Gold Rings

History of Gold Rings

In the Georgian and Victorian eras, gold was not only considered the king in jewelry making; hence, it was also the king of other ornamentation found in richly hued fabrics like silks and velvets. It was set with precious gemstones such as diamonds, turquoise, rubies, and others. The earliest jewelry period began in the mid 19th century, but gold has been used in making jewelry since 4000 B.C in some parts of the world, like Eastern Europe. Jewelry made of gold is one of the best things that never really goes out of style, even if it takes a new face nowadays, such as rose gold and white gold rings. One of the best gold jewelry qualities is that it can offer sparkle and shine that other jewelry made of different metals do not have. Jewelry made of gold has been sought after, valued, and highly appreciated by many people because of its rarity and beauty. Mesopotamians and Egyptians were some of the earliest civilizations to use gold as decorations. Higher rulers also used gold jewelry to indicate their wealth and status.

One type of gold jewelry that became famous throughout history are the gold rings. The earliest gold rings are found in ancient Egypt. Egyptians primarily used gold signet rings in which a seal is engraved on it and used for authenticating documents. Ancient Greeks also used gold rings only for decoration. In Rome, gold rings were considered an important symbol of social status. Most rings in the Roman republic were made of iron because the gold ones were restricted to be used only by certain classes. As time passed, the privilege of wearing gold rings during the 3rd century was allowed to some classes, such as knights and any person who wants to wear gold rings except for slaves. Wearing of gold betrothal or engagement and wedding rings were also believed to have originated in Rome. During the 19th century, the distinction of different gold rings was broken down into different types and kinds inspired by various styles. Nowadays, fine quality modern gold rings are usually machine-made and feature a diamond or any precious stones. This type is typically present in the design of rings for women. While gold rings for men are still famous nowadays, they usually come as plain gold bands. In today’s generation, gold rings are either worn as simple adornment pieces or as symbols of marital fidelity.

Types of Gold Rings

When people think of a ring accessory, they always tend to think of gold pieces of rings no matter who you ask. For centuries now, gold has become one of the sought-after types of metals for jewelry for men and women. Looking at gold rings in more details, they break down into the following types:

According to Gold Rings Color

  1. Yellow Gold Ring - this type of gold ring is made by mixing pure gold, silver, zinc, and copper. This is considered as the purest form of gold color and also the most hypo-allergenic. Yellow gold rings require the least maintenance of all the gold color rings.
  2. White Gold Ring - this type of gold ring is made of gold and platinum or palladium. Sometimes, there are white gold rings made of gold, nickel, palladium, and zinc. Compared to yellow gold rings, white gold rings are more durable and scratch-resistant, and more affordable gold rings.
  3. Rose Gold Ring - this type of gold ring is also called pink gold. Made when alloyed is mixed with gold, silver, and copper. This ring is more affordable than any various types of rose gold jewelry, including rose gold engagement rings, which are becoming famous nowadays because of their beauty and durability.
  4. Green Gold Ring - this type of gold ring is the newest type of gold color made from mixing gold with silver and sometimes copper. The green color is achieved because of silver mixed with gold alloy.

According to Plating

  1. Gold Layered Ring - this type of gold ring has a super thin layer of gold since there is no general standard for gold layered jewelry.
  2. Gold Leaf Ring - this type of gold ring was hammered by hand into thin layers and wrapped around the metal. Gold leaf rings were recognized by its irregularities of foil that surrounds the band.
  3. Gold Plated Ring - this type of gold ring has a very thin layer of gold present around the metal's surface. The metal of the ring can be stainless steel or brass dipped into gold. The gold plating process is known as electroplating, and this is why it gives a gold-like appearance to any gold plated jewelry.
  4. Gold Overlay Ring - this type of gold ring has a thicker gold coating and more durable over time. This ring's gold content must be at least 10K and never be lower than 1/20 of its total weight. Gold overlay ring uses a base metal made of brass, stainless steel, or copper.
  5. Gold Filled Ring - this type of gold ring is not filled with gold as its name suggests. Instead, it is a ring made of brass or copper, usually covered by sheets of gold. This type of gold ring is safe for people, especially those with sensitive skin.
  6. Vermeil Gold Ring - this type of gold ring simply means gold plated sterling silver. Gold vermeil rings are different from gold-plated or gold-filled rings because they have a thicker gold layer and use sterling silver as the base metal. Vermeil gold ring is a better choice compared to other gold rings when you have a skin allergy. 

Knowing all the different types of gold rings available out in the market will help you narrow down your choices and save your effort and time. If you already know what type of gold ring to buy, it’s time to visit our website and purchase the ring you want. You will never regret choosing IceCarats when purchasing your gold ring.

How to Choose Gold Rings?

If you have decided to buy a gold ring but need guidance to ensure that you will pick the right one, you can look at the following essential factors to consider:

  1. A gold karat is a number that will tell you how many parts of pure gold your choice of the gold ring has. When you are buying a gold ring, one question to consider is “What karat should your gold ring be?”. Always remember that a higher karat gold ring is more expensive because it contains more gold. So take a price when you are deciding on what karat of the ring should be.
  2. If the gold ring you are purchasing has a gemstone set, make sure that you know what the ring setting should be made of. Knowing what the setting is essential, especially when it’s prong settings wherein gemstones are held in a place by tiny posts.
  3. Considering the ring body is also important. When you are buying a gold ring, make sure you know how sturdy its body is. Choose the ring band that is not too thin because it will get thinner as you wear it. Gold is a soft metal that can wear down quickly, so choose a reasonably thick ring so that it won’t break or bend as time passes.
  4. When choosing a gold ring, you need to evaluate the quality of your gold carefully. Remember, not all that glitters are gold. Because your gold ring looks like it is gold, it doesn't mean it is. You need to identify the difference between a pure gold ring and a fake one if you want to buy a quality gold ring.
  5. Knowing the alloy and color that you want for your gold ring is also another thing to consider. When buying a gold ring, you are not only limited to yellow gold rings only. You can choose what type of color you want for your ring, too! The alloy mixed with any other metal will also influence the gold ring's quality, so you need to choose the kind of alloy your gold ring has wisely.
  6. “Always compare.” If you can do this last and final tip when buying a gold ring, then do it. With the various jewelry stores present nowadays, a gold ring may vary from one store to another from the quality to the prices. It may sound impulsive that when you find a piece of ring that speaks to you, you'll need to purchase it. That’s why you need to compare the same item that you want elsewhere for a much more economical price and top-quality piece.

When to Wear Gold Rings?

There is no perfect day when you want to wear a piece of the gold ring. However, there are some special occasions where wearing a piece of gold ring is acceptable. If you want to know some tips on correctly wearing your gold ring, the following listed below might help. 

  1. If you purchased a versatile piece of gold jewelry, there is no doubt that you can wear it every day.
  2. Wearing formal attire when attending formal gatherings or events and pairing it with a gold ring will give you an elegant look.
  3. Level up your casual look by accessorizing it with a gold ring. Wearing an outfit for running errands or having a coffee date with your friend will bring your fashion style to the next level when paired with a gold ring.
  4. An office uniform of yours can never be dull when you wear a piece of a gold ring. This will help you pull off a professional look.