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History of Gold Necklaces

Gold was first discovered in lopsided yellow nuggets in streams found all around the world. Before gold embraced the jewelry world, it became first as the civilization's currency before paper money. It was considered a valuable metal because it was traded based on its rarity. During Victorian and Gregorian times, gold was considered the king of jewelry. During these times, gold jewelry was set with different precious stones. The earliest gold jewelry was dated back to 4000 BC ago in Eastern Europe. Gold was also used in decorating churches and tombs worldwide. Gold necklaces were also famous in ancient cultures of Mesopotamia and Egypt. They never cease to amaze people in every single piece of jewelry made out of it. From gold's jewelry origins dated years ago, its incredible history paved its way to the embellished jewelry industry.

Necklaces have been the largest and most conspicuous jewelry and have also been worn since civilization's dawn. Its earliest forms were made out of natural materials such as shells and stones, and as time passed, they were replaced by various precious materials such as beads and gemstones. One of the significant types of jewelry made from gold is gold necklaces. Gold necklaces for women and men's gold necklaces became a part of everyone's fashion statement and style. They were used as early as 2000 to 4000 BC to symbolize wealth and status. These necklaces do not vary only in chains but were also embedded with different designs such as precious and semi-precious gemstones. Gold necklaces with gemstones were famous among Egyptians because they used these as part of their possessions until their death. It also became well-known in India, China, and different parts of the world. Other innovations in gold necklaces occurred and became the most sought-after pieces of jewelry as time passed. Nowadays, gold necklaces are often used by people who want to pull off an incredible fashion style.

Types of Gold Necklaces

Necklaces for men and women come in various shapes and sizes suitable for different styles and occasions. Having a good quality and gold necklace in your jewelry collection is an investment that you can wear all over again. Different gold necklaces will help you channel out the inner fashionista in you. Here are some top gold necklaces that you can choose from.

  1. Gold Pendant Necklace - this gold necklace is one of the most versatile types of necklaces. This is a must-have because it will enhance your fashion statement or style and expresses your personality. It allows you to choose the pendant you want to pair with your necklace chain.
  2. Gold Choker Necklace - other choker necklaces are made of ribbons, velvets, and leather, but this is purely made of gold medals. The gold choker necklace is ideal for off-shoulder dresses and dresses with lower necklines.
  3. Gold Collar Necklace - this necklace lies flat to the wearer's body rather than hanging freely on the neck. Collar necklaces usually come in 14-inches chain lengths and look similar to a shirt's collar. Like chokers, a gold collar necklace is ideal for off-shoulder dresses and adds a touch of elegant sophistication to evening wear.
  4. Gold Matinee Necklace - this necklace is a short type that sits just about the bust and usually comes in 22-24 inches in length. Gold matinee necklaces are ideal to be paired with a plunging neckline and with any formal attire.
  5. Gold Locket Necklace - a photo of you and your loved one is the main attraction of locket necklaces. This type always comes with a mysterious aura and an ideal heirloom passed from one generation to the next. A gold locket necklace is a perfect piece of jewelry to wear during a casual outing or over scoops and square neckline dresses.
  6. Gold Chain Necklace - this gold necklace is considered the most minimalistic and versatile piece. If you are looking for ideal items to wear every day, this is a perfect choice. Gold chain necklaces can be paired well with formal wear, and these work with all kinds of occasions you are attending to.
  7. Gold Negligee Necklace - this type is a long necklace that is characterized by an asymmetrical length of its tassels or drops. It is ideal for a feminine look and can complement any shimmery outfit. Gold negligee necklace can also add elegance and glam to your fashion.
  8. Gold Bib Necklace - this necklace covers the wearer just like a bib does. They usually have a triangular or circular shape that can beautifully look in strapless dresses. Gold bib necklaces are considered one of the hottest trends in jewelry.
  9. Gold Riviere Necklace - this a short necklace that usually comes in 14-16 inches only and simply strung with a line of precious gemstones or rhinestones. This is a modern type usually worn during special formal events.
  10. Gold Princess Necklace - this necklace is defined either for its length or style. They are adorned with glistening rhinestones or gemstones and fanciful shapes that usually have one central drop.

Gold necklaces for men and women have become a part of their fashion style since then and now. These jewelry ensembles are considered staple pieces worn on any occasion. They may vary from different styles, but they are always regarded as precious because they are made from precious gold metal. If you are looking for a place to buy gold necklaces, do not hesitate to visit our website, We guarantee you that you will be able to purchase the top-quality gold necklace you are looking for!

How to Choose Gold Necklaces?

Gold necklaces are one of the most famous types of gold jewelry nowadays. However, some people have a hard time choosing even a simple piece because these necklaces come in various styles and designs. Here are some essential things to remember when looking for a perfect gold necklace.

  1. Know what type of gold necklace you are looking for. Various gold necklaces work with different fashion styles and personalities. Some varieties are ideal for masculine looks, while others are for feminine. Some are also suitable for everyday wear and some for special occasions only. So before purchasing a gold necklace, know what kind of gold necklace you are looking for.
  2. Because you are buying a gold necklace, it is a must for you to know the material. There are three main types of materials that a gold necklace can be made of: gold-filled, gold plated, or solid gold. You must know the difference in the materials used so that you can choose a quality gold necklace.
  3. Gold is an in-demand metal, so there will always be some people who will try to tell you that you are using a fake gold necklace. To avoid this, always evaluate the quality of your item. You need to know how to determine if your gold necklace is fake or not.
  4. When choosing a necklace, length is always a factor to consider. Some do not want to wear short necklaces because it feels like it’s choking them. Whereas others might hesitate to buy a longer chain because it might tangle, and they don’t want to deal with this mess. Learn when to wear long and short gold necklaces so that you can make some room for improvement for your daily look.
  5. Before choosing a gold necklace, knowing your style first is a must. By knowing what you like, you already have a picture of what necklace to buy. This will help narrow down your choices. Determine what kind of personality you have, and you’ll be able to choose the perfect gold necklace that will complement your entire persona.
  6. Gold is a precious metal. Anything made of gold can be expensive. So when buying a gold necklace, consider setting up a budget and look for the type that only suits your means.

Now that you have some tips to remember when buying a piece of gold jewelry, we believe that you can confidently purchase the one you desire. If you would like to know more about gold necklaces, you can check our website, We offer a wide range of quality gold necklaces that you can choose from.

When to Wear Gold Necklaces?

Wearing any jewelry depends on your attire and the event you are attending. Simple and versatile gold jewelry pieces are ideal for wearing casually. Chunkier and big gold necklaces embellished with different stones are perfect for a formal gathering, especially evening dinners. It’s up to you how you pair them with your look! Just make sure that you do not overdo wearing your gold necklaces. Wear them appropriately and match them with your particular outfit.