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Dog Tag Necklaces

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History of Dog Tags

Dog tag necklaces, also called military dog tags, were first introduced to the United States military in 1906. This became a required part of their soldiers' uniforms. Engraving their dog tag necklaces with information to aid in identification and information for medical treatment and even postmortem services if necessary. Dog tags were embossed with their names, service number, blood type, and even religion. Dog tags were invented way back before World War II because of the military's inability to identify battlefield casualties. Without dog tags before, the troops would only write their names and unit designation under paper tags and pinned them to their clothing. Even just before, dog tags are highly personal items to warriors of every service and their families as well. Each dog tag carried its own human-interest story. In history, military dog tags are a great way to commemorate a soldier's service to his country. Also, dog tags are decorative sets to display someone's pride in service, faith, family, and country.

Over time, dog tags, especially men's dog tag necklaces, became more than just identification accessories. They were often given to families in the event of a soldier's death, and many war memorials were decorated with dog tags in honor of the fallen soldiers. As technology advances nowadays and fashion, the issuance of military dog tags remains an important component of military culture, but dog tags have also become a staple for jewelry fashion. But dog tags are still stamped or engraved with important information such as name, blood type, and religious preference, and this makes dog tags an ideal customized or personalized gift. Others may say that wearing dog tags is an aggressive fashion style. Still, due to the changes that are happening, dog tags are worn by civilians too as a way to look like a tough soldier and inspire the wearer to be more of a service with its country, not just for fashion statements. Aside from wearing dog tag necklaces alone, there are many types of accessories that can be used with dog tag necklaces, too. Keychains are the number one accessories to be paired with dog tags. Silencers like silicone or rubber silencers are also fashionable accessories for dog tag necklaces. Whatever type of dog tag necklaces you wear, or whatever purpose you want to convey, always remember to find and wear the one that tells your story and expresses your personality.

Nowadays, some tags are also used by civilians and other medical bracelets to identify the wearer’s specific health problems. While others, as mentioned above, wore it for fashion. Since then and up to the present, dog tags have been fashionable among musicians (particularly rappers) and even ordinary people. Wearing dog tag necklaces by today’s generation also became a new trendy fashion statement among teenagers. Some purely believe that dog tag necklaces will bring your style to a new level. As mentioned above, these dog tag necklaces can mean an excellent and ideal personalized gift too, and IceCarats can bring you the best-customized dog tags design, which can be engraved with anything you want: symbols or inscriptions. IceCarats has got you covered in choosing the best dog tag you can have or giving to your special someone.

Types of Dog Tag Jewelry

Dog tag necklaces are a fun type of custom or personalized jewelry used for several different purposes. In such a wide array of designs and types, you will sometimes have difficulty finding the ideal dog tag you want. Worry no more because below is the list of the different types you can consider before purchasing one.

  1. Dog tag necklaces come in different metals including:

>Yellow or White gold dog tag necklaces
> Sterling Silver dog tag necklaces
> Platinum dog tag necklaces
> Aluminum dog tag necklaces
> Steel dog tag necklaces

2. There are types of dog tag necklaces according to shape. Some dog tags are elongated rectangular with rounded corners, and there are some other shapes like round, heart, or oval, and a raised, or textured edge can further augment these shapes.

3. Dog tag necklaces come in a variety of different chains. But dog tags are popularly worn on ball chains. Some may be worn on a gold or silver chain, and some may prefer wearing it on link necklaces.

4. Gems may be used in designing a dog tag necklace. They can be lined along the edge, scattered throughout the tag, or simply isolated in a corner. Gems on dog tag necklaces can also be classified as another type of dog tag.

You can add to your collection now another piece of unique jewelry by having a dog tag necklace. Design your dog tag necklace here in IceCarats and personalize it. You can also shop for your personalized gift by engraving unique inscriptions on our dog tag necklaces.

How to Choose the Perfect Dog Tag Necklace?

Dog tag necklaces are considered timeless. It means that it will never go out of style. To own the perfect dog tag necklace, there are some factors that you need to consider. Below are some tips that might help you along the way when purchasing a dog tag necklace.

  1. Choose the perfect metal that you want. When choosing a metal, it is important to find rust-resistant and anti-tarnish coatings to preserve the tags. Anodized metal is another metal option and is valued because of its durability and ability to hold colors instead of plain engraving.
  2. Choose wisely the shape that will suit your style. Different sizes and shapes of tags are available. You can choose the one which you think is the best shape for a tag.
  3. Consider also the length of the chain. Always remember that the standard length for dog tags is 18 to 20 inches. This will make the tag easier to layer.
  4. Choose the perfect inscriptions to be engraved on your dog tag. You can imprint monograms, names, initials, logos, or your favorite saying on your tag.

If you are looking for a special gift for your special someone, a dog tag necklace is ideal. Here in IceCarats, you can get your hand on a new fashion statement: a dog tag necklace. An updated take on a classic design that will complete your everyday style. 

Aside from wearing dog tag necklaces for identification purposes, wearing them is a great way also to project personal style and confidence. Wearing a dog tag is an ideal way when you are opting for personalized pieces of jewelry. Listed below are some helpful tips to guide you on when to wear your dog tag necklace.

  1. Dog tag necklaces are always worn by military soldiers, but when you own a dog tag necklace you can also wear this every day when pulling off a casual look.
  2. You can also pair your dog tag necklace with your favorite plain t-shirt while having a coffee date with your best friend.
  3. Personalized dog tag necklaces can also be an add-on to your look when you are attending a special event, like a birthday party of your friend.
  4. When watching a sporting event, you can wear a dog tag necklace to complete your look.
  5. Dog tag necklaces can also be used on some formal occasions based on what you are wearing.

On every special occasion, we are always planning and making an effort to look our best. Mixing and matching your attire to the jewelry you have can sometimes be a daunting and time-taking task for us. But on whatever occasion you are attending, IceCarats is always here to help you achieve your wanted look. We always got you covered! Visit our website now, and enjoy our most excellent deals on dog tag necklaces.


  1. Where can you buy dog tag necklaces?

When looking for a place to buy dog tags or dog tag necklaces, IceCarats is the perfect store recommended for you. With a vast array of jewelry available here, you can find the ideal dog tag necklaces you’ve been looking for. You can also buy products related to custom dog tag necklaces like personalized dog tag necklaces and engraved dog tag necklaces. Dog tag necklaces for men are also available here—no need to stress yourself out in looking for a jewelry gift. We can provide you a hassle-free jewelry shopping experience.


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