CZ Rings

History of CZ Rings

The term ring denotes a piece of jewelry worn on a finger or other parts of the body. It is usually made up of metal and worn as ornamental jewelry, or a round band set with gemstones. Along with other types of jewelry, rings were discovered from the 3rd millennium of Indus-Valley Civilization. In 2500 BC, finger rings were found in tombs of Ur. It is also believed that Hittite Civilization produced rings, including signet rings, but only a few were discovered. In the Old Kingdom of Egypt, people also wore rings, yet only a few examples have been found, and one of these is rings with the famous scarab design. Egyptian rings greatly influenced the rings worn before by Archaic Greek. The only difference with their rings is that it is less substantial and was not classified as signet rings. Rings during this period shifted their materials from bronze to silver and gold. As time progressed, in the high and late middle ages, rings became more fashionable and were worn on each hand and each finger. The rings during this time were mostly made from copper-based alloys, silver, and gold. Engravable rings became popular during this time, and a Gothic script replaced inscriptions on these rings progress from the Lombardic script. In the 13th century, rings became a fashion statement, not just in Europe but also in the whole world.

After a thousand years, the manufacturing of years became dominant, and the total number of styles produced is vast. Cubic Zirconia was initially found during the 19th century. It is also known as Zirconium Oxide in its natural form, which has a yellow appearance. Found in 1892, this type of mineral did not possess any value until the early 1930s. Scientists conducted some experiments, and during the processes, they discovered that this mineral didn’t lose its strength when exposed to extreme temperatures. After this discovery, it allows inventors to use CZ in their various refractory applications as it is also known as a refractory material. From several different styles and types of rings, Cubic Zirconia or CZ rings make names today.

In the 1960s, after discovering CZ, scientists still searched for less expensive materials to be used with lasers and other industrial stuff. They came up with the idea that this time, they try to rediscover the single crystal of Cubic Zirconia to put to industrial use, and they successfully let it happen. It was in 1977 that Cubic Zirconia took its place in the jewelry industry. Russian scientists discovered that these crystals grow in a synthetic process. After naming CZ as Djevalite, it was this time that they already began to market them as simulated diamonds. But during that time, CZ or Djevalite never impacted the marketplace. It became fashionable during the late 1980s as people tend to replace diamonds with these crystals. Swarovski was the one who coined Cubic Zirconia as CZ when he jumped into the market with his version of Cubic Zirconia. Rings made of CZ became one of the most famous pieces of jewelry during this time. There are already CZ engagement rings that are out on the market and also CZ wedding ring sets. Because of Swarovski, in the 1990s, CZ became a popular and cheaper substitute for real diamond jewelry.

As time goes on, CZ advances and improves its appearance. Jewelry manufacturers didn’t stop enhancing Cubic Zirconia jewelry's appearance, especially the rings as CZ wedding rings became popular today and are being used by many people. One of the newest inventions is the application of a compound diamond-like coat with CZ rings. Manufacturers claim that they have made CZ diamond rings but assured that real diamond rings were not identical with CZ diamond rings. Diamonds have more fire and sparkle with rainbow colors, while CZ diamond rings have less. Lots of inventions are discovered every day with this crystal. Another example of it is the introduction of color to the crystals, which allows CZ to resemble colored gemstones. Properties of CZ added with the latest inventions may sometimes fool people, but who may judge a CZ engagement ring that looks real, for example, not to be a diamond?

Cubic Zirconia crystals have a fascinating history both in industrial and jewelry. It has been making a name since and until this present time. Whether you are planning to switch on CZ as a substitute for diamond jewelry, or not to buy jewelry featuring CZ, it is still fun to know its history and facts about this created crystal or gem. 

Types of Cubic Zirconia Rings

It's a misconception that all CZ rings are the same. Just like diamond rings, CZ rings are also differentiated from quality level. Although there are other types and styles of Cubic Zirconia rings, first, look at how CZ rings differ according to the quality level.

  1. A Grade Stone CZ Ring - this is the lowest quality of a CZ ring. At this quality level, stones are priced by manufacturers and craftsmen at an affordable price. A-rated CZ rings are certainly not excellent jewelry grades but are very popular in the art world as artists use them in embellishing their artworks.
  2. AAA Grade Stone CZ Ring - this type of CZ ring is usually more highly polished than A grade stones. This type of CZ ring tends to have more luster and shine. This type of CZ ring is the most popular grade on the market for CZ's because of price and availability.
  3. AAAAA Grade Stone CZ Ring - the type of CZ ring that is on the top of the line. These rings are crafted by the best stone cutters and polished to look like real diamonds. Remarkably similar in appearance to diamond, the pieces are high quality yet affordable. A CZ ring may not be the answer for the best wedding ring, but this type of ring with an AAAAA grade level can be considered the perfect CZ wedding ring.

Aside from the types of Cubic Zirconia rings according to their quality level, CZ rings also come in different ring styles. The following are the different ring types designed and embellished with CZ stones.

  1. Anniversary Rings- this type of ring is where CZ stones are set way around the ring's perimeter. The CZ stones are usually placed in a prong setting or set in a channel and primarily given on a wedding anniversary.
  2. Birthstone Rings- there are colored gems made of CZ stones, and birthstone rings can be one. It was mentioned above that CZ rings have been making names when it comes to colorful gemstones.
  3. Bridal Set Rings- usually made of gold CZ rings, this type of ring is worn by married women and has been a perfect choice for a wedding ring.
  4. Claddagh Ring - some Claddagh rings are embellished with CZ stones. This can represent love, friendship, and loyalty.
  5. Cluster Ring - multiple CZ stones are fashioned in this ring. A ring with numerous CZ stones accenting it.
  6. Cocktail Ring - a large dramatic ring that rises considerably off your finger. It is usually set with many large, CZ stones meant to look lavish on your wear.
  7. Engagement Ring - traditionally given to a woman by her fiance as a symbol of commitment to marry. CZ engagement rings are popular types of engagement rings.
  8. Eternity Ring -A husband usually gives this ring set with CZ stones to her wife as an anniversary gift.
  9. Stackable Ring - sometimes set with CZ stone and will look appealing when stacked together with other rings.
  10. Solitaire Ring - designed to hold a single CZ stone.

Whatever your ring preference is, IceCarats has a lot to offer when it comes to rings designed and embellished with Cubic Zirconia stones. Visit our website and discover the different types of rings with Cubic Zirconia stones that will stylishly adorn your fingers.

How to Choose the Perfect CZ Ring?

Cubic Zirconia rings have become alternatives to diamonds. Choosing the perfect CZ ring is not hard. If you are buying one, you should consider several options similar to purchasing a real diamond ring. Collecting information about what you are buying is the first thing to do. To help you come up with a decision, take note of these facts about Cubic Zirconia Rings to answer everything you need to know when buying these.

  1. Ensure that the setting of the CZ ring you are buying is of high quality. For example, you are purchasing a sterling silver engagement CZ ring or just the normal sterling silver CZ ring. It is a smart choice to consider the setting of CZ stones on this metal setting.
  2. Another factor to remember and consider when buying a CZ ring is the size of the stone. Larger CZ stones can look fake than the smaller one because it has a stronger "rainbow effect" that makes the stone look cheap.
  3. Consider the quality level of the CZ stone on your ring. Take this as an example: if you are buying a CZ 925 china ring or white gold CZ ring, you should consider its quality level and focus on the stone's appearance.
  4. What about also considering the colors? Knowing that CZ comes in various colors, a brightly colored ring can also be a perfect way to enhance your style. Having and choosing colored CZ rings is a great and excellent way to add a pop of color to your daily outfit.
  5. When choosing CZ rings, look for quality metals. Make sure that the ring you are going to buy is not plated only.

There are many types and styles of Cubic Zirconia rings to choose from, and selecting the perfect piece to enhance your look may be overwhelming. When appropriately guided on how to choose jewelry with CZ stones, anyone can look glamorous and sophisticated. Jewelry made up of Cubic Zirconia is a smart choice to dress up any outfit. It gives off gorgeous sparkles and shines when it's worn and affordable enough to look like a diamond. Shop your 925 CZ rings or white gold CZ engagement rings here with us in IceCarats, and you'll own the perfect CZ ring. Discover affordable yet stunning CZ rings when you visit our website.

When to Wear CZ Rings?

Do you own an emerald cut CZ ring or any ring embellished with CZ stones? If yes, the guide below is helpful tips that could help you be aware of when is the perfect time to wear your CZ rings.

  1. Casual Occasions - To up your look on casual days, you can wear your fine-metal CZ ring. A gold or white gold CZ ring will look chic on your finger!
  2. Professional Occasions - Choose a subtle piece of jewelry like your CZ ring during professional occasions. Your simple CZ ring with beautiful metal can add something to your look without drawing too much attention.
  3. Party Occasions - Dig out your CZ fashion ring jewelry during parties. A cocktail ring designed with CZ stones works for all kinds of evening parties. The bigger your CZ ring on this kind of event, the more it will catch people’s attention.
  4. Formal Occasions- A classic and timeless CZ ring is an excellent choice for any formal occasion you are attending. A pair of solitaire rings with CZ stone will help you complete the formal look you want to pull off.

The ring you are wearing can send subliminal messages or direct messages to other people. Rings are used to sending signals such as wealth and power. Most especially when you are wearing rings with stunning stones, but for whatever reason, you have to wear a ring, always remember to wear it on a perfect occasion. Here in IceCarats, you could have the best CZ ring that you can use every time. Just visit our website and enjoy looking for the perfect CZ ring that will match your taste and style.