Diamond Bracelets

History of Diamond Bracelets

Diamonds are not just aesthetically beautiful; they are considered enduring symbols of love, romance, and commitment. The word “Diamonds” is derived from the Greek word "Adamas," which means unconquerable. This is why diamonds are integrated into a commemoration of eternal love. They found the earliest diamonds in India during the 4th BC and believed that the youngest of diamonds' deposits were formed 900 million years ago. Upon discovering diamonds, they were then valued because of their strength, brilliance, and ability to refract light and engrave metal. Diamonds served many purposes during ancient times, such as worn as adornments, used as cutting tools, and served as a talisman to ward off evil. Some believed that diamonds are used to protect during battles. Some people in ancient times also believed that diamonds are used to cure illness and heal wounds. Before, people thought that the only source of diamonds is only found in India. So when the diamonds were depleted, alternate sources' quest began.

Diamonds have become a part of the jewelry world since they were discovered. A lot of jewelry pieces that were made up of diamonds are considered very expensive. One known jewelry that was used throughout history is a diamond bracelet. Sometimes it is referred to as a diamond tennis bracelet. Diamond bracelets were discovered when a professional tennis player dropped her eternity bracelet on the court while playing tennis. After dropping her bracelet, she requested that officials stop the game from looking for her diamond bracelet, which is why her diamond band or bracelet was dubbed as a tennis bracelet. Diamond bracelets are defined as bracelets that are made up of diamonds. Unlike any other gemstone bracelet, a diamond bracelet is likely to damage and offer flexibility to any other bracelet.

Nowadays, the diamond slogan "Diamond is forever" is widely used in many leading advertisements. Because of these precious stones' popularity, many jewelry makers made pieces of jewelry out of diamonds. Jewelers experimented with many ways to enhance the diamond's visual appearance and presentation, and today, there are many new cutting techniques used to help increase the stone's brilliance. Over time, several shapes emerged in the jewelry industry, such as round, oval, square, and rectangular. But today, the world's diamond deposits are slowly becoming depleted. The diamond's rarity and beauty make it a fitting symbol of resilience. With the rich history of diamonds, they became a natural choice stone that signifies a lasting union. 

Types of Diamond Bracelets

When you are on a hunt searching for a new piece of a diamond bracelet, there are many different options, and each one has its unique look. Below are the different types of diamond bracelets you can choose from:

  1. Classic Tennis Diamond Bracelet - this type of diamond bracelet for women is the most adaptable accessory a woman can own. A traditional diamond tennis bracelet can range from a four simple four-prong setting, bezel, or design. This is available in both women's and men’s diamond tennis bracelets.
  2. Diamond Bangle Bracelet - this type of diamond bracelet is another staple piece you can wear on any occasion. This type of diamond bracelet is usually set in seven inches long and uses the prongs to secure the bracelet's diamonds.
  3. Black Diamond Bracelet - this type of diamond bracelet is made up of black diamonds wherein the real diamonds' color undergo heating treatments to achieve the color black. Black diamond bracelets for men are also available not only for women.
  4. Diamond Ankle Bracelet is a type of diamond bracelet wherein the wearer wears this on his or her ankle.
  5. Canary Diamond Bracelet - this feminine accessory or type of diamond bracelet is made up of yellow diamonds. With this type of diamond bracelet, you will have the most precious yellow diamonds.
  6. Diamond Cuban Link Bracelet - this type of diamond bracelet comprises Cuban links embellished with diamonds.

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How to Choose a Diamond Bracelet?

To select the perfect diamond bracelet for you, we have provided below some helpful tips to guide you in choosing a diamond bracelet:

  1. Choosing the perfect right for your wrist is the basic step when choosing a bracelet. Make sure the bracelet you are going to purchase is not too tight and not too loose.
  2. Different types of settings are also another thing to consider when you are selecting a diamond bracelet. You can choose from prong, channel, or bezel. Prong settings 3-4 prongs per diamond are used to hold the stone in place. While in channel settings, two thin rows of metal hold the stone on either side, and in bezel settings, metal surrounds each of the stones. It depends on what type of settings you want.
  3. The different types of metals are also to be considered when you are purchasing a diamond bracelet. There are gold diamond bracelets, white gold diamond bracelets, rose gold diamond bracelets, and the platinum diamond bracelet. When choosing the metal type of your diamond bracelet, the most significant considerations are the color and the budget. Choosing the right metal for your diamond bracelet is balancing your preference style and budget considerations.

These are the basic things you need to bear in mind when choosing or purchasing a diamond bracelet. If you are having a hard time looking for a perfect diamond bracelet, visit the website of IceCarats and be embellished with their diamond bracelet collections. They can give you quality yet affordable pieces of diamond bracelets that you will surely love. 

When to Wear a Diamond Bracelet?

When you already own a piece of a diamond bracelet, you are allowed to wear it every day regardless of the occasion you are attending. Listed here below are some ideas that might help you when you can best wear your diamond bracelet.

  1. When you celebrate an important milestone, like a graduation or a wedding, wearing a diamond bracelet with your outfit is a smart choice.
  2. For attending annual celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, important holidays, finishing your look with a piece of a diamond bracelet is also a fabulous idea.
  3. Attending a social gathering like formal dinner or charity events, pairing a dazzling diamond bracelet with your beautiful dress can make you look elegant and sophisticated.
  4. Having lunch or a coffee date with your friend and just wearing a casual look, you can still pull off a stunning outfit by wearing a diamond bracelet.
  5. Pairing a diamond bracelet with your office attire makes it more ideal for pulling off a professional look.
  6. If you have a gold diamond tennis bracelet, it is perfect to wear it for a night out of town, as well as for your everyday look.

Because of diamond bracelets' flexibility, it is ideal for wearing every day. The suggestions above are helpful guides that may give you ideas on when to accessorize your look with a diamond bracelet, but again, it can be an everyday piece of jewelry.