December Birthstone Topaz

Turquoise, particularly blue in color and known as the love charm. These are fairly soft and often treated to add strength. At an early age, this gemstone is known to keep away evil spirits. This serves as a symbol of good fortune and protects whoever wears it from harm. This stone relaxes the mind and associated with healing properties. This is worn to boost health as well as prevent headaches. May it be whatever attire or budget you have, these turquoise stones will definitely match your true blue elegance.

History of Birthstone for December

December is known as the 12th month of the year but was originally the 10th month before January and February were added to the Roman calendar. December came from the Latin word “decem,” which means ten, but even when December became the 12th month of the year, they still kept the name. This month is the first month of the winter season and has a length of 31 days. They considered this month the best month of the year because this is when the Christmas holiday seasons are celebrated. The birth flower is narcissus, and just like any other month, it also has a corresponding birthstone and is called Turquoise.

Turquoise is considered the oldest form of stone noted in human history. It is a gemstone of power, success, and protection. This December birthstone is called the gemstone of life and is considered a bringer of good fortune and healer of different sicknesses. Before, Turquoise was believed to protect the riders and horses from some accidental falls, but nowadays, it is considered a good-luck stone because of its healing powers. This birthstone for December is not only a birthstone for those born in December but also an ideal gift when a married couple is celebrating their 11th anniversary. Turquoise is an opaque mineral that ranges from blue to green. It is a hydrated phosphate made from copper and aluminum and considered rare and valuable for years because of its unique hue. The captivating December birthstone color symbolizes wisdom, protection, tranquility, good fortune, and hope. Ancient people believed that Turquoise was associated with enduring love and had a profound power to protect its wearer. Nowadays, Turquoise is used as a design and embellishment for December jewelry.

Types of December Birthstones

Turquoise differs from various shades of blue to green color. Some might have matrices, and others don't, and even the matrix varies significantly in color and pattern. The following are the different turquoise types to help you identify and be familiar with.

  1. Dry Creek Turquoise December Birthstone - this type of turquoise has a color ranging from milky white to light blue, and it has a brown matrix. Dry creek turquoise with a brown matrix is the highest grade of turquoise. This turquoise type was not usually used in jewelry, but it gained popularity because of its quality as time goes by.
  2. Carico Lake Turquoise December Birthstone - this type of turquoise ranges from beautiful blue shades to lime green. The supply of this is limited because of the amount of time allowed for it to be mined.
  3. Fox Turquoise December Birthstone - This type of turquoise ranges from shades of green to aqua blue. The majority of this type of turquoise came from vein form. Fox turquoise is hard and very ideal and suitable for jewelry making.
  4. Kingman Turquoise December Birthstone - this type of turquoise is famous because of its sky blue color mixed with its characteristic veining. The gorgeous and high color of this type of turquoise has become a basis and standard in the jewelry industry, and it made this turquoise the most valuable kind of turquoise in the world.
  5. Love Mountain Turquoise December Birthstone - this type of December turquoise birthstone ranges from color clear blue to dark blue. Love mountain turquoise is known for its ability to hold its gorgeous blue color even if used for decades, and this is a good quality of love mountain turquoise that makes it an ideal stone for jewelry making. This is also why love mountain turquoise is also considered the most valued type of turquoise in the world.
  6. Royston Turquoise December Birthstone is the turquoise birthstone type that color ranges from soft blue to emerald green. Royston turquoise has a beautiful matrix color such as golden brown, black, white, and many more.
  7. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise December Birthstone - this type of turquoise birthstone comes in a pure sky blue color and sometimes egg blue color. This type of December birthstone's colors makes it relatively stable and suitable for making pieces of jewelry. Sleeping beauty turquoise is a well-known type of turquoise gem because of its color purity. The sleeping beauty turquoise got its name from where the stone is rich because in far away, the mountain where this stone is richly mined looks like a sleeping woman lying on her back with her arms crossed.
  8. Larimar Turquoise December Birthstone - this type of turquoise birthstone is also called Stefilia's Stone. This is a rare turquoise time and can only be found in the Dominican Republic's mountains, hard-to-access. The color of this type of gemstone ranges from white to gray. Larimar turquoise is also considered a spiritual stone because it is believed to help in healing and communication. 

The different types of turquoise December birthstone may vary from where it is mined or located. This type of birthstone's blue color is sought after for making gorgeous and stunning pieces of jewelry. Do not stress yourself out when looking for the perfect pieces of December jewelry because IceCarats is willing to help you. Whether you are on a hunt looking for a gift to a special someone born in December or just treating yourself to a special gift, you can visit our website and explore the different types of December birthstone jewelry we can offer.

How to Choose December Birthstone?

Turquoise is known as one of the most famous semi-precious stones that anyone can find, and this type of birthstone is highly desired and sought for jewelry making. Turquoise is a gorgeous stone with a magical effect when worn. Read the following shopping guide on how to pick or choose a perfect December birthstone jewelry.

  1. Choosing the Color. Check the value of the color and saturation of the Turquoise jewelry you are buying. The word turquoise evokes a blue and green hue, and there are several shades of a color under the blue and green color range.
  2. Choosing the Cut. There are several cuts for turquoise jewelry, and some are cabochons, ovals, and beads. The cut of the turquoise gem you are picking is not a very important factor to consider because turquoise is naturally beautiful, but when choosing a piece of jewelry designed with turquoise stone, it is a must to select the perfect cut!
  3. Choosing Clarity. A turquoise birthstone is opaque, but you can also find a translucent turquoise, but it’s very rare. Typically, a turquoise gemstone has a matte appearance and is not as sparkly as other gemstones. If you are a buyer who loves or prefers a glossy turquoise, choose the one that’s free with any inclusions as it will make the turquoise design more attractive.
  4. Choosing the Carat Size. The size of turquoise that was often mined is larger, but it can be broken down into smaller pieces for making jewelry. You can find different sizes of a turquoise gem, but remember that it usually works well in about 4-8 carats when you choose a piece of turquoise jewelry. The price of the turquoise jewelry you are choosing always varies depending on the carat size.

If you choose pieces of turquoise jewelry to level up your everyday look, select a turquoise jewelry piece that perfectly matches and suits your style and taste. When you already have in mind the pieces of turquoise jewelry you want to buy and follow some tips given above, you can undoubtedly pick the perfect piece you are looking for. Visit the website of IceCarats and be in awe with our various types of gorgeous December birthstone jewelry.

When to Wear December Birthstone Jewelry?

Turquoise has a magical color and is simply fascinating when worn to any special occasion or every day. However, some are not wearing turquoise jewelry pieces because it is opaque and unlike any other jewelry, it does not sparkle or glitter. If you are born in December and want to express your style with a personal touch, wearing any turquoise jewelry collection is an excellent idea. If you are a fan of unique and special jewelry, you can follow the tips below on when to wear turquoise jewelry in a good and pleasing way.

  1. If you want to pull off a simple yet stylish style, opting for a discrete piece of turquoise jewelry is a smart choice. A minimalist yet striking and delicate piece of turquoise jewelry will indeed elevate your classic outfit. You could try wearing a simple necklace with a small turquoise pendant paired with your jeans and t-shirt whenever you are going on a walk or just having your daily routine.
  2. Turquoise jewelry can also help level up your formal wear, like evening gowns. Wearing an oversized pair of turquoise earrings is a bolder choice that you can pair with your formal gown or dress. A simple black dress can also look elegant and sophisticated when you accentuate yourself with a piece of turquoise jewelry.
  3. Mixing and matching your turquoise jewelry isn’t bad at all if you know how to match it with the color of your outfit perfectly. If you want a bolder look with some contrasting colors, a purple top or matching the clear color blue of turquoise to a neon-yellow outfit will make you look modern and trendy.
  4. Pairing your turquoise jewelry with neutral outfits is an excellent idea. Bringing it into the mix of neutral-colored outfits is a perfect and trendy idea. Modernize your classic neutral-colored dress by wearing some pieces of turquoise jewelry.
  5. If you are wearing monochrome outfits like black, white, or denim, turquoise jewelry is a perfect choice for giving your looks a pop of color. Wearing turquoise jewelry with these kinds of outfits will give your look some edge.
  6. A boho-look accessorized by turquoise jewelry can level up your style, but you need to be careful too not to go overboard. A simple boho attire can be achieved by pairing some pieces of jewelry designed with turquoise gems.