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Gold Anklets

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History of Gold Anklets

Anklets or also called ankle bracelets are jewelry items worn around the ankle. Eight thousand years ago, anklets were mainly worn by women living in South East Asia. The history of wearing anklets dated back to ancient Egyptians, as they use them every day as a symbol of status or class. Gold anklets were very famous, most especially to female Egyptians who belonged to rich families. On the other hand, different types of inexpensive anklets were also worn by ordinary people who belonged to the lower classes. During ancient times, gold anklets for women are considered immodest that's why these ornaments are purely for dancers only. As time passed by, the popularity of wearing anklets have spread throughout America and India. Different anklets for men and women have been discovered and used in other parts of the world, not symbolizing the same symbolism before but rather a part of the wearers' everyday fashion style.

Nowadays, anklets or ankle bracelets are known as upgraded jewelry pieces because they are made of different precious materials, especially gold. Because of modern technology, they became more popular and considered trendy and fashionable. People may wear anklets for both historical and cultural reasons. Wearing anklets has undeniably become a part of daily ornaments now. Anklets have drawn inspiration from different parts of the world and became sought-after jewelry pieces that everyone desires to own. The anklets' versatility, especially gold anklets, makes these pieces become fashionable jewelry. Whether you prefer wearing an anklet made of simple chain metal only or designed with precious stones, they always are excellent ensembles of jewelry that will add a touch of glam to your daily look.

Types of Gold Anklets

Anklets have been very famous since then and now. According to most wearers, these jewelry are considered unique accessories because they dramatically add a touch of glamour and sophistication to their daily looks. The most commonly used anklets are the gold anklets, and these come in a broad range. Here are a few types that you can choose from.

  1. Beaded Gold Anklets are made of gold metal chains embedded with colorful beads. The beadings in the gold anklets may vary slightly because of the different beads used. Beaded gold anklets are also the easiest type of anklets to make.
  2. Simple Gold Metal Anklets - these appear very simple because they are solely made out of gold. Simple gold metal anklets vary from colors of gold, such as rose gold anklets, white gold anklets, or the commonly used yellow gold anklets. 14k yellow gold anklets are the most famous types!
  3. Diamond Gold Anklets - these are made from gold chains adorned with diamond stones. They are quite expensive compared to other anklets. Also, they are ideal jewelry pieces for people who like the luminosity of the gorgeous sparkles.
  4. Charm Gold Anklet - these anklets can contain only one to two charms. Charm gold anklets are not as noisy or the same as other charm anklets because of the number of charms attached.
  5. Layered Gold Anklet - these are considered the most trendy types because they can be layered into as many pieces as you want. They are also regarded as stackable anklets because you can also stack them along with the others.

Either you want to buy an anklet for yourself or a special someone, you can always count on anklets as jewelry that will never go out of style. With the vast array of anklets' types and styles you can choose from, finding the perfect one can be overwhelming. If you are looking for the ideal anklet that suits your personality, you can check out our website by logging in to Whatever type of anklet you are looking for, we got it for you!

How to Choose Gold Anklets?

With all the trendy things happening and upgrading in the fashion industry, some might be wondering if anklets are still in. The answer is, Yes! Trends may come and go, but anklets will remain famous and fashionable. It might be hard to choose what anklet to choose. But IceCarats is willing to help you. Below are some useful pointers you can use to guide when selecting or purchasing gold anklets.

  1. Paying attention to your foot and footwear when choosing a gold anklet. When you are always wearing shoe wear covers your ankle, better not purchase an anklet. Wear simple heels or sandals so that you can show off your anklet perfectly.
  2. Considering the design and type of gold anklet that you want is also a must. Remember to pick the one that suits your taste and personality at the same time to use them the way you want.
  3. The size of the gold anklet you are choosing is also an essential factor to consider. To get the perfect anklet size, measure your ankle, and then from the original size, add 0.5 to 1 inch.
  4. When purchasing gold anklets, you also need to consider the outfit you will wear with them. Choose the type that will match or complement your most worn outfit daily.
  5. A gold anklet that can be easily cleaned is an excellent choice. Selecting a gold anklet that can be cleaned easily will help you maintain its beauty as time passes by.

With the help of the given pointers above, you can now confidently choose the perfect gold anklet that you desire to have. Whatever type of anklet you choose, make sure that it gives a finishing touch to your daily fashion style. Visit our website if you want to know more and discover things about gold anklets.

When to Wear Gold Anklets?

The question about when to wear gold anklets is always the first question that pop into someone’s mind when thinking about anklets. Traditionally speaking, a gold anklet is something that a person wears when attending a pool or a beach party. But nowadays, this tradition is brought to the next level. Here are some tips you can use as a guide on when to wear one.

  1. Gold anklets can be worn when attending evening events such as cocktail parties or having a night out with friends.
  2. Crop jeans and printed t-shirts are ideal casual outfits that can be leveled up when accentuated by a gold anklet.
  3. When heading out to a formal occasion such as a wedding or a formal fundraising event, wearing a gold anklet can add a rebellious vibe to your dazzling formal gown.
  4. A gold anklet is an ideal piece to wear with your office attire. Just make sure that it does not have many charms to avoid giving noise and distraction to you and your colleagues.
  5. Let your gold anklet look very sharp and sassy when paired with your crop-tailored trousers, blazers, and a pair of elegant stiletto shoes.

Aside from not wearing gold anklets when wearing a pair of ankle-strap shoes and not wearing one during snow or rainy days, there are no other situations when you can’t wear your gold anklet. The versatility of this kind of jewelry will always bring your entire fashion style to the next level.


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