Gemstone Bracelets

History of Gemstone Bracelets

When speaking about gemstone bracelets, their creation and symbolism behind can be traced back to 5000 B.C. Bracelets were made of materials in their surroundings during ancient times, such as bones and teeth of animals, stones, and many more. As fashion evolved, bracelets became upgraded because of gemstones. The reason why gems are added as embellishments for bracelets is to add beautification and the human body and spirit because they are believed to have some properties for human beings' wellness. During the 20th century, bracelets became popular because most cultures considered them as talisman and protection against evil spirits. During 2000 B.C., various types of materials such as gold, silver, and the like were used to make bracelets. Later on, gemstones started being a part of the modern bracelets that most people wear. People used to treasure different types of jewelry embedded with gems, and up until now, gemstone jewelry, especially gemstone earrings, still attracts both sexes.

The earliest gemstone bracelets were made from simple metals embedded with precious gemstones. Until now, many still believe that wearing gemstone bracelets have spiritual effects on us humans. Ancient Greeks have the primary role in the rich history of gemstone bracelets because they decorate their everyday look with different gemstone jewelry types, including bracelets. Most people believe that gemstone bracelets were found in Greece because they were always wearing them. Now, gems are incorporated into every month and considered birthstones. Different types of gemstone bracelets were being upgraded as time went by because the fashion industry and technology were upgrading. They became very popular in this modern era because people used them for various purposes and reasons. As these dazzling pieces have been widely used and known by people nowadays, it is evident that you can make it easily possible by wearing a gemstone bracelet or other gemstone when pulling off a piece of elegant and stunning look jewelry.

Types of Gemstone Bracelets

Using gemstones have been in demand in different types of jewelry for ages. Their sheer brilliance used in making gemstone bracelets is what makes them more attractive. Bracelets made with gemstones have a more classic effect on the wrist because of the stunning colors. The following types below are some of the beauties you can select to own.

  1. Round Gemstone Bracelets - these bracelets are made of round-shaped gemstones. The round gems are encased in a metal and usually surrounded by tiny diamonds to enhance their entire look. Round gemstone bracelets are filled bracelets where each stone is directly attached to the next one.
  2. Multi-colored Gemstone Bracelets - the dazzling colors of this bracelet will match any outfit. Multi-colored gemstone bracelets are perfect and gorgeous bracelets for your everyday look.
  3. Silver Gemstone Bracelets - silver is used to set different types of gemstone bracelets. A sterling silver bracelet embedded with gemstones is always an ideal piece of jewelry to pick. Silver gemstone bracelets belong to the most commonly used gemstone bracelets.
  4. Gemstone Bangle Bracelets - these bracelets are usually slender and typically form a complete circle around the wearer’s wrist. Designed with different gemstones, bangle bracelets can be worn in multiples.
  5. Gemstone Charm Bracelets - are gemstone bracelets designed to hold the wearer’s favorite charms. They have different clasping links that hold different gemstones serving as charms for the bracelet.
  6. Gemstone Cuff Bracelets - these are bracelets embedded and designed with gemstones and typically wraps your wrist. Gemstone cuff bracelets are a unique type that nobody can resist.
  7. Gemstone Bead/Beaded Bracelets - are made of brilliant gems cut to create tiny pieces and look like beads. The gemstones made like beads are strung together in a single bracelet. These bracelets are also believed to help you avoid negative energy.

According to Gemstones Used

  1. Sapphire Gemstone Bracelets - these usually come in hues of blue. The blue stones sapphire gems conveyed in these bracelets are glistening and give off the entire look's brilliant shade. Common sapphire gemstone bracelets are paired with gold metal like the bracelet base because it enhances its value.
  2. Ruby or Garnet Gemstone Bracelets - if you opt for a gemstone bracelet embedded with red-colored gems, ruby or garnet gemstone bracelets are perfect for you. Same with sapphire gems, these also look brilliant when coupled with gold metal. The red color of gemstones in these bracelets is bright and shiny, and this is why they are sought after pieces.
  3. Amethyst Gemstone Bracelets - amethyst is a type of gemstone loved by many because of its purple color. These gemstone bracelets are simple, elegant, and not daring pieces because of the relatively light purple color they possess. These bracelets are suitable for all ages and usually goes well with ceremonial outfits.
  4. Citrine Gemstone Bracelets - if you want to go for a piece of gemstone bracelet that has the feel of the ocean and contains almost transparent gems, a citrine gemstone bracelet is the key. These bracelets are perfect for evening wear or for pulling off an attire for the beach.
  5. Agate Gemstone Bracelets - are a smart choice for those who are after black colors because agate gems are black gemstones. These bracelets are usually made of tiny pieces or beads of agate gems that are strung on. Plus, they are ideal for wearing daily.

Each type of gemstone bracelet you choose will undoubtedly give you a glow that you never imagined. Among the many kinds of bracelets provided above, we hope that you found the one that your heart desires. Whether you want to buy one for yourself or a special someone, you have different options. If you want a hassle-free transaction, log in to our website and shop with us. Here in IceCarats, we only want what’s best for you, and we guarantee that with our wide range of gemstone bracelets, you will find with us the piece that will capture your heart.

How to Choose Gemstone Bracelets?

Different types of gemstone bracelets from precious or semi-precious gems can add a classic and chic finishing touch to your daily look. One of the ideal things about these bracelets is that you can find them in a wide variety of styles and designs, but this can also make your purchase challenging to decide which one works best for you. Here are some important ways to help you figure out how to choose a gemstone bracelet.

  1. Choosing gemstone bracelets by color. Shopping for a gemstone bracelet and considering its color is a smart choice. You may want to select the color based on your preference, but remember to choose the color that will match with most of your outfit or other pieces of your jewelry.
  2. Some believed in the power a gemstone bracelet could give. So if you are one of them, choosing a gemstone bracelet by its healing properties will help you achieve the perfect piece.
  3. Every gemstone has its symbolism. So when choosing a bracelet made of different gems, select a piece with a meaning that suits the mood you want to convey. Establishing this as a gift is also an excellent idea.
  4. When choosing a gemstone bracelet the durability and wearability are essential factors to consider. These are factors such as hardness, sensitivity, fracture, and the like. These will surely help narrow down your options.
  5. Setting up a budget is necessary. There are types of gemstone bracelets that are affordable and elegant because they undergo treated enhancements. These are cheaper than natural and untreated gemstone bracelets.
  6. Considering the versatility of the gemstone bracelet is also essential. You need to ask yourself how often you would wear it. Choose a versatile bracelet if you plan to wear them daily.

You can confidently shop for your desired gemstone bracelet now that you have learned some tips. No matter what you prefer to purchase, IceCarats is sure to give you a piece of gemstone jewelry that is perfect for you. We offer a wide range of different gemstone bracelets in-store! Just log in to our website and check out our collection.

When to Wear Gemstone Bracelets?

Most types of gemstone bracelets are versatile, meaning they can be worn every day regardless of the event and the outfit you are wearing. Some gemstone bracelets are suitable for formal events, evening dinners, or a casual day out. Stunning and dazzling pieces of gemstones are the ideal pieces for formal occasions.