Cz Bracelets

History of CZ Bracelets

History states that the wearing of jewelry has been present since 7,000 years ago. One of the pieces of jewelry worn before was bracelets. Ancient bracelets were created from grasses, slender tree limbs, shells, and some were crafted from copper and bronze. In 2000 B.C., bracelets became more decorative because artisans made bracelets out of gold and silver with shells and stones as designs. By the time of the first ancient Egyptian dynasty, Egyptians wore gold and silver bracelets decorated with stones.

In comparison, ancient Greeks wore another bracelet called cuffs on their upper and lower arm as part of their body decoration. Mediterranean jewelry styles spread across Europe, including bracelets during the middle ages, but bracelets for men fell out of favor. During the 20th century, bracelets became fashionable and more affordable as consumers could find bracelets of almost any design available in the market. Women and girls during this time adorned charm bracelets made of gold-plated brass or sterling silver. Wearing cuffs, bangles, beaded strands, and chain bracelets have become part of daily fashion.

As time passed by, some of the designs of bracelets were still present in the modern era. This time, silver became the most common material used for bracelet chains, cuffs, and bangles. The contemporary jewelry trend started when manufacturers mass-produced bracelets with different kinds of design and mostly crafted in silver, which was less expensive than gold but still gives off sparkle and shines to any jewelry. Today’s young people often wear bracelets for different purposes. Some wear to support social causes or showcase group identity, but most people wear bracelets today as part of their daily fashion style. Historically speaking, wearing bracelets has been used for so many important purposes for both men and women. Up until now, bracelets are still considered to have a significant impact on everyone’s style.

Bracelets are ornaments worn encircling the wrist or upper arm of the wearer. These have become a popular form of ornamentation since prehistoric times. With a lot of variations, bracelets are considered a universal form of jewelry. One of the many kinds of bracelets, today’s fashion industry is considered Cubic Zirconia or C.Z. bracelets as one of the most commonly used bracelets of all. When Cubic Zirconia took place in the jewelry industry, many jewelers chose to make jewelry designed and embellished with C.Z. stones. With CZ bracelets’ gleaming look, many women prefer wearing this type of jewelry because of its advantages. C.Z. bracelets can be an alternative bracelet to a bracelet with real diamonds. Another thing that most jewelry collectors love about C.Z. It’s that they do not break easily. In today’s generation, if you want to sparkle like a diamond but can’t afford to have one, buying a C.Z. bracelets can be smart.

Types of Cubic Zirconia Bracelets

Bracelets come in various forms and types, and one of these is the CZ bracelet. Embellishing your wrist with the perfect bracelet can sometimes be an exhausting task. Besides choosing a sterling silver CZ bracelet or a white gold CZ bracelet, here in IceCarats, you can select your desired CZ bracelet piece from the following types and styles:

  1. CZ Tennis Bracelet - This type of CZ bracelet is a flexible one that features small CZ stones connected by a thin metal chain. The most commonly known CZ bracelet is the 14k CZ tennis bracelet. This is also considered an elegant bracelet and is often crafted as a 14k yellow gold CZ tennis bracelet or sterling silver CZ tennis bracelet. This type of CZ bracelet is always in style and appropriate for your sophisticated and elegant look.
  2. CZ Bangle Bracelet - this type of CZ bracelet is originally an inflexible and loose-fitting bracelet designed or embellished with CZ stones worn alone or with other bangles on your wrist. This type of CZ bracelet is sometimes called Pave CZ bangle bracelet, as its setting consists of many CZ stones attached to the bracelet.
  3. CZ Bar Bracelet - this is a personalized type of bracelet designed with CZ stones. This can be a perfect gift for a special someone and a symbol of a love bracelet with clear CZ stones.
  4. CZ Station Bracelet - this type of CZ bracelet is composed of repeating gemstones or CZ stones linked together. An elegant and gorgeous design of a CZ bracelet can be a perfect match for your sophisticated wear.
  5. CZ Slider Bracelet - this one is a new trending jewelry type that enables the wearer to adjust to its perfect length. This type is called a sterling silver sliding bracelet with clear CZ because of the CZ stone used and the material and design.
  6. CZ Charm Bracelet - this type of CZ bracelet carries personal charms or ornaments. One example of this type is the sterling silver CZ heart bracelet, a bracelet made of cubic zirconia with a heart as a charm. This type can also mean a meaningful and excellent gift to a special someone.
  7. CZ Cuff Bracelet - this is a type of CZ bracelet that can be associated with a bangle bracelet. The difference is the cuff bracelet has an opening that makes it easier to put. This is a unisex type of CZ bracelet that will look great on both men and women. Typically made of metals like gold or silver and decorated with gemstones like CZ.

CZ bracelets can come in a variety of designs and styles. Now that you’ve known the different types of CZ bracelets, you can now have the perfect one. Whether you want a CZ bracelet in sterling silver or classic gold or want your bracelet to be simple or elegant, you can easily have it now. We recommend searching on IceCarats, the type of CZ bracelet that suits your style and taste.

How to Choose the Perfect CZ Bracelet?

There are many types and kinds of bracelets on the market now, and finding the right one for you can be a feat. Because of the sheer number of CZ bracelets' different styles out there, picking the right one can be daunting. Listed below are helpful tips to give you some guidance when deciding what type of CZ bracelet to choose.

  1. Begin with the simplest and most essential thing to consider before buying one, and it’s to know your wrist size before buying. If you have to know your wrist's size, you can do it by measuring it using a tape measure. After measuring your wrist, the bracelet you are about to choose should be three-fourths of an inch to 1.5 inches larger than the size of your wrist. Remember that the larger your wrist's size, the greater the drape, but too much drape will let your bracelet slide off.
  2. When choosing a bracelet, each type of bracelet comes into your subset of style. If you want to have a CZ Charm Bracelet, you can select the pieces you’d like, and you can personalize or customize it as much as you want with all your favorite charms. CZ Bangles, on the other hand, can be a trendy piece that can elevate your look. But again, choosing your bracelet depends on what style would suit and match your everyday look.
  3. If you can try to avoid clashing, it’s a good thing. When you are looking for a CZ bracelet to complement your other accessories, try to stick with one style. Matching different accessories is very on-trend nowadays, as most of you believed it could perfectly finish an outfit. However, make sure that all your accessories are made from the same materials and styles if possible. So when buying a CZ bracelet, make sure that it won’t clash with your other jewelry.
  4. Consider your everyday routine. Such as your field of work, you need to consider the nature of your work when choosing a CZ bracelet. Another one is your daily activities, if you are a sporty type of person, considering it also counts. And lastly, the events you are attending to.
  5. The CZ bracelet price you are purchasing is also an essential factor to consider when choosing one.

Remember to buy quality jewelry that will not bankrupt you. For as long as it gives you a look you want to portray, you can consider buying it. Today, many bracelets were created from various materials and are typically embellished with different gemstones. Choose the perfect design that fits all your lifestyle and standards. IceCarats offers a gorgeous collection of CZ bracelets that can be your new favorite. Visit our website and find the best option for you or a loved one.

When to Wear a CZ Bracelet?

There are different things to remember when you want to wear a bracelet. This includes the activities you are engaged in, where you are going and what you’ll be wearing. It’s a good start to know some tips on when to wear your CZ bracelets so that you’ll be ready for any occasion.

  1. When you are wearing your full suit with heels or something closer to a business casual attire, wearing a CZ bracelet can dazzle up your look. For a more conservative office, you can use a single CZ bangle bracelet. If your office has a more casual environment, you can choose to wear a CZ cuff bracelet. In other words, CZ bracelets can be your day to day piece of jewelry.
  2. Shopping or going out with friends on the weekend? You can wow everyone by wearing a piece of CZ bracelet. A charm CZ bracelet on a Saturday or Sunday getaway can bring your look to another level. If you find wearing simple jeans and a t-shirt, a boring style on a weekend trip, you can elevate this kind of outfit by wearing a CZ bangle bracelet.
  3. Bring excitement to your bracelet game by mixing it with different styles, metals, and other gemstones on a dinner date. Make sure to glitz and glam, spark, and shine on your date with your other half by wearing your CZ tennis bracelet and your other dazzling and sparkling accessories.
  4. A special occasion is a wonderful time to pull off a glamorous statement look. Stack a CZ tennis bracelet or pair your CZ cuff bracelet with your fantastic outfit.
  5. Pay attention to your sleeve length when wearing a CZ bracelet. Understanding how the sleeves of your clothes would affect your choice of wearing a bracelet is an essential factor to know when you are allowed to wear one or not. It is the best advice to wear a CZ bracelet when the length of your sleeves ends above your bracelet.
  6. If you are used to wearing a fashionable watch, make sure that your watch's color matches your CZ bracelet.

Bracelets are a great deal, and even if you have only one bracelet, you can get all the attention. Going out and wearing the perfect piece for your wrist or arm is what you deserve. Choosing and deciding when to wear the ideal CZ bracelet can be quite challenging. However, IceCarats is always ready to help you achieve the look you want. With the IceCarats collection of CZ bracelets, you will find what suits your taste and style easily and any other aesthetic and personal factors.