Drop & Dangle Earrings

History of Drop Dangle Earrings

Earrings are one of the essential ornaments a person can use to pull off a glamorous look. The earliest earrings were made in the shape of hoops and later evolved into different forms. Dangle earrings before were worn by ancient Egyptians as a sign of their wealth and status. Greeks and Romans also wore dangle earrings, especially women. Even noblemen during this time also wore dangle earrings embellished with pearls and diamonds. Girandole earrings are considered the first dangle earrings as they are huge and bulky in appearance. These earrings were compared to chandeliers because of its look and design. After years passed by, elaborate dangle earrings have been used by most women. After the year 1860, styles of dangle earrings have changed. The only sad part is that earrings were hardly worn because women's hairstyles changed to those that covered their ears. But drop and dangle earrings made its comeback during the 20th century and spread its different variations worldwide.

Some people get confused between drop earrings, dangle earrings, and drop and dangle earrings. To clarify this concept, let's learn about dangle and drop earrings' meanings. Drop earrings are those earrings that literally "drop" below the earlobe. Usually, drop earrings are small pieces designed with some attachments like gemstones, beads, or other charms dropping from the earring base. The closures for drop earrings are usually posts or studs.

On the other hand, dangle earrings, as the name itself implies, these types of earrings are those that hang and swing to and fro from side to side and typically hang below the earlobe. But the length of dangle earrings varies. They are very much in vogue now and are available in a vast selection to suit all looks. The argument between the drop and dangle earring is quite clear. Dangle earrings can be a drop. That's why we have dangle and drop earrings while drop earrings cannot be considered as dangle earrings. An earring can be a combination of drop and dangle.

Trending as they are today, dangle earrings have a rich history. Dangle earrings are typically attached to the ear lobes by a thin wire that goes through to the piercing holes and gets connected to small hooks at the back. Wearing dangle drop earrings will make you look attractive and add a different touch to your fashion style. Nowadays, there are also dangling earrings that dangle even below the shoulders. Drop and dangle earrings make a great fashion statement to any woman wearing them.

Types of Drop & Dangle Earrings

Like any other jewelry, drop and dangle earrings also come in different types and styles. To know more about drop and dangle earrings, check out the following types of drop and dangle earrings listed below.

Drop dangle earrings made out of different stones. Here are some of them:
cubic zirconia drop dangle earrings or known as CZ drop dangle earrings, diamond drop dangle earrings, turquoise drop dangle earrings, Swarovski drop dangle earrings, amethyst drop dangle earrings, beaded drop dangle earrings, and any other semi-precious stone drop and dangle earrings.

Drop dangle earrings made out of different materials: 14k yellow gold drop dangle earrings, white gold diamond drop dangle earrings, sterling silver drop and dangle earrings, and many more.

Drop dangle earrings can also be classified according to their colors. There are drop dangle earrings that come in different colors like the black drop dangle earrings or white dangle earrings; tassel earrings are also kinds of drop and dangle earrings that come in different colors.

Modern drop dangle earrings may also come in different shapes. There are circle drop dangle earrings, square drop dangle earrings, or the most trendy geometric drop dangle earrings.

Bridal dangle drop earrings are types of drop dangle earrings usually worn by brides during their wedding day.

Drop and dangle clip earrings are also types of drop dangle earrings made for non-pierced ears.

Minimalist types of drop dangle earrings are also trending nowadays. The best examples are the drop dangle ball earrings, long bar drop dangle earrings, and many more.

How to Choose a pair of Drop and Dangle Earrings?

Every woman should consider the significant factor when buying a drop dangle earrings or any other jewelry is the comfort. When it comes to buying earrings, you need to choose the type with the lightest weight to have comfort while wearing them. Drop dangle earrings usually cause a little or no effect at all since they are typically light-weighted.

The choice of drop dangle earrings you will wear will also depend mainly on what kind of occasion you are going to. If planning to attend a night out or party, diamond dangle drop earrings or hoop dangle drop earrings are perfect. Simple drop earrings are more appreciated on formal and more solemn occasions.

Every one of us has a unique taste and style when it comes to choosing jewelry. When selecting your pair of drop dangle earrings, choose the one that tells about your personality. Having a pair of 14k gold drop dangle earrings can mean that a lady feels sophisticated, while long dangling earrings can show off the fun side.

It would be best if you somehow considered your style when choosing a pair of drop or dangle earrings.

Your choice of dangle & drop earrings or dangle drop earrings will also depend on your hairstyle. What kind of hair you put on is an important factor to consider when purchasing earrings. Long, sophisticated, and elegant dangle earrings will look perfect on short hairs.

They say age is just a number, but this is also one thing you need to consider when choosing the perfect drop dangle earrings. Longer dangle earrings tend to complement the looks of younger women.

Drop dangle earrings have been around for many years. With the help of modern technology, different kinds of earrings have improved and increased in number. Nowadays, various companies have ventured into making different styles and kinds of dangle earrings. IceCarats is one of the best companies that can provide anyone with quality dangle drop earrings. Explore our website and discover the gorgeous collection of drop dangle earrings.

When to Wear Drop Dangle Earrings?

Women have always used earrings as part of their daily style. Elevating their fashion statement depending on what look they are trying to pull off and what occasion they are attending. The type of earrings women wear can somehow spell success or disaster. To avoid wearing mismatching drop and dangle earrings, here are some tips for accessorizing them.

Drop and dangle earrings will draw attention during a formal event. Formal dinners, formal dances, or attending symphony orchestras, an elegant dress, and a dazzling pair of drop and dangle earrings will bring out your elegance.

If you are into a more girly look and style, drop and dangle earrings can emphasize your look. An example of this is when you are wearing a trendy jumpsuit. Finishing your look with drop and dangle earrings is a perfect idea.

There are drop and dangle colorful earrings. If you want to give a pop of colors to refresh your simple look, go for a pair of colorful earrings to create your fashion statement's main accent.

Spice up your street style look by wearing a pair of minimalist drop and dangle earrings.

For a casually chic outfit, drop and dangle earrings can be a perfect finishing touch. These earrings do not only go with formal events but also with your favorite jeans and top for your everyday look.

You can also wear a drop and dangle earrings on professional attires. If you are a woman with a busy schedule and work hard, you can still keep your elegant style on point by pairing drop and dangle earrings with your professional or office outfit. Just make sure that your earrings are not destructive.

The modern funky outfit can also look excellent when paired with drop and dangle earrings. This can embellish the look of any lady who is after a minimal and simple look.

After knowing the different styling tips of when to wear the drop and dangle earrings, you can now feel confident pairing your earrings with your different wardrobe. If you haven't got any piece of drop and dangle earrings, don't hesitate to visit our website IceCarats.com and choose the perfect drop and dangle earrings from our collection. Be ready to showcase your style wearing your favorite-to-be drop and dangle earrings.