Cuff Bracelets

History of Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets are bracelets with an open portion that allows the wearer to slip them over their wrist without clasps. Its history dated back 7,000 years ago and was seen in the ancient civilizations of Egyptians, Mayans, and also Incas. These bracelets also became popular with ancient Greeks and Chinese. They were designed to measure the class where a person belongs and denoted rank within a family. These bracelets also became a significant part of the royal attire. In ancient Egypt and Greeks, these were worn not only as decorations for the body but also as protection. They believed that when their soldiers wear metal cuff bracelets, they are protected. Ancient Chinese, on the other hand, use these bracelets as pure ornaments and decorations. Their bracelets were made from carved jade stones and etched with gold, containing patterns of flora, fauna, and some mythical creatures. Some cultures considered them as "slave bracelets" because they let slaves wear these to be identified. In India, they called it "love bracelets" because men give bracelets to the women they adore when they want to win them over. As time passed by, the variety and styles became upgraded and famous. During the 20th century, many silver cuff bracelets and men’s cuff bracelets were produced.

Although there are various types of cuff bracelets available in the market, they have not yet lost their appeal. Contemporary cuff bracelets are considered bold fashion accessories that men and women can wear. These bracelets make perfect statement pieces for anyone’s jewelry collection. The majority love these pieces because they make you feel distinctively different and unique. Some believe that wearing these bracelets can give you an experience of empowerment and strength because royalties and the societal elite before wore these. In today’s era, most cuff bracelets were worn by the most influential people. It is considered no accident that they have adorned the wrists of not only beautiful women but also men. Cuff bracelets were and still are a new jewel for the modern generation of strong and independent people. These armor-like bracelets, yet sensual and sophisticated, will always be considered a sense of something elegant and precious that everyone will forever adore.

Types of Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets have recently become everyone's favorite fashion statement. Men and women are now hooked to these bracelets, which help them accessorize their daily outfits. Everyone loves them because they look elegant and will never go out of style. Believe in creating your fashion statement, and be ready to stand out from the crowd. Check out the following types of cuff bracelets listed below.

  1. Men's Cuff Bracelets - These cuff bracelets are mostly made of a single thick band of different metals. Cuff bracelets are famous among men because they use these bracelets to accentuate their casual look. Cuff bracelets for men enhance their coolness qualities as well as their confidence. The most famous kind of men's cuff bracelets is men's gold cuff bracelets.
  2. Diamond Cuff Bracelets - diamonds are considered girls' best friends because they give off brilliance and elegance that women love. Diamond cuff bracelets are embedded with diamond stones that make the ordinary cuff bracelet stand out. These are quite expensive, but they speak of many things.
  3. Funky Cuff Bracelets - these bracelets are available in multiple colors. They can be shaded or layered; nevertheless, they can be paired up to any outfit you are wearing. Funky cuff bracelets are one of the best ways to jazz up your casual attire.
  4. Silver Cuff Bracelets - They became popular because of their elegance and sophistication. These cuff bracelets carry the look of an expensive but graceful vibe, though, in reality, these are cheaper than other types. Silver cuff bracelets for women are on the top-recommended list!
  5. Upper Arm Cuff Bracelets - queens and princesses once wear these cuff bracelets in some cultures, mostly Indians, in their upper arm. Upper arm cuff bracelets are ideal to be teamed up with sleeveless tops or blouses. These bracelets will also give you a look similar to the Indian style.
  6. Stone Cuff Bracelets - are bracelets studded and embedded with precious or semi-precious stones. These cuff bracelets are considered customized because they can be made according to your birthstones or zodiac stone. Stone cuff bracelets can be a style statement that everyone will surely love.
  7. Multi-colored Cuff Bracelets - these bracelets look very funky yet trendy. These are cuff bracelets designed with different colors but will still match with any of your outfits.
  8. Gold Cuff Bracelets always say that one can never go wrong with choosing anything made up of gold. Gold cuff bracelets might be quite expensive, but they are all worth it. You can pair these bracelets with any outfit you want but will look best with black or white-colored attire.
  9. Personalized Cuff Bracelets - these bracelets can be personalized using images, text, or symbols. If you want your cuff bracelets to have a personal touch, these bracelets are ideal for you. One of the popular types is initial cuff bracelets, wherein the personalized text is your initials or your special someone's initials.
  10. Leather Cuff Bracelets - Simple. They are made of leather. These types were used by many men a long time ago as a security symbol. Sometimes these are called "security bands." Although these cuff bracelets are popular among men only, some jewelry stores offer pieces of women's leather cuff bracelets too!
  11. Wide Cuff Bracelets - These bracelets have wider than the standard width of a cuff bracelet. They are often worn by women who want to convey a funky yet stylish look. These are also available in different styles and metals.

Cuff bracelets are considered must-have accessories for both sexes. With their elegance, class, and oodle of styles, everyone would undoubtedly love to have even just one piece. If you want to get one and flaunt it, visit our website now. Just log in to, and you will be surprised by the vast selection of cuff bracelets that we offer.

How to Choose Cuff Bracelets?

Like any other jewelry, cuff bracelets may fit into your preference or style but sometimes may clash with it too. That's why knowing some ideas of how to choose correctly is a must. If you want to give yourself or someone special a cuff bracelet, add a dash of style to their wrist but unsure about what works, consider the tips below.

  1. Before anything else, when choosing any cuff bracelets, always start with the size. Knowing how large your wrist or the wrist of the person who's going to wear the cuff bracelet is the first thing to do before buying. To get the right size, measure your wrist's circumference with a tape measure. Remember that any style of cuff bracelet you select should be three-fourths of an inch to 1.5 inches larger. This is because the larger the cuff bracelets' size, the greater the drape they will have. Just be aware that too much drape or measurement may lead to the bracelet sliding off.
  2. After knowing the wearer's wrist's size, you can now pick your preferred style or type. Each cuff bracelet may come in a subset of sorts, so determine what would significantly speak to your personality and fashion style. Always remember to select the one that will never go out of style.
  3. Choose the material you are comfortable with. Whether made of metals like silver or gold or made with plastics or leather, your choice will depend on your comfort. For sensitive skin, choose a hypoallergenic metal. However, if you aim to achieve a unique cuff bracelet, decide to have a piece made from unique materials.
  4. Set a budget. In every jewelry purchase you make, setting up a budget is essential. Cuff bracelets are quite expensive, but some types are affordable and will still accentuate your looks. Setting up a budget when buying a cuff bracelet will also help narrow down your choice.

When to Wear Cuff Bracelets?

If you are very eager to learn more about when to wear your cuff bracelets, then you are about to learn it now! Read the following tips on how to mix and match your cuff bracelets with your daily outfits and your other accessories to get the look that you desire.

  1. Stacking your cuff bracelet along with other bracelets with your monochrome outfit is an ideal get up for a casual look.
  2. If you own a multi-colored cuff bracelet, pull off the boho look that you want. This will also help you get up with the beach or summer look you aim to convey.
  3. Minimalist inspired cuff bracelets can help your simple everyday look level up. This will give you a contemporary and stylish look. A sweater paired with skinny jeans teamed up with delicate and bold cuff bracelets is an ideal example for a minimalist look.
  4. Your chunky cuff bracelet will help you pull off an edgy and daring look. Plus, they will indeed look good with an all-black outfit.
  5. You can also wear your delicate piece of cuff bracelet when you want to pull off an elegant look. This is applicable when attending formal events.
  6. Dainty cuff bracelets are versatile pieces, so if you wear one, it will give you a classic chic and feminine look regardless.
  7. Some types of cuff bracelets are known as tube bracelets. These types are ideal for pulling off a futuristic look.

IceCarats is hoping that you have found yourself in one of these styles. Hopefully, you have learned a lot from us. Feel free to visit our website by logging in to and explore the different types of cuff bracelets with us!