Infinity Rings

History of Infinity Rings

An infinity symbol has long been used to express the promise of a lifetime commitment in any relationship, especially romantic ones. John Wallis discovered the infinity symbol in 1655. The word infinity is derived from the word "infinitas'', a Latin word, which means something that never ceases to exist. Couples wishing to celebrate an unbreakable relationship or bond between them to mark a commitment to each other may opt for a piece of infinity jewelry like infinity promise rings. An infinity ring is associated with love, commitment, and is always considered meaningful jewelry to give to a special someone.

The thought about infinity is very relevant to some couples, especially to those ready to enter a new chapter or milestone of their lives, a lifetime commitment called marriage. Infinity rings are now a popular choice for couples, which serve as a representation of being together forever. Sometimes, these rings can be confused with eternity rings because of their meaning and symbolism about lifetime commitment, but the key difference lies in the design and the rings' details. An eternity ring can feature a band encircled with an unbroken line of same-size cut gemstones or other precious stones of choice. Infinity rings, on the other hand, incorporate the infinity symbol and may or may not feature different stones, depending on the style and design of the ring.

Infinity rings or infinity bands display an infinity symbol, which looks like figure eight in a horizontal place. There are some designs wherein the infinity symbol with a heart takes the center style of the ring. This shows off its unique characteristics and symbolism that sets it apart from any other types of rings. Infinity ring symbolizes a continuous hoop with no end, which fits for a meaning of deep love and a real commitment for a lifetime. Nowadays, many varieties can be seen in different jewelry stores. Some stores already have men's infinity rings available. But when a man is looking for an infinity ring for her or his special someone, the most famous ones are adorned or embellished with infinity symbols made from diamonds or any other precious stones. In today's modern time, giving your special someone an infinity ring can be the most romantic gesture you can give outside your marriage.

Types of Infinity Rings

Most people love infinity rings because of the quality of these rings to blend with most styles. Infinity rings stand out because of their unique appearance and symbolism that can be both an excellent piece for relationships like friendship or the ultimate relationship between couples. There are many types of infinity rings, and some of the following are:

  1. Diamond Infinity Ring - this is the most famous and most commonly worn type. This ring is typically made of diamonds that are considered the most precious stone in jewelry. This is also commonly given as an engagement ring.
  2. Sideways Infinity Ring - is somehow the same as a diamond infinity ring, but the only difference is that the infinity symbol is found sideways. Sometimes, it also uses different types of precious gemstones. Also, be given as an infinity friendship ring because a friend often gives it a gift to their treasured friend.
  3. Infinity Bridal Set - this type comes in a set of two or three, including the engagement ring and the wedding band. The infinity bridal set's design continues around from the engagement ring band to the wedding ring you desire with the infinity symbol as a subtle detail of the rings.
  4. Cushion-frame Infinity Ring - this type has a tight outline of diamond stones or some other sparkling and dazzling gemstones bordered by a cushion-shaped frame. This infinity ring is the right choice for someone who wants a simple yet classy infinity ring.
  5. Vintage Style Infinity Ring - this is a classic ring that complements the diamond or any gemstone you choose. This is a smart choice of infinity ring for someone who does not want a very modern infinity ring, rather, is looking for a gorgeous ring that can be a family heirloom.
  6. Knot-shank Infinity Promise Ring - this type of infinity ring is a timeless symbol of eternal love and devotion that features an infinity symbol with a knot-shank twist.
  7. Silver Infinity Ring - this is considered the simplest type of infinity ring because of its look. Silver rings are made solely out of silver, which features an infinity symbol at the center or sideways of the ring. This is an excellent choice for someone who wants to wear the ring with no added embellishments or designs.
  8. Gold Infinity Ring is the same as the silver infinity ring, but the only difference is the metal used in making this type. This type of infinity rings offer different gold types like yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold that you can choose from. 

Whether you go for a simple silver infinity ring or infinity rings designed by precious stones, the main point of wearing this ring will always stay the same: to symbolize that your love will last forever. You can choose from the different types of infinity rings as your wedding bands, engagement rings, or just an expression of your appreciation to a special someone in your relationship. Purchase an infinity ring now for whatever reason you want, and make sure you pick the perfect one. Visit our website, and you will indeed find the ideal infinity ring with us.

How to Choose an Infinity Ring?

The total number of people wearing infinity rings has skyrocketed in the last few years, which is why these rings are sought after by many. These serve as symbolic pieces that make them unique from other types of rings. They carry very distinct meanings that vary from one place to another. Picking an infinity ring for a special someone may pressure you. But, you can purchase an ideal infinity ring with the help of the following tips:

  1. Choosing the right size of an infinity ring will always come first. When you select an infinity ring, make sure you know the wearer's size to avoid returning it or resizing it. It will also help you save time and energy.
  2. Always have in mind the style of the infinity ring you want. Choosing the type of ring depends on the wearer's taste and style. You should also consider how the ring would look on their finger.
  3. The metal of the infinity ring you are choosing is also a factor to consider. When selecting any jewelry, there is no certain metal that will best fit the definition. You need to choose the one you think will suit the wearer's taste and other jewelry collections.
  4. There are also types of infinity rings that come in a bridal set but if you choose an infinity ring alone, choose the one that will blend well with your other rings, especially with your engagement and wedding ring. Since infinity rings are sometimes stacked with your other rings, pick the one that will match and complement them. Mixing and matching are applied to this factor. 

If you want to have an infinity ring embellished with colored gemstones, pick the gemstone's color well. There are many types of colored gemstones you can choose from but select the one that will match your other jewelry.

When to Wear an Infinity Ring?

You can wear infinity rings as wedding bands or rings, also engagement rings, or just wear them as an expression of your appreciation for a special relationship with a special person. In other words, infinity rings can be your everyday ornament. You can wear them along with your other rings that could symbolize your eternal love for your loved one. Like any other type of ring, infinity rings are versatile. The simplicity of their designs blends well with different types of jewelry regardless of your outfit and the occasion you are attending.