Gold Chains

History of Gold Chains

Different types of chain necklaces have been a part of the jewelry world since then. The majority were discovered 2500 years ago, and Egyptians were the first to use them. Gold chains were worn by Egyptians, believing that these may ward off evil spirits and protect them, especially during war. Egyptians also consider gold chains to be a paradox of love, strength, and wealth. Gold was also bountiful in Greece, which led them to make pendants and gold chains 300 BC ago. These chains during ancient times were highly sought after no matter what culture you believe in or what ethnic group you belonged to. Authentic gold chains were valued among many cultures. Most people wearing gold chains belonged to the highest social class because they symbolize wealth and status. Men mostly wore gold chains before; that's why gold chains were considered the most famous types of gold chains in history.

Nowadays, modern and classic gold chains were used by men and women. It was believed that after they lost their popularity in the jewelry industry, they were again popularized by rap stars during 1980. These chains gained popularity also because of hip hop culture that continues to be iconic jewelry pieces until now. Today's technology and trend gave many gold chains changes, most especially on gold chains for women. If history tells us that most men have worn gold chains before, women nowadays believe that the best way to accessorize their daily outfits is to wear these chains. A popular variety has been discovered and developed but remains as part of cultures from around the world. Despite all the changes gold chains have encountered, the love for people's gold accessories remains and will always prevail.

Types of Gold Chains

Choosing the right and perfect piece of the gold chain might give you a hard time, and you might find yourself unprepared. When selecting a gold chain, there is more to think about than just the materials and chains. There are so many types that you can choose from. Here are some that you can keep in mind before choosing one.

When selecting a gold chain, there is more to think about than just the materials and chains. There are so many types of gold chains that you can choose from. Here are some types of gold chains that you can keep in mind before choosing one.

  1. Herringbone Gold Chains - these chains are perfect pieces for a casual look and office setup. Herringbone gold chains are made of a sequence of flat, short, and parallel links that lie flat on the wearer’s skin. These chains are suitable for men and women.
  2. Box Gold Chains - these chains are made of block links rather than circular links. They come in smaller and thicker links that serve as statement pieces. Thicker links of gold box chains are popular among men, while the smaller link box chains are ideal for women paired with their favorite pendant.
  3. Anchor Gold Chains - these chains have oval links with vertical bars in the center of each link. Anchor gold chains or mariner chains have several types that give a high level of elegance sophistication.
  4. Bead Gold Chains - these chains are the most attractive types to men among other gold chains. They are best worn alone or with a pendant.
  5. Byzantine Gold Chains - these chains are the rarest yet powerful type of gold chains. They give off a rope-look because each link passes through the other.
  6. Cuban Gold Chains - these chains are also called Miami Cuban gold chains. They are often seen on a rapper’s neck. After a chunkier design of necklaces, Cuban gold chains can also be worn by women, but still, these are mostly worn by men.
  7. Snake Gold Chains - these chains look like snakes because of their curvy and round metal links attached to a very sleek chain. Snake gold chains are often used with a slide pendant. They are strong and durable, making them ideal for everyday use.
  8. Figaro Gold Chains - these chains feature links that are equal in size and shape in a repeated pattern. Figaro gold chains are ideal for men and women and can be worn alone or with a pendant.
  9. Wheat Gold Chains - these chains feature flat and twisted oval links that form a chain's unique look. Wheat gold chains are often called Spiga chains and are considered durable and sturdy, making them ideal to be worn with pendants.
  10. Rope Gold Chains - these chains are one of the heaviest and most durable types of gold chains. Rope gold chains feature inter-connected links with twisted patterns designed precisely to look like ropes.

How to Choose Gold Chains?

Get to know more about how to choose a gold chain correctly. You can use the following suggestions on how to select a gold chain properly.

  1. Know what types of gold chain you are looking for. If you want to have white gold chains or rose gold chains, or even gold chains with smaller or chunkier links, you need to determine the type of gold chain you think will work best for you.
  2. Have some idea about the advantages and disadvantages of the gold chain you are choosing. Knowing the materials, especially if it is a solid gold chain, falls under this factor, too.
  3. When buying a gold chain, try to evaluate the quality of your gold. Make sure you have an idea of whether it is authentic or not. 14k gold chains are the ideal pieces to choose from when you want a good quality chain.
  4. The thickness of your chosen gold chain does serve not only aesthetics purposes but also practicality. Choose the thickness of the gold chain that suits where you are going to use them.
  5. Picking the length is also a must. Always choose the size that you are comfortable with.
  6. Considering your fashion statement style is also another thing that will help you choose the right gold necklace for you.

No matter what your fashion style is, a gold chain would suit you best. Now that you already know how to navigate and select the somewhat "overwhelming gold chain world," IceCarats believe that you can now make the best decision when it comes to gold chains. Visit our website and feel free to explore our glamorous selection!

When to Wear Gold Chains?

Gold chains are versatile and ideal for everyday use. But be careful when choosing a gold chain that you want to use every day because some types cannot be used daily, especially the chunkier ones.