Heart Locket

History of Heart Lockets

Lockets have become a classic accessory for more than centuries and have been worn by both men and women. Although it brings a feminine meaning to the mind of a person who hears the word locket, some lockets were designed for men. Lockets have evolved throughout the years; we now have a heart-shaped locket, silver or gold lockets, and photo lockets. Lockets are believed to have become famous during the 19th century, but other historians also said it also dates back far earlier. Lockets during this time are considered very special because they represented love, marriage, and union. The history of the lockets is vital because of what they convey. It represented nothing but the encompassing experience of a human being. It also transcends individual stories, and some represent a significant part of a family.

When talking about the most personal type of jewelry, the first on the list will always be lockets. These types of jewelry can tell stories both on a grand and historical level or scale. Lockets mean more than other types of jewelry. Lockets are also considered a symbol of love and honor and sometimes a symbol also of mourning. Many types of lockets are called photo lockets or picture necklaces because they contain a picture or photo. Gold lockets also played a role in the history of lockets because they were worn before to express membership in a secret society. This kind of secret society is an allegiance to a slain monarch in a divided political landscape. Nowadays, heart lockets are considered famous personalized charms worn by a person either with photos or ashes from the departed loved one.

Types of Heart Shaped Locket Jewelry

A locket is a pendant that secures a photo or a small item that serves as a remembrance from a loved one. The heart locket is an example of the different types of lockets, and it also has various styles and types that a wearer can choose. These days the following heart lockets can be seen worn by different people: teenagers or adults.

  1. Heart Locket with Clock Inside - this type of heart locket is an excellent choice if you love clock watches and lockets. This is a heart-shaped locket that has a clock inside when opened. Sometimes it comes in a unique antique look, and this can also be a beautiful gift for someone you love.
  2. Gold Heart Locket - this is a type of a heart locket necklace that expresses what simplicity is the ultimate sophistication means. This shiny piece accentuates its sleek fashion that can be worn over anything.
  3. Lock and Key Heart Locket - this type of heart locket has a great indication and will undoubtedly make your special someone feel loved. This type of locket can also carry a photograph that makes it a heart photo locket.
  4. Silver Heart Locket - this type of heart locket is made of silver. This may look too mainstream, but surely, this will take your breath away. This silver heart locket is simple and pretty, and like any other lockets, this also can be worn over any attire.
  5. Heart Family Locket - this is a unique type of heart locket because it has more space for photos of your whole family. It can store up to 3-4 pictures at a time.
  6. Antiqued Heart-shaped Locket - this is a type of heart locket designed with an antique look. This is a smart choice for those who love to collect antique stuff.
  7. Photo Heart Locket - this is the most popular type of heart locket. This simple yet beautiful type of heart locket has space for two photos.
  8. Glow in the Dark Heart Locket - this is considered the prettiest type of heart locket. Its intricate design makes it look enchanting.
  9. Couple Heart Locket - this type of heart locket is composed of two lockets, and each has half of the heart that completes a whole heart. This is also an excellent gift for your other half, and your gesture will undoubtedly be thoughtful and sweet.

How to Choose a Heart Locket?

Heart lockets are some of the many personalized gifts you can choose to give for a special someone. This type of locket allows you and your loved one to keep a memory from you. Below are some helpful tips or guides you can use to guide when buying a heart locket.

  1. The first step when picking a heart locket is to determine for whom you are buying the locket. If it is not for yourself and you are about to give it to a special someone, you need to follow this first step. If you are buying a locket for your special someone, a heart locket is a perfect choice. If you want to reward or buy something for yourself, a special gift, picking one heart-shaped locket for you, is also a smart choice.
  2. Determining or choosing what materials your heart locket is made of is also another thing to consider. Does the receiver or you want silver, gold, or white gold? An excellent way to figure out what materials you want the locket to be made of is to choose the one that will suit and match most of the jewelry owned by the receiver or you.
  3. Choosing a design for your heart locket is the next thing to do. Decide on how elaborate the creation of the locket would be. If you are buying for a special someone, keep in mind the things that they love and prefer when it comes to jewelry so that you can choose the design well suited for your loved one.
  4. Pick the heart locket that will help you or your loved one stand out. Make sure that the heart locket you select will be the best feature of your everyday look.
  5. The occasion or the location you are going to is also important. Choosing the appropriate heart locket according to the occasion is also another thing to consider. You cannot wear a big heart locket pendant at a business event because it won’t suit your look.
  6. Another important question when buying a heart locket is “What to put inside the heart locket?”. The part of what makes a locket special among other jewelry is that you can put something inside. It allows you to put memorabilia pieces. When choosing a heart locket, you can always consider what to keep in the locket to make it even more special. 

Following the tips given above may give you an edge in choosing the perfect heart locket for yourself or a special someone. If you have already decided to have a heart locket piece and don’t know where to get it, visiting the IceCarats website is the perfect solution. We can offer various heart lockets for you and for your loved one that you will surely love.

When to Wear Heart Lockets?

Owning a heart locket means another way to style your everyday look. But when do you wear a heart locket? Here are some suggestions you can bear in mind that might be helpful for you:

  1. When you own a heart locket with a minimalist design and a small pendant, you can wear it on your everyday casual look. This piece of heart locket can be an eye-catching statement for your daily wear.
  2. Wearing a heart locket on formal occasions like evening dinner and night parties is also an excellent fashion statement. If your heart locket is embellished with fine gemstones, that could be a fantastic add-on to your evening look.
  3. A heart locket on your business suit or office attire is also an excellent finishing touch. Just remember that your heart locket should not be a distraction from your work.
  4. Mix and match your heart locket with your other jewelry to achieve the classic look you want to pull off. 

Wearing a heart locket will give you limitless options, but it is still you who can decide when to wear your heart locket correctly. Just remember that IceCarats is always here to help you achieve the perfect look you want by choosing us for jewelry. We guarantee you that we still want to help you look best with our top-quality jewelry.