Cuban Link Chain

History of Cuban Link Chains

Since then, Cuban link chains have been the type of chains making names in the world of hip hop. They are the most popular styles in the gold chains game, and most Cuban link chains before were the men's Cuban link chains. These chains feature oval-shaped links that are interconnected with each other. They originated in Cuba and are commonly worn by Cubans. They are also called Miami chains because most people in Miami wear them. The popularity of Cuban link chains reached its peak point within the realm of hip hop. They became the main piece of hip-hop artists, which made them a vital part of their attire as time progressed. Along with this came out the different styles and designs of Cuban link chains popularized by some famous personalities. Although many new designs have been discovered, the original design has remained a staple piece in hip-hop culture.

Cuban link chains are prevalent nowadays and have become a sign of wealth. They were mostly made from expensive metals that made them pricey. These link chains have a simple and clean design that makes them wearable for any occasion, may it be business attire or street look. Cuban link chains are ornaments that will surely never go out of style because they have been ageless pieces. Their chain design is not only for trends but a must-have for every jewelry enthusiast.

Types of Cuban Link Chains

Cuban link chains always had limited options for styles and designs because they are unique and one-of-a-kind chains. With that being said, they have been worn for many years now. Grasp some ideas about the different types of Cuban link chains that are available in the market by taking a look at the following:

  1. Cuban Link Gold Chains - these chains are made of gold medals. You can choose different types of gold Cuban link chains according to their colors and quality. For instance, if you want a gold Cuban link chain not made of pure gold, you can have a gold-plated Cuban link chain. The Cuban gold chain colors also range from white gold Cuban link chains, yellow gold Cuban link chains, and rose gold Cuban link chains.
  2. Silver Cuban Link Chains - these chains are made of silver metals. The most popular type of silver Cuban link chains is the 925 Silver Cuban link chains. They are considered the most popular types of Cuban link chains nowadays.
  3. Stainless Steel Cuban Link Chains are made of stainless steel or primarily made from iron and carbon combined. They are durable and ideal to be worn every day.
  4. Platinum Cuban Link Chains - these chains are made of precious white material called platinum that contains several properties, making it ideal for any jewelry making. Cuban link chains made from platinum metals are sought-after pieces because of their strength and ability to resist tarnish.
  5. Diamond Cuban Link Chains are embedded or designed with precious diamond stones that make these chains ideal to wear for women. Dazzling and sparkling diamonds are the main attraction of these Cuban link chains.

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How to Choose Cuban Link Chains?

Cuban link chains are always considered special types of jewelry because of their uniqueness, masculine appearance, and heavyweight. But these chains are not limited to men only because women can surely sashay thinner and less substantial pieces. The following are some guidelines to ponder before purchasing a Cuban link chain.

  1. The choice of metal or material is the first thing to consider when choosing a Cuban link chain. Choose the metal type that would suit you best and would not give you any allergies.
  2. If you are choosing a gold Cuban link chain, considering the karat type is also essential. Gold pureness on your selected chain is revealed as karats to ensure its cost and purity.
  3. Always remember to look for the size of the Cuban link chain. Decide on the length according to your purpose of using it.
  4. Inspecting the clasp of your chosen Cuban link chain is also a must. Choose the clasp that will hold and close your chain well. Something too hard to break to avoid losing your chain.
  5. Checking if your chosen chain is smooth is the last but not the least thing you can do. Ensure a sleek surface to avoid any skin irritation. You can do this by running your fingers over the chain to guarantee no jagged pieces of links that might scrub your skin when wearing it.

When to Wear Cuban Link Chains?

The following are some suggestions when you can wear your Cuban link chain.
When looking for a chain that'll go along with your casual look, this Cuban link chain will go well with easygoing outfits.

  1. Wearing a Cuban link chain in an office set-up also means impressing your co-workers and showing them that you mean business. Complete your look with a chain that complements your suit.
  2. Attending an event with your glam squad wearing a formal dress partnered with a Cuban chain will give you a complete look. You can wear a diamond Cuban link chain that could wow everybody because of its brilliance and eye-catching shine.
  3. If it is already summer and you will wear a basic vest or go shirtless, it is best to accentuate your look with a Cuban link chain. This will help you look fresh and classy.

Cuban link chains are not only for men. Women can also wear them and rock, like how Rihanna does. These chains can add an urban touch to any outfit that will glamorize and change the way they look. An entire outfit will be level up into a more stylish and classy look. Now that you are armed with the different things you need to know about Cuban link chains, you can confidently choose your piece now!