Engagement Jewelry

History of Engagement Jewelry

Marriage has been considered a special celebration that happens in everyone’s life. Thus, marriage has many practices and rituals present in different cultures. One of the known traditions is engagement. Engagement is the mutual process of two people to marry. It is a testimony that a couple has both the desire to marry. Since ancient times, engagement ceremonies are organized so that the couple who is about to get married and their families could be acquainted. Old engagement rituals and practices have ceased to exist because they had undergone different changes as years passed by. Ancient people before practice the so-called marriage dowry. This is done when the groom would hand a kind of down payment to the bride’s father. From giving of dowry down to the celebration of emotional and romantic occasions, engagement ceremonies have been through different practices. Exchange goods in both parties were also done before, but nowadays, the exchange of engagement jewelry, especially engagement rings, is the most famous way to fulfill marriage's promise.

Celebration of engagement parties nowadays would not be complete or possible without any engagement jewelry. The most commonly used type of engagement jewelry is rings. Fine engagement jewelry rings made from precious stones like diamonds are the new trend to let people around you know that you are already engaged. Giving of engagement jewelry started as early as 1477 when Archduke Maximillian gave an engagement ring for Mary of Burgundy. This was the start of the tradition where men often give their girlfriends engagement jewelry as a sign that they want to settle down. Although the most common engagement jewelry rings, men still choose what type of engagement jewelry they want to give to their future wives.

Types of Engagement Jewelry

You may not often see a man giving any other type of jewelry to her other half as engagement. But aside from engagement rings, a husband can choose different kinds of engagement jewelry to give to their wife. This may sound unusual, but you can give the following types of jewelry as engagement jewelry.

  1. Diamond Earrings - this piece of jewelry is something that you can see your wife be wearing for a lifetime. A pair of diamond earrings can match any of her looks during your wedding day.
  2. Pearl Stud Earrings - a pair of pearl earrings could also be a piece of timeless and versatile jewelry that shows that your love is timeless and endless. Women may love all sorts of jewelry, and having pearl stud earrings can complete their collection.
  3. Gilded Cuff Bracelet - your wife would need not worry about the statement jewelry she'll be needing because a gilded cuff bracelet is already an ideal piece. Besides wearing this as a piece of engagement jewelry and wedding jewelry, she can keep a gilded cuff bracelet for future events.
  4. Solitaire Bracelet - a piece of a solitaire diamond bracelet is considered dainty engagement jewelry. Your wife-to-be can choose to wear it solo or stacked it up with other gorgeous bracelets.
  5. Modern Gemstone Necklace - is an ideal piece if your wife-to-be has very modern taste. A stylish, modern gemstone necklace will undoubtedly suit her style.
  6. Infinity Necklace - any jewelry with an infinity symbol is ideal because it only means that your love for your other half is endless. This is something that your other half will treasure for the years to come.
  7. Locket Necklace - fill a locket with a photo of you and make it a piece of engagement jewelry for your special someone. This is a unique idea of engagement jewelry that would make her feel loved and special.
  8. Luxury Charm Bracelet - fill a charm bracelet with charms that speak about your adventures and love story as a couple. This will also make unique engagement jewelry because it has a personal touch of how your relationship is getting stronger and stronger.

Engagement rings may be the most common engagement jewelry you can give to your special someone when asking their hand for marriage. But, nowadays, as we live in a world full of changes, you can ask your other half to marry you by giving them any jewelry that provides them with an assurance that you'll be with them for a lifetime. If you are looking for a piece of perfect engagement jewelry, do not hesitate to visit our website by logging in to IceCarats.com. We are ultimately happy to be a part of one of the most memorable events in your life.

How to Choose Engagement Jewelry?

Engagement jewelry is considered one of the essential pieces of jewelry a person can ever own. This is unquestionably one of the many reasons you need to do when choosing a piece of engagement jewelry. Selecting, buying engagement jewelry, and gearing up for a proposal is a fun and exciting time and a daunting task. The extensive guide written below will help you find the perfect engagement jewelry!

  1. If you are choosing engagement jewelry, you will and will always choose a piece with precious stones. If this is so, narrowing down the shape you want is necessary. Learn what type of stone shape your other half prefers so that it can help you focus on the kind of engagement jewelry to look for.
  2. Choosing the metal on your engagement jewelry is also important. Remember that this is a lifetime piece, so it needs to last longer. Choose a precious metal that will not irritate the wearer's skin and will not tarnish quickly.
  3. Quality versus quantity also applies when choosing engagement jewelry. As much as possible, you need to bear in mind that the stone's size in your engagement jewelry isn't that important. You need to check the quality. But you should also know that your other half may love jewelry, especially ones with bigger stones.
  4. When purchasing engagement jewelry, especially rings, use the right measure correctly. You don't want any jewelry that's too tight or too loose. Make sure that you already know the size of any engagement jewelry you are buying.
  5. Buying what she loves is ideal than buying what you want to see her wear. Do not focus on what you want, instead choose the piece of engagement jewelry that will become an extension of her personality.
  6. Choose engagement jewelry with sentimental value. Picking a piece of jewelry with meaning or history will make ideal engagement jewelry. Buy engagement jewelry that has personal meaning for the wearer instead of buying based on advertisement.

Among the many different engagement jewelry you can choose from, determine what type to narrow down. Knowing the kind of jewelry to buy will help save a lot of your time and effort and at the same time help you decide where to look for it. Once you're done choosing a piece of jewelry to buy, proceed to narrow down your style.

When to Wear Engagement Jewelry?

Being engaged and getting married is one of the most exciting times to happen to a person's life. Many wedding traditions and details have evolved as time passed. Today, buying engagement jewelry is considered a symbol of two people wanting or intending to wed one another. Wearing engagement jewelry does not have any specific rules as to when you can wear them. Engagement rings, for example, traditionally speaking, are always worn together with wedding rings. As with other jewelry, you can always wear it anytime you want. But if you're going to keep the engagement jewelry you own, you always have a choice not to wear them or just wear them on special occasions.