So make sure to select the one that speaks about you. If you're having difficulty finding the ideal piece, check out the following tips given below.

  1. Metal and materials. The metal and materials used in your desired initial necklace should be your preference. However, this can be difficult when you are buying for your loved one. To make it easier for you, consider the type of jewelry you or your special someone wears. Just don’t forget to select the metal or material that is safe for the skin.
  2. Styles or Types. Initial necklaces usually come in a variety of styles, designs, and types. When choosing one, consider the font, the design, or the symbols used. Select unique styles that you or your special someone would love to have.
  3. Budget. Most initial necklaces are made out of precious metals, which makes some types expensive. If you can find high-quality initial necklaces at a lower price, grab them. Higher-priced initial necklaces are usually made of gold or embedded with diamonds and other gemstones. Always keep your budget in mind when buying an initial necklace.
  4. Buy from Trusted Stores. If you want to get an initial necklace with high quality and gorgeous look, choose to buy it from a trusted store. Before purchasing, make it a habit to consider making comparisons between items that caught your eyes.

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When to Wear Initial Necklaces?

Initial necklaces are versatile ensembles. May it is a simple collared shirt or a loose blouse, or even dazzling long dresses or gowns, these necklaces can sashay your statement. Plus, they are also excellent choices for smart-casual outfits. There's no doubt why many people choose them as go-to necklaces. There are no specific rules when deciding when to wear your initial necklace. So, wear it whenever you want, wherever you are, and whatever look you want to convey. These can be your best friends!