History of Earrings

In history, earrings were known to be one of the predominantly male jewelry. They have been popular for almost 7000 years and are said to have originated in ancient Asia. Earrings are worn by ancient Egyptians long ago as a symbol of wealth. In Greece, earrings were popular amongst the prostitutes; similarly as they were worn to identify the slaves of Rome. But some kinds of earrings, like the pearl earrings and other earrings with expensive stones, were worn from people in Greece and Rome to symbolize their social status.

Earrings for men have become popular in the middle ages because these have been their fashion. However, wearing earrings was banned by the Catholic Church because of the reason stating that people cannot alter the part of their bodies created in the image of the Lord. In the Renaissance period, people disobeyed the Church's rules, and over time, earrings became famous for both men and women. Many of them choose to wear different types of earrings to compliment their looks and accentuate their outfits. Young boys were usually seen wearing small stud earrings, and young girls were opting for dangle earrings.

Today, wearing earrings is very popular for both men and women of any age. Not just on their earlobes, but also on the other parts of their bodies. Many earring components are present nowadays, and design may vary from small hoop earrings to large ones and dangling pieces. There are also a variety of specialized piercings today that have become popular. These include the tragus piercing, rook piercing, helix piercing, and many more that provide for wearing different earrings. Wearing earrings today primarily functions as an ornament to pull off an outfit together.

From ancient times to modern times, earrings have been long known to be one of the most used ornaments to modify our bodies. There might have been many changes in the different earrings' styles, but these have become an accepted jewelry style for both men and women. Today, the choice to pierce your ears and wear earrings depends on what style you are trying to convey. Here in IceCarats, we can offer the best quality earrings, from gold earrings to silver ones and diamond earrings too! We can also provide a variety of earrings for women and men to help any of you show off and express your personality and fashion style.

Types of Earrings

When it comes to choosing the different types of earrings, IceCarats is the perfect place for you. With our vast choices of different styles of earrings, you can easily find what you are looking for. Below are the following types of earrings you might consider to have as an addition to your earring collection.

Statement Earrings - these types of earrings are considered to be attention-getter earrings. These can be defined as earrings that invite attention from others. Usually characterized as bold, original, and have unique designs with the different materials being used. Hoop earrings for men or gold hoop earrings are the perfect example of these types of earrings.

Stud/Minimalist Earrings- stud earrings feature a gemstone or other ornament that passes through a piercing in the earlobe and mounted in a narrow post and usually placed by a fixture the other side. Diamond stud earrings are the perfect and best example of stud earrings. This type of earrings' main characteristic is that it can be worn just like it is floating on your earlobe without a visible point of connection.

Hoop Earrings- this type of earring is very similar to a ring because it is usually circular or semi-circular. These earrings are often constructed with metal tubing.
Dangle Earrings- sometimes called drop and dangle earrings. These are designed to flow from the bottom of the earlobes, depending on its length. These are attached to earlobes with a thin wire and in a small hook at the back.

Clip-on Earrings - these are the perfect earrings for the non-pierced ears. The clip functions to be attached to the ear's back to enable the earrings to wear.

Ear Cuffs- these are trendy types of earrings that are wrapped around the outer part of the cartilage and may be chained to a lobe piercing. Also known as crawler earrings.

Stick-on Earrings- these are considered to be novelty items. Cross earrings or cross earrings for men are some examples of novelty items. These earrings are adhesive-backed items that only stick on your earlobe's skin and display a pierced stud earrings look.

Pearl Earrings- these are classic types of earrings that will give you a vintage and subtle beauty and gleam. These earrings can suit any of your outfits in every style and occasion.

Chandelier Earrings - these types of earrings are distinguished by multiple levels and sizes that resemble a chandelier. These earrings are feminine and will readily give you a sparkling look.

Cluster Earrings- types of modern earrings that feature brilliant clusters of diamond or any gemstones that create patterns to display a playful statement.

Threader Earrings- another type of modern earrings that will give you a minimalistic look. Wearers of these earrings can opt for a pair of streamlined chain or gemstone at the end of this pair of earrings.

Huggie Earrings - there's a lot of similarities between these earrings and hoop earrings. The only thing is that these types of earrings are for a modest take on hoop earrings and are traditionally thicker than hoops.

Tassel Earrings- these types of earrings are the latest trend. Featured in playful and colorful designs, these earrings also come in an array of materials.

Barbell Earrings- these earrings are considered as one of the alternative types of earrings. Resembling a barbell from the gym, these feature a straight bar that pierces through the ear with rounded beads at each end.

Earrings are undoubtedly and incredibly comfortable to wear and will effortlessly elevate your look. Whether you are in hunt looking for a pair of gold or silver earrings, diamond earrings for men or women, and other earrings, you can have the quality earrings here in IceCarats. You can own the perfect earrings for you with our vast selection of earrings. No matter what your style is, the face shape, or your daily activities, there is always a pair of earrings that will keep you look good.

How to Choose the Perfect Earrings?

Choosing the perfect jewelry to buy is sometimes a daunting task. Here are some tips to be considered how to select the perfect earrings that will suit your taste, style, and fashion statement.

When you are choosing earrings, remember to select the type of earrings that match your face shape. If you have a round-shape face, the perfect earrings for you are drop earrings because these will help elongate your face. Women with oval face shape can wear long or drop earrings or stud, and rounded earrings will do as it will accentuate and broaden their facial features. Hoop earrings are perfect for ladies who have a square-shape face. These earrings can help balance the angle of their face. A heart-shaped face can wear dangling earrings to reduce angles on their chins and make it more rounded. Whatever your face shape is, choosing the perfect earrings to wear can make a significant difference to your face and look.

Factors like hair color and hair length are also considered when choosing the perfect earrings. If your hair color is a blonde or golden yellow, you will look beautiful on gold earrings, but you should have platinum or silver earrings if you have darker hair color.

When it comes to hair length, short-hair ladies can have any earrings they want, while ladies with long hair are suggested to wear long earrings.
Skin color matching is also important when choosing the perfect pair of earrings. Determine your skin color and select the ideal shade of earrings that will match your skin's tone.

Know your earrings, and you can mix and match them. You can also choose the perfect earrings according to its materials or gemstones. Always remember to choose the one suited for your style and your features.

We all know that earrings are the must-have accessory to pull off a remarkable and unique style. When chosen well, earrings will undoubtedly enhance your beat features. Surely you'll be looking for earrings to wear for various occasions and outfits, but keep in mind this simple rule: find the earrings that will help you look the best. Here in IceCarats, we can help you have the perfect earrings that will accentuate your looks and personality. You can take a look at our website and our gorgeous earring collections.

When to Wear your Favorite Earrings?

Understanding a few guidelines will help you become ready to remember when to wear your favorite earrings. The following are some suggestions or tips when to wear your earrings.

Wearing your favorite hoop earrings can enhance your style when you are at a casual or formal meeting. You can also wear hoop earrings for an upcoming job interview to finish your gorgeous look.

If you are wearing business or formal attire, you can wear earrings with subtle designs. This will help you achieve the look that you want.

Funky and casual clothes can be matched with your colorful earrings.
Determine from your earring collections the earrings that are for everyday use. Some jewelry pieces are perfectly acceptable to wear any time of the day, and your favorite earrings must be one of them.

Don’t blind your co-workers with your over sparkling earrings. Choose your office jewelry earrings to complement and match your office outfit.

Your favorite earrings can be worn in a formal event if they are elegant, as your looks are. A sparkling and dazzling pair of earrings are perfect for any formal occasions.
Have your favorite dazzling gemstone earrings worn at a party event! Some types of earrings are considered party jewelry and will look good on any party occasion.
If you have stud earrings, these are suitable for your working outfits, for a girly and feminine look, and will look good also on your classy outfit.

Jewelry is supposed to accessorize your outfit. It would be best if you chose the perfect jewelry that will complement your everyday look. Knowing when to wear your earrings is an important factor to help you embellish your look. IceCarats is the ideal place to find your new favorite pair of earrings that will help you accessorize and enhance your fashion statement.