Graduation Jewelry

History of Graduation Jewelry

Graduations are ceremonies that include a procession of academic staff and the degree candidates. Both academic staff and degree candidates during this ceremony wear academic attire or dress. The graduation ceremony itself is sometimes called a commencement ceremony, convocation, or invocation ceremony. Ceremonies for graduating students dated from the first university found in Europe during the 12th century. Typical dress for graduation during this time is also a gown and hood, or hats adapted from university staff or students' daily apparel. The tradition of wearing graduation hats has begun in Sweden and has been in place since the mid-eighteen century. The caps are typically white with a black or dark blue band around them and a black peak at the front. This graduation hat tradition was also adopted by other universities such as the Uppsala University. Wearing graduation gowns and hats and the ceremony itself became popular across several European countries and now even worldwide.

Although the first university to initiate a graduation ceremony was found in Europe, the concept of receiving a degree came from Islam, and the Baccalaureate ceremony originated at Oxford University. The traditional graduation dress and cap and the ceremony started centuries later but were still practiced by many universities worldwide but with a lot of changes. Developments in technology are why graduation ceremonies have changed the way it was done than the traditional one. Graduation parties became a modern invention during modern times. Graduation gifts have been part of showing how proud a loved one can be of the graduating student's achievements. It has become a tradition and a way of congratulating a graduate member of the family. Jewelry has also become a part of graduation. Why? It’s because graduation jewelry became the most gifted thing during graduation. Overall, graduation ceremonies have seen significant changes over the past hundred years. The good thing is that even with a lot of changes, people nowadays still get the essence of graduation ceremonies. 

Types of Jewelry for Graduation

When choosing a type of graduation jewelry gift to a graduate, the first thing to keep in mind is their age and style. After knowing these factors, you’ll be sure to choose a meaningful gift and be a keepsake. Make your graduation jewelry gift meaningful and lasting. Have the right piece of graduation jewelry gift for your daughter or any graduate you know by considering the following types of graduation gift ideas for her jewelry or him too.

  1. You can give a small pendant necklace for the youngest graduates or those kids being promoted from grade school going to middle or junior high school.
  2. A heart-shaped pendant or a locket will go well with this age. Most of these young girls would also love a personalized pendant with their names or initials engraved. Another graduation jewelry gift for your daughter to signify the occasion is a charm bracelet. The charm will remind her of her promotion as she enters the next chapter of her life. For boys, you can give them a pendant made from their favorite cartoon character.
  3. High school graduation jewelry is perhaps the most important gift you can give to a high school graduate. High school graduation is considered the most significant milestone in a young person’s life, so it makes sense to match the occasion with a gift worth remembering and will last. When you know a lady about to graduate, her graduation jewelry gifts can be a necklace with a beautiful pendant that will help her kick-off a start for her jewelry wardrobe, or maybe a pair of subtle earrings a birthstone ring will do.
  4. For boys, a common high school graduation jewelry gift is a classic piece of engravable ring. These graduation gifts have been a piece of famous graduation jewelry, too, since the year 2019.
  5. When choosing a college graduation jewelry gift, you need to consider something that will last as they embark on a path of independence and adulthood. College graduation is an ideal occasion for women to start and enhance their style in jewelry wardrobe. College graduation jewelry gifts may include classic jewelry like a pair of sophisticated stud earrings or a solitaire necklace or a strand of pearls that will help her plan her work-worthy look as she enters the world of professionals. This jewelry can be great graduation jewelry for her, too. You can also give a birthstone piece as a college graduation gift jewelry gift for your daughter to compliment her daily look. At the same time, most college male graduates refer to having a watch to make them look more professional.
  6. When considering what jewelry to give to an advanced degree grad, consider the celebrant’s life and a new career. A woman or man entering another career path opts for a piece of jewelry they can wear on their job.
  7. A necklace for both men and women and stud earrings for women will do. A new nurse will want something small and not on fingers or wrists, so when deciding on a piece of jewelry for a nurse graduate, you can give them a delicate pendant necklace or pair of diamond earrings. Nursing graduation jewelry gifts should be discreet
  8. , so decide to provide them with a simple jewelry gift.

If you keep in mind the different types of jewelry to give for a graduate and their age and style, you will find the perfect piece of graduation jewelry gift for them. IceCarats has an array of different graduation gifts that you can choose from. From your loved one’s college graduation jewelry gift year 2018 to graduation jewelry for 2019 and up until the present, IceCarats have been offering quality graduation jewelry gifts.

How to Choose the Perfect Graduation Jewelry Gift?

After finishing having a look at the best ideas for graduation jewelry gifts, the following are the things you must have in mind to ensure that you’ll have the perfect graduation jewelry gift. Here’s an answer to “What graduation jewelry to wear or give to a graduate for this year 2020?” and “How to choose the perfect graduation jewelry gift?”

  1. Focus on the style, preferences, and the likes of your new graduate rather than yours. You can also consider the trending style for the present year, but always remember that not because you love a piece of certain jewelry and its trending means they will love it.
  2. If you can give personalized jewelry, go for it. You can make your jewelry gift stand out because it is unique, among others. Birthstone jewelry is also a smart choice, showing you’ve put thoughts into the gift.
  3. There is no better graduation jewelry gift than the one which fits the wardrobe of the new graduate. Better to focus on the versatility of the jewelry you are giving. A piece of jewelry that mixes well with other pieces is an excellent idea.

Selecting and choosing the perfect jewelry as a graduation gift needs not to be a daunting task. You should have fun doing it, but you don’t need to be stuck on it. Just think of jewelry that your graduate would love, and you’ll surely have the perfect gift for them. IceCarats hope that they might help you find the ideal graduation jewelry gift by visiting their website. 

Wearing Graduation Jewelry

Whatever you choose or give as a gift for a graduate to commemorate their graduation reflects thoughtfulness, and they’ll surely love it for years to come. Bring their style not only into their graduation but in every special occasion by letting them the perfect jewelry gifted by you.

  1. A personalized necklace given as a graduation gift can also be a piece of daily to-go jewelry. This can accentuate and enhance the wearer’s everyday look.
  2. Diamond earrings given to a graduate can be a piece of jewelry to be worn on formal occasions. It can also be considered as office jewelry.
  3. A birthstone ring given on your graduation day can be your daily piece of jewelry to elevate your casual look.
  4. Watches given to any graduates will help them pull-off a professional look suited for job hunting after finishing their college degree.
  5. Charm bracelets given to kids who also graduated can be their jewelry pieces when going out with parents or even attending special events.