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History of Fashion Rings

Rings, as noted in history, were subject to numerous beliefs and superstitions. Even for some, rings served as a decorative purpose; they still have a personal meaning for the wearer. Rings before were worn as a sign of wealth, power, and love if given for a special occasion. Rings have been around as long as history stretches with the various roles in different societies and cultures. Precious rings before were made from metals, gemstones, and some in shells and other organic materials. But with the rise of jewelry, later on, precious materials were on track in making fashion rings. Old fashioned rings were usually made of different materials that symbolize messages of love. Fashioned rings before became popular during the Medieval and Renaissance period. In this period of time, one of the most famous fashioned rings was the fede ring, which means “trust.” This type of fashion ring became a symbol of love and constancy and can only be bought by wealthy people. During the 19th century, fashioned rings were characterized by romantic iconography with sentiments and inscriptions.

When talking about jewelry, these are often associated with treasure-gold, gemstones, and some valuable materials that contain intrinsic beauty. The significance of jewelry transcends from one generation to another since prehistoric times. Because of technology, the jewelry industry has experienced and gone through radical changes during the twentieth century. Different kinds of jewelry have been dependent on every century's fashion trend, and a lot of changes in some jewelry have been developed. Trendy necklaces, earrings, and bracelets have become a part of daily fashion. Well, let's not forget the Fashion Rings! Fashion rings were beautifully decorated and designed with many different details. This paved its way to be known as one of the most popular rings available in many markets. Because of it being budget-friendly, anyone who wants to own a piece of this jewelry can surely afford to buy one. Fashion jewelry rings became a fashion statement nowadays and are used by both men and women. Men’s fashion rings also became one of the fashion statements of some men nowadays.

For all the upgrades and available resources in making jewelry, it is very easy to create a fashionable and trendy look! Fashion rings give a contemporary and elegant look, making it the preferred type of ring that we often use when styling our everyday outfits. Nowadays, having fashion rings serve as a staple to your jewelry collection, which provides you with a touch of a versatile and delicate type of rings.

Types of Fashion Ring Jewelry

Rings, as mentioned above in history, have been a part of the daily ornaments worn by both men and women. With so much improvement and development of technology, there are many different types of fashion jewelry that are available in the market. Same with the different kinds of jewelry, fashion rings also have various styles and types. If you want to know more things about fashion rings, like the different types that you can choose from, below are some things about fashion rings that might surprise you!

  1. Minimalist Fashion Ring - this type of fashion rings are commonly worn by people who want to pull off a simple minimalist look. It has a minimalist design that will give you an instant refresh basic look but will still give a modern touch to your outfit.
  2. Bold Fashion Ring - this type of fashion rings are also considered big rings. This fashion ring can top off your look no matter what your outfit is. This is an example of chunky fashion rings that is very stylish and will also give you a contemporary look.
  3. Stackable Fashion Ring - this type of fashion ring is one of the biggest crushes in fashion rings because of the trend it brings, which is out of the ordinary. You can style this delicate fashion ring by stacking it and placing it on the fingers you desire.
  4. Gemstone Fashion Ring - this type of fashion ring is a smart choice for those who can't separate themselves from black or dark-colored outfits because this can add a pop of color to your look. It can refresh and jazz up the monotone outfits that you wear daily. With many types of gemstone available in the market, you can have many choices as much as you want. You can also choose your own birthstone because nowadays, many types of gemstones correspond to every month.
  5. Engraved and Symbolic Fashion Ring - this type of fashion ring is bold and detailed with a symbolic meaning. It’s the type of ring that you can wear on festivals, or if you are on a beach, it can absolutely accessorize your beach outfit. Engraved fashion rings are also excellent gifts for a special someone because somehow, you can customize the ring the way you want.
  6. Patterned Fashion Ring - this is a type of fashion ring that will bring you an elegant and sophisticated look—mostly worn during glam nights and many other special occasions. It can make you look more attractive and alluring.
  7. Classy Pearl Fashion Ring - this type of fashion ring is an elegant ensemble that will create a timeless beauty on your look. Pulling off a feminine and chic look can be achievable with this type of fashion ring. Pearls are also trendy nowadays, so having a classy pearl fashion ring is also a smart choice when pulling off any look.
  8. Chain handpiece Fashion Ring - this type of fashion ring will undoubtedly draw attention to your hands. This is a trendy ring that will suit you well and perfectly with your everyday look.
  9. Wrap Fashion Ring - this type of fashion ring is just like a standard ring, but the only difference is that the cut out of this ring looks like it's hugging your finger. This is a trendy type of fashion ring and will suit well and perfectly with your everyday look.
  10. Geometrically Shaped Fashion Ring - this type of fashion ring comes in different sizes, and you can have a lot of options to style this fashion ring. This ring looks very modern and stylish once worn and can make any of your wardrobe distinguishable and fashionable. 

The different types of fashion rings listed above can help you narrow down your choices on picking a fashion ring. Depending on the occasion you opt to attend, there are many types of fashion rings that you can choose from. Wherever it may be, a piece of fashion ring will be the most appropriate. If you want to discover various types of fashion rings, you can visit our website, and see for yourself the different styles and types of fashion rings that we can offer. Whether you are buying a fashion ring for yourself or a special someone, we can assure you that you’ll pick the perfect fashion ring.

How to Choose the Perfect Fashion Ring?

Choosing the perfect jewelry piece that you want can sometimes be a daunting task. If you're going to get the ideal piece of jewelry, you need to bear in mind some guides and tips to save time and pick the best one. Below are some useful tips that will help you select the perfect fashion ring.

  1. Choose the material you want for your fashion ring made of. You can have pure gold, platinum, titanium, or sterling silver materials for your fashion ring, depending on your preference and what would work best with your everyday clothes. Choosing your fashion ring's materials is considered when you are very particular with styling your daily wardrobe that matches your ring.
  2. After deciding what type of material you want for your ring, you can pick the style you want. There are many styles or types of fashion rings available, and there is a certain style that would perfectly suit your taste and personality. When choosing the fashion ring style, you need to consider the style that would speak up to your character.
  3. Set a budget when buying a fashion ring. Some fashion rings are expensive. Shop with the assumption that you will spend more when picking a fashion ring. Sometimes the cost of the fashion ring you are buying depends on the materials it was made from.
  4. When buying a fashion ring, keep your lifestyle in mind. Remember, you will wear your chosen fashion ring either every day or on a special occasion. Choose something that will seamlessly become a part of your life.
  5. Think of the long-term and high-quality products. Ensure that the style you picked is something you want to wear for the next years to come. Choose a fashion ring that will never go out of style.
  6. The most important thing to consider when buying a fashion ring is to size it right. Find the right size of your fingers to avoid discomfort while wearing the fashion ring you have chosen.
  7. It's not wrong to check for the quality, so make sure that the ring has quality marks. These marks will prove the metal quality of your ring is what the retailer says it is. 

Now that you have all the ideas on correctly choosing the best fashion ring for you, you can undoubtedly own a piece that you will surely love. If your question is where to buy quality and gorgeous fashion rings, don't hesitate to visit our website, and you will indeed find what you are looking for.

When to Wear Fashion Jewelry Rings?

Fashion rings are one type of fashion jewelry that is making noise in the jewelry world in today’s modern era. Fashion rings are used partly for fashion or styling purposes of both men and women. Deciding when to wear a fashion ring can also be a difficult task and exhausting decision to make. Explore the different styles of fashion rings and when to wear them by following the tips written below. Although a fashion ring is a versatile piece of jewelry that you can choose to wear every day, here are some special events that will help you accentuate your style by wearing a fashion ring.

  1. When you are wearing a dressy outfit or casual attire on your coffee date with your friends, wearing a stackable fashion ring is a smart choice. You can take all of your favorite beautiful rings together and stack them in one finger to pull off your daily look.
  2. Pulling off a feminine look for a romantic date or wearing a girly outfit can also be paired with a fashion ring. If you are the type of lady who loves to wear skirts, tops with laces, or ruffled colored-pink dresses, you can accessorize your hands with a delicate piece of fashion ring. Fashion rings can emphasize your femininity and charm.
  3. Groomed and chic outfits paired with pearl fashion rings is another look that will never go out of style. Pearl fashion rings are very versatile in that they can quickly adapt and match with different wardrobe styles.
  4. Night-out outfits are best paired with sparkling fashion rings. Wearing a fashion ring when attending night parties can transform your look into a glitz and glam style.
  5. Casual outfits can also be elevated to the next level when you wear them with a minimalist fashion ring type.
  6. Wearing black and white outfits can be plain and boring for some people. But if you are the type of person who loves to wear black and white outfits, level up your look by pairing it with some jewelry like fashion rings.

Whatever look you want to pull off, different fashion rings are always ready to rescue your fashion style. Select or pick the perfect piece that will perfectly suit your taste, style, and personality. For top-quality fashion rings, you can visit our website and discover our various collections of fashion rings that will undoubtedly awe you.