ID Bracelets

History of ID Bracelets

Bracelets are known jewelry worn by both men and women for more than hundreds of years now. One fact about bracelets is that it has many styles and kinds. An exciting history of identification or ID bracelets has been discussed since then until today. ID bracelets are types of bracelets that communicate essential information to the person you encounter. These are twentieth-century link bracelets with engraved information on a flat metal plate. These bracelets also have an aesthetic appeal as some of them were made with crystal, sterling silver, or 14-karat gold material. Medical ID bracelets are kind of ID bracelets that let the first responders identify your data in case of an emergency. These are essential bracelets for those who have medical conditions and need help during an emergency.

American soldiers wore the first ID bracelets as part of their uniforms during World War II. The first appearance of these bracelets started as bent metal or heavy chains with a metal plate. ID bracelets worn by American soldiers were engraved with their names, ranks, or serial numbers for them to be identified in case they were killed or unable to speak for themselves. Some American soldiers continue to wear their ID bracelets even when they are home to show respect for their time in service. The purpose of the ID bracelets stayed as is throughout the ‘40s.

During the 1970s, the popularity of ID bracelets spread to the civilian world. Americans began wearing them with names engraved of missing or imprisoned soldiers during the Korean or Vietnam war. When the missing soldier or the imprisoned soldier has already returned home, those wearing his name on the id bracelet will mail the bracelet to the owner. In the case that the soldier died, the id bracelet is being sent back to the family. During this time, men’s id bracelets were often given to the women in their lives as a sign of affection and signified that the couple was in a committed relationship. Because of the war, the government decided to let children be evacuated to secure their safety. Some parents wouldn’t let their children be evacuated; that’s why children also wore id bracelets. According to the government, if children were not evacuated, they would need to wear id bracelets for others to read their bracelets and help them if their parents got killed.

These traditions have fallen out of practice as time went on, but identification bracelets are still trendy personalized jewelry today. Nowadays, identification bracelets are often worn for medical purposes. People with medical conditions like allergies wear Id bracelets engraved with necessary information like their name, person to be contacted, or a telephone number to call for more details. Wearing an id bracelet like a medical id bracelet may help save someone with medical conditions in emergencies. Some id bracelets today became a part of the daily fashion statement of people. These bracelets are also considered more modern and stylish bracelets that will never sacrifice your fashion style. And by wearing these, you won't need to worry about pulling off any look you want.

Types of ID Bracelets

Regardless of what type of id bracelet you are wearing, make sure you choose something to serve the purpose. Take a look at the different id bracelets listed below as your guide for deciding what type of id bracelet you want to have.

  1. Medical ID Bracelet - this is the most famous type of id bracelet. It is used by people with medical conditions to enable other people to save them in times of emergency. Different styles of medical bracelets are available for women, men, as well as for kids. Finding a style of bracelet is easy as these have already become popular nowadays.
  2. Road ID Bracelet - this is a personalized type of id bracelet which is often used by runners, cyclists, and other athletic people. This type is rugged and durable, a stretchy band that will make you feel comfortable even if you are wet with water or sweating. This works great for active lifestyles and best fits as a kids' id bracelet.
  3. Stretchable ID Bracelet is a timelessly styled id bracelet that is easy to take on and off and can be adjusted very well. Unluckily this type of id bracelet is not advisable as a baby id bracelet because it has sharp edges that might come off rough and uncomfortable for a baby’s skin.
  4. Id Bracelet with Chain - the gold if bracelet and the silver id bracelet are the perfect examples for this type of id bracelet. This chic and low-profile id bracelet style is an elegant alternative to stainless steel or silicone id bracelet band. This can also complement your outfits.
  5. Leather Wrap ID Bracelet - this is an attractive alternative to a traditional type of id bracelet. The leather wrap is adjustable for a more comfortable feeling for the wearer. But unfortunately, the pendant or the faceplate of this type limits the information you can engrave because it’s small.

After knowing the various types of Id bracelets, for sure, you have already in your mind the kind of id bracelet you want to have. If you want a hassle-free transaction of buying your id bracelet, visit our website now and choose from our various collections of id bracelets, the one that will make you fall in love.

How to Choose ID Bracelets?

Choosing the perfect jewelry to buy is one of the most exhausting tasks to do. Before purchasing a piece of jewelry, there are some things that you need to consider. Among many jewelry items, buying id bracelets can also be hard if you do not know any tips on how to choose the right id bracelet. Below are some tips you need to ponder when you are buying an id bracelet.

  1. When you are buying a medical id bracelet, consider two choices: preformatted or customizable? Remember that customized engraving can suffer from shrinking style because of your inscriptions while in preformatted, you are guaranteed to have a large, readable font.
  2. Consider your lifestyle when buying an id bracelet. Make sure it’s durable and versatile. You should consider the nature of your work when choosing the right id bracelet. Your daily activities or routine such as going to the gym and having a coffee date with a friend, should all be assessed to make sure that you find the perfect id bracelet suitable for your lifestyle.
  3. The materials used in making your chosen id bracelet are also necessary. Either you go for different kinds of metals or leather, remember to select the one that suits your everyday activities. In addition, a silicone id bracelet can be the right choice for kids because it has a kid-friendly band.
  4. Your day-to-day activities can tell you about what kind of id bracelet you need. Consider your daily habits and all the questions like: What do you do daily? What do you wear casually? This will help with the decision-making.
  5. Different occasions are also considered when choosing an id bracelet. There are several types of Id bracelets that are great for casual wear and look good on elegant attire.
  6. Get an id bracelet that fits perfectly on your wrist with the right amount of comfort. An id bracelet that fits your wrist only means that your id bracelet is secured from getting lost. But don’t choose an id bracelet that is too tight on your wrist as it might give you a feeling of not being comfortable. Also, don't choose the ones that are too loose because it might snag.
  7. If the price of your chosen id bracelet is right, go for it. Remember that you can have good quality and gorgeous piece of jewelry without breaking your bank. Some stores like IceCarats offer affordable jewelry items yet affordable. Keep in mind that buying expensive jewelry is not required to look elegant and glamorous; you can still pull off a look with not too expensive jewelry pieces.

Make sure you choose an id bracelet that will meet your communication needs and your daily style. You can select a piece of id bracelet that you can wear every day that is fashionable and reflects who you are. Or you can choose an id bracelet that will serve a different purpose for medical reasons. Whatever type of id bracelet you are about to choose, always remember that IceCarats is willing to help you achieve your dream of having the best jewelry. Just visit our website, and you’ll be in awe of the various collections of the different types of id bracelets.

When to Wear ID Bracelets?

You can always wear your id bracelet on ordinary days and special occasions. Wearing your id bracelet every day offers the assurance that you are stylish and safe at the same time. For example, imagine someone with medical conditions who needs an immediate emergency response. If that person wears a medical id bracelet, it would be easy for the responders to help him/her. Other id bracelets can also be worn every day, but again, it depends on its style and your lifestyle. When going to evening parties or formal events, make sure that your ID bracelet matches your outfit. Yes, it may be a must to wear an identity bracelet for emergency purposes, but sometimes wearing one will not suit your overall look.