Cubic Zirconia Earrings

History of Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Cubic Zirconia in its natural form is zirconium oxide and appears yellow. This stone was initially discovered in 1892 but wasn't considered valuable until 1930. The discovery of its different qualities during the early 1930's allowed investors to use this stone as material for ceramics and create certain pigments. In history, these stones were not used as jewelry stones; instead, they were used for laser technology in Russia. Before, you won't be able to see a cubic zirconia ring worn on your finger or any jewelry hanging off your neck, wrist, and ears. This happened when a shortage of natural rubies occurred, and Russians needed to find an alternative stone to laser technology. During that time, cubic zirconia was the stone closest to the qualities of rubies. And so, these stones take place in the jewelry world because of Swarovski. He coined the abbreviated term CZ for cubic zirconia when he used these stones as a substitute for diamonds during the 1980s. This was the jumpstart of cubic zirconia into the jewelry world, and it became a popular and cheaper substitute for real diamond jewelry after 90 years of being invaluable.

Since the precious gemstone Cubic Zirconia was introduced into the jewelry world, no gemstones considered as much impact as CZ. Many have been in awe of the beauty of Cubic Zirconia when made into different pieces of jewelry. It became trendy nowadays in the fashion industry, being a cheaper substitute for diamonds that give off stunning and dazzling brilliance to any jewelry. One commonly used piece of jewelry made from Cubic Zirconia is earrings. Cubic zirconia earrings have become a part of the jewelry industry since 1978. People love to wear a pair of cubic zirconia earrings because we can sometimes compare their crystal clarity and brilliance to a real diamond. Not the majority can tell the difference between a cubic zirconia earring and genuine diamond earrings. Ancient people used to wear cubic zirconia earrings because they're very durable. For them, wearing CA stones radiate beauty for many years to come.

Nowadays, Cubic Zirconia jewelry items' popularity, especially earrings, has reached its highest peak. Many who love diamonds choose to buy cubic zirconia pieces as an alternate if they cannot afford to buy a real one. Because of their popularity, manufacturers and jewelry makers continue having an ongoing mission to improve and enhance the appearance of CZ. Also, several newly invented processes allowed jewelers to enhance the luster and CZ resemblance to diamonds, making everyone excited to buy these ensembles even more. Cubic zirconia earrings are indeed on the top-list of the most purchased pieces of jewelry made of Cubic zirconia today. This only means that people, especially women, love wearing these beauties as part of their fashion statement and style.

Types of Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Cubic Zirconia earrings are affordable and are now increasingly a popular alternative for diamond earrings. The list below includes a few stunning types that you'll adore. Take a moment to read the list and find out which ones are your favorites.

  1. Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings - these earrings are very trendy and stylish. Most CZ drop earrings are lightweight and do not feel heavy when worn even after a long day. They are sometimes paired with dazzling and elegant pieces of gemstones that make them look sexier when worn.
  2. Cubic Zirconia Hoop Earrings - if you are looking for classy and timeless cubic zirconia earrings, CZ hoops are your best bet. These earrings are an ideal pair of earrings for an elegant look put up with a little effort. Their circular shape will never go out of style.
  3. Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings - are among the most famous CZ earrings because of their simplicity and elegance. Because of their brilliance and appearance, these earrings are ideal for everyday wear that can pull off a smart look when paired with formal wear. CZ studs are classy, sophisticated, and very versatile.
  4. Cubic Zirconia Dangle Earrings - are usually worn at evening parties or events because they give off overall luminosity. CZ dangle earrings can be of any length, depending on the preference of the wearer.

These types of CZ earrings are only a few among many varieties. They are usually available in different metals such as sterling silver cubic zirconia earrings or 14k gold and embellished or designed with cubic zirconia stones to make them even more appealing. Choosing metals to wear for your jewelry always depends on your fashion glam. Nowadays, men’s cubic zirconia earrings are also available in any jewelry shop.

Those selections above can help narrow down your choices when purchasing a pair of CZ earrings and will surely help you save time and effort. Whether buying a pair for yourself or a special someone, here with us in IceCarats, you can achieve your desired earrings. Log in now to our website and explore the various types of CZ earrings we can offer.

How to Choose Cubic Zirconia Earrings?

Cubic Zirconia earrings are a popular way to dress up any outfit that you want to achieve. Not only because they give off impressive sparkle and undeniable shine when worn, but also because they are affordable enough to fit any budget. Many types and styles of CZ earrings are in-store in today's modern time, and picking the perfect piece to enhance your everyday look may seem overwhelming. But with a little knowledge before making a move to purchase, you will undoubtedly choose the right pair. Use the following tips below to help you select the perfect cubic zirconia earrings.

  1. Consider the Setting. When acquiring a pair of CZ earrings, the first thing to look for is the metal used or set in. There are less expensive pieces of earrings set in plated metals. Choose the perfect one that does not rust over time because some low-priced earrings tend to chip or won't last for long. Also, choose hypoallergenic metals that are safe for your skin.
  2. Consider the Design. Cubic Zirconia earrings come in many different styles and designs that give different vibes to a particular outfit. Consider the design you are choosing. This helps you blend in with the crowd when going to a specific occasion. Earrings such as Solitaire CZ Studs are perfect for everyday use. Hence, other types complement well with formal wear and casual clothing.
  3. Consider the Color. Cubic Zirconia earrings are available in a variety of colors. If you opt to purchase colored CZ earrings, make sure to choose the right shade. Although most popular CZ earrings come in a colorless hue, brightly colored ones can also enhance the wearer's style. Select the color that will match with most of your everyday outfits and will suit your skin color. Are you a fan of wearing a neutral colored dress? Then, any shade of Cubic zirconia earrings will be a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit.

These are a few but essential things you need to remember when buying a pair of CZ earrings. Some things to consider are your preference as a buyer or user of the earrings. Earrings featuring cubic zirconia stones are comfortable to wear with anything, so no need to worry. Having this pair of earrings will help you amp up any of your everyday styles at an affordable price. If you are wondering and looking for a place to buy a top-quality pair of earrings, you can visit our website, and IceCarats guarantee you that you will achieve your desired pair in a hassle-free transaction.

When to Wear Cubic Zirconia Earrings?

There are various things to remember when wanting to wear a pair of cubic zirconia earrings. This includes the events or occasions you are engaged to, like where you are going and what outfit you are wearing. It is an excellent start to know when to wear your CZ earrings to be ready for any occasion.

  1. A pair of CZ earrings can dazzle your eye when opting to wear a full suit for any business fashion. They are ideal for a more conservative type of office. If you are in a more casual environment, choose to wear CZ studs or hoops.
  2. When you want to shop, go out with your friends, or just want to feel beautiful for your everyday look, wow up everybody by wearing a pair of CZ earrings. They are versatile pieces, which means you can wear them every day regardless of your outfit. Just remember not to overdo them.
  3. Bring excitement to your earring game by mixing your CZ earrings with different styles, metals, and other gemstones. Undoubtedly, going out on a dinner date can glitz your look when you wear a pair of CZ earrings' unique styles.
  4. When attending any formal event or occasion, and you are required to wear formal clothing, amplify your look by wearing a glamorous piece of CZ earrings. CZ dangle earrings are ideal for this type of occasion.

Earrings are always considered a great deal, and wearing glamorous earrings can obtain all the crowd's attention. It will also help you gain confidence. Choosing the type of earrings to wear can be a great challenge and can be quite overwhelming. However, with the help of IceCarats, you will become ready to achieve the look you desire. Visit our page to find what type of CZ earrings suits your taste and style.